Brentwood Academy Middle School, Brentwood, Tenn.

BRENTWOOD — The design of the new 49,539-square-foot Brentwood Academy Middle School was based on the independent school's nurturing character. It is designed specifically for the middle schooler with smaller, group-oriented spaces.

The entrance, which gradually unfolds upon approach, is intended to embrace those who enter as an easy transition into the school environment. The school's mission is displayed on the mural wall opposite the entrance as an informational tool for prospective students and parents and as a reminder for existing students.

To reinforce the camp concept, the building is designed into three individual grade-level houses, each with dormers that articulate the division and provide a source of natural light. Each unit or house has a centrally located, tiered “den” for students to gather for instruction, assembly and to interact between classes. Open lockers are around the perimeter of each den. Teacher workrooms and the admissions office are accessible in the center of the building.

Architect for the project is Earl Swensson Associates.

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