June 2013 Product Solutions

June 1, 2013
Products and case studies from the June 2013 issue.

Unconventional design

Custom building meets timeframe and budget

Ceco Building Systems. An all-too-typical problem had surfaced in the Somerset Independent School District in South Central Texas: the junior high school built in 1986 for 350 students now housed 600. After a $13 million bond issue, students now are housed comfortably in a spacious, striking metal and glass facility.

Using a custom metal building by Ceco Building Systems enabled the design team to meet a compact timeframe and remain within budget. The products included a Ceco metal framing system; $1.8 million of steel; insulated panel 3-inch R19 walls in Pacific Blue and Tan, applied horizontally; and a Double-Lok Galvalume roof.

Time was of the essence in getting the school built. “This is usually an 18-month project,” says Mark Hodges associate/architect/project manager with OCO Architects. “It was a big risk to build in 11 months.” 

The school is a beautiful study in angles, glass, stone and steel, as well as an outlet for the designers’ creativity. “We are primarily a design firm,” says Hodges. “This project allowed us the challenge of continuing that, even with a pre-engineered metal building—to push the limits of design.” 

Some unconventional aspects of the design included tapering columns from base to top frame connection to the outside instead of to the inside as more typical; varying the uses of clerestories for windows to bring light into the major corridors; using exposed frames for the canopies; and using the insulated metal panels alone for the school’s exterior walls.

The natural height of the metal building frame and the addition of clerestory windows and windows at the beginning and ends of every hallway create a bright and welcoming feel throughout the building.

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Restroom stain remover 

Clorox Professional Products Company. Clorox Urine Remover is an innovative product specially formulated to effectively remove stains and break down urine to quickly remove—not just mask—odors. The remover uses hydrogen peroxide to eliminate odor by destroying uric acid crystals and breaking down the cell structure of naturally occurring sources of odor. The product does not contain bleach and is intended for use on porous surfaces such as grout and concrete. It also works for soft surfaces such as mattresses, carpet and upholstery, and is an excellent pre-treatment for laundry and bedding. 

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Keyed cam lock

FJM Security Products. A black finish is now available for the #8X00 keyed cam lock series. The locks are an addition to the variety of stock cam locks, push/plunger locks, glass locks, cylinder locks, switch locks, miniature locks and deadbolt locks that are popular with large and small OEMs. The locks come in three cylinder lengths: 5/8-inch, 7/8-inch and 1-1/8 inches, with both chrome and black finish. The housing and barrel are made of zinc alloy.   

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Metal wall solutions 

The Garland Company, Inc. A new brochure, “Garland Metal Wall Panels and Accessories,” introduces building owners, facility managers, architects and other design professionals to the design capabilities of a variety of high-performance metal walls and accessories. The brochure includes cut-away schematics to illustrate how systems work and photographs depicting a wide range of aesthetic options, including both structural and architectural design solutions. To assist the design process, the brochure also contains a metal color selector chart. 

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