July 2013 Product Solutions

July 1, 2013
Products and case studies from the July 2013 issue.

Website polling

nora. A new polling feature has been added to noraXchange, the interactive online community hosted by the company. The noraXchange provides customers with information that addresses the challenges and questions they regularly encounter. The “Quick-Poll” feature invites members of the community to choose one of multiple responses to the monthly poll question. The results will appear in real time as members participate. In addition, subscribers to the noraXchange can communicate further by clicking “Share your opinion” and commenting on what matters to them.

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Multi-surface floor cleaner

Betco Corporation. BioActive Solutions product #258 will be respositioned as Green Earth BioActive Solutions Devour No Rinse Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner. Concentrated Green Earth BioActive Solutions Devour No Rinse Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner is formulated with a proprietary blend of grease-utting surfactants and solvents that digest complex proteins, starches and fats, eliminating their associated odors found in food service and other applications. The cleaner aids in reducing slip-and-fall incidents, as the grease-cutting surfactants and solvents digest oils and greases that make quarry tile slick while it dries.

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Toilet partitions

Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc. High-Pressure Laminate HPL Series Toilet Partitions feature two new systems, complementing the existing ClassicSeries that is comparable in price to powder-coated metal. New MetroSeries and AccentSeries have a variety of hardware systems and privacy options to satisfy all budget parameters. All HPL partitions outperform metal for graffiti, impact and scratch-resistance, comply with fire code and safety standards, and LEED credits. Many new designer colors and patterns are available.  

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Sustainable validation

The Garland Company, Inc. The company has obtained UL Environment validation for a wide range of its high-performance roof and wall systems. UL Environment (ULE) has independently reviewed Garland’s manufacturing processes and raw materials to validate that specific roof and wall materials meet its recycled and bio-based content goals and match the information provided in published company literature. UL Environment is a division of Underwriters Laboratories Inc (UL). Dozens of Garland roof and wall solutions now bear the UL Environment Validation Logo on their data sheets.

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Compact air movers

Sanitaire. The company introduces the SC6055A, SC6054A and SC6053A lightweight, compact air movers that offer superior performance and durability to dry carpets and floors fast. The new air movers feature a three-speed rotary switch that lets users control the air speed, and stackable design that makes transportation and storage convenient. The SC6055A Precision Air Mover pulls air from above into the newly designed fan chamber and produces a maximum wind velocity of 3,400 FPM. The SC6053 and SC6054 High Velocity Air Movers feature a time-saving power with 5-amp motors and three speeds. Either of these will deliver a maximum air velocity of 3,800 ft./min.  

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Redesigned website

P&G Professional. The company has announced the launch of its newly redesigned website, www.pgpro.com, with simplified navigation and improved access to online training videos and materials, industry-relevant webinars, cleaning tips and product information, among other tools to help businesses thrive. The improved website also features quick links to frequently used Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and “Buy it Now” capabilities for product purchasing. The site is mobile-ready and accessible on any device, at any time.

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Label printer 

DuraLabel. Lobo is a laptop-sized thermal-transfer label printer with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery providing more than three hours of continuous printing, as well as patented snap-in label cartridges in .5- inch, 1-inch and 2 inches. The printer can be loaded with any of 12 premium vinyl color combinations as well as self-laminating wire wrap, metal-detectable tape, extreme high-temp poly tape, oily surface tape and 18 other supply types tailored for use in virtually any industrial setting. Besides basic type labeling, it has instant access to a library of more than 1,000 symbols and pictograms and basic design templates. 156

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Vinyl topcoat

Enduratex. Forbid is a recently developed topcoat for enduring beauty and performance for vinyl products.  It increases stain resistance, while preserving the integrity of the vinyl fabric luster and softness. Difficult stains and spills such as ink, paint and lipstick are no match for the product, which will be the featured topcoat on many Enduratex lines.

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Advanced HVAC controls

Mitsubishi Electric. The company has launched an innovative single-source integrated controls solution for commercial HVAC applications. Three new advanced controllers work together as a seamless, comprehensive system to support enhanced functions. The functionality includes dual set-point and set-back, maintenance data storage and energy management monitoring. The SmartME Zone Controller can control up to 16 indoor units in a single zone. The AdvancedHVAC Controller features customizable applications for integrating CITY MULTI indoor units with third-party equipment such as auxiliary heat, fans, pumps, air handling units (AHUs), energy-recovery ventilation (ERV) systems, humidifiers and economizers. The EB-50GU-A Central Controller has Web-based centralized control of up to 50 indoor units individually, in a group or in a batch operation.

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Pavement Durability

Parking lot overlay stops winter damage at university

E-Krete. For the first time in years, snow-removal equipment did no damage to a parking lot at Utah State University. It was protected by E-Krete Long-Lasting Overlay during the 2012-2013  winter.

“We had no damage from ice and snow and no damage from the heavy snow-removal equipment used to clear it, as we kept the lot open and safe throughout the winter,” says Quin E. Whitaker, PE, the university’s structural engineer/project manager. “The E-Krete protected pavement experienced temperatures this winter as low as -20ºF, 24 inches of snow and constant traffic from snow and ice-removal equipment pushing the snow and ice with heavy-duty plows that scraped along the surface as often as three times a week.”

E-Krete is a cementitious polymer formulation developed to reduce parking lot maintenance costs, protect the environment and make parking lots safer and more attractive. Applications as old as 12 years show no significant damage and have required no seal coating or resurfacing.

Protection of asphalt parking lots is part of the university’s effort to reduce maintenance and operation costs with both buildings and pavement, Whitaker says.

E-Krete Long-Lasting PermaStripe, also a cementitious polymer formulation, was used to stripe and mark the university’s parking lot. Whitaker reports that there was no winter damage to the striping.

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Updated Equipment

Retrofit HVAC system completed in quick turnaround

ClimateCraft. Vanderbilt University Medical Center wanted to update the HVAC equipment in a 17,000-square-foot research facility within its 800,000-square-foot Medical Center North building on its Nashville, Tenn., campus. The existing air-handling unit, originally field-erected inside a roof-mounted penthouse, had begun to fail and no longer was providing adequate air flow.

Mechanical systems engineers at the university primarily were concerned with completing the project as quickly as possible. Disruptions from prolonged HVAC system downtime and/or an extended construction timeline could present notable and costly setbacks. The university’s mechanical team hoped to retrofit a system that could be assembled onsite, with parts that could be lifted via crane through a 6-foot-wide opening in the 65-foot by 82-foot rooftop penthouse.   

Gable and his staff were encouraged by the inclusion of a 259-ton, 100-percent OA, 34,500 CFM ClimateCraft ACCESS knock-down air-handling unit, engineered specifically for final assembly at the job site. The unit, which incorporated foam insulation panels, an IFB Steam coil and a humidifier, would provide more static pressure capability than the existing air handler, and also would include a ClimateCraft FanMatrix fan array tower for built-in redundancy.

“The new air handler provided increased load capacity compared to the existing unit, and also provided numerous design and functionality improvements,” says Gable. 160

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Solar Power

Photovoltaic solar panels add to university’s sustainability practices

Panasonic Eco Solutions North America. The University of Colorado Boulder is a leader in climate and energy research, interdisciplinary environmental studies programs, and engaging in sustainability and green practices. Its practices include a sustainable purchase program, campus sustainability tours, an Environmental Center that provides services to the university community, and an Office of Sustainability that drives campuswide resource conservation, including actions that individuals can take on campus to make it greener as part of the university’s path to sustainability.

In keeping with this sensibility, Panasonic Eco Solutions North America designed and installed a ground-mounted 498 kW photovoltaic solar panel in the heart of the 220-acre CU Research Park, home to the university’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP), Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy (CASA) and the Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building. The project entailed the design and installation of solar module arrangement and support structures in addition to a performance monitoring system. An informational display also was built to publicize the increased solar energy. 

The installation is capable of generating 774,690 kW hours per year, equivalent to the annual electricity usage of 68 American homes. The 498 kW ground-mounted solar panels will provide clean energy power generation to both research facilities and buildings throughout the Boulder campus. The solution doubled the university’s solar-power production, reducing its carbon emissions by an estimated 547 metric tons per year and bringing CU-Boulder closer to its carbon-neutral goal.

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