April 2013 Product Solutions

April 15, 2013
Products and case studies from the April 2013 issue.

Lighting control

Campus lighting retrofit provides energy savings and control

Lumewave, Inc. The University of California, Davis, has unveiled a vast lighting retrofit that uses the Adaptive Control System to achieve greater energy savings and control.

The company partnered with the university’s California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC) to retrofit the campus’ exterior lighting with a unique solution utilizing Adaptive Control with Predictive Behavior. 

The retrofit replaced exterior lighting fixtures with newer, more energy-efficient lighting technologies. More than 1,400 exterior fixtures including post tops, wall packs, pathway luminaires and streetlights were replaced with LED fixtures. Lumewave and the CLTC also recognized that by integrating controls, a high level of savings could be gained during nighttime hours. Lumewave’s wireless control and monitoring system, capable of connecting a large variety of different types of exterior luminaires, addressed this need.

On pathways, a motion detector sends a signal to the wireless control, which brings up that lighting from minimum to maximum. At the same time, another signal is sent to other fixtures in line on the path. Using a patented Direction of Travel (or Predictive Occupancy) function, lighting is progressively brought up ahead of occupants moving through the area. As time delays elapse behind the user, lighting drops back to lower levels as the occupant progresses further down the path. 

As a further advantage, the system compares sensor data along the wireless lighting control network. In this way, it can accurately predict speed and occupants’ path of travel to light the way forward.

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Campus parking

Portland State University completes high-tech parking meter trial

Digital Payment Technologies. Portland State University (PSU) has completed a successful trial of its LUKE II multi-space parking pay stations. Highlights of the trial include a significant reduction to the pass-back of parking receipts, creating a positive impact on revenues. There also was a high opt-in rate for the Extend-by-Phone feature, which enables customers to use their mobile phones to extend parking sessions via text messages.

DPT was selected by PSU more than a year ago because its Enterprise Management System (EMS) and Back Office Support System (BOSS) enabled easy management and configuration of the pay stations, and let PSU use coupons to pay for parking. PSU later decided to trial new capabilities—Pay-by-License Plate (PBL) and Extend-by-Phone—in two surface lots. The features were added without having to make any new hardware updates to the pay stations.

PSU wanted to implement PBL because it was losing parking revenues to passed-back parking receipts—either left on the pay stations or given from one parker to another. PBL identifies each parking session with a specific license plate number, so pass-backs no longer are possible. Another reason for the implementation was to reduce or eliminate parking citations issued because users who legitimately paid for parking had incorrectly displayed their receipts.

Extend-by-Phone was also implemented during the trial as a way to add convenience for students, faculty and guests parking at PSU. When purchasing a parking session, people can opt-in for this service by entering their mobile phone number at the pay station. There is no formal registration process required.

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Walk-behind scrubber

Kärcher. The newly designed B 80 W walk-behind scrubber incorporates a number of improvements that make it easier to use. The compact, narrow design makes the B 80 easy to maneuver, and its tank’s asymmetrical shape gives the operator a clear view of the brush head. During cleaning, the brush head, like the suction bar, is lowered automatically. The wastewater tank is cleansed thoroughly by an automatic rinsing system without the operator coming into contact with the contents. The Intelligent Key system enables a different profile to be set for each user, ensuring ease of use.

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Mattresses and toppers

de Courcy & Company. Invigo mattresses can last three times longer than ordinary mattresses and offer the restorative aspects of natural latex. They also provide a more hygienic environment with Invigo Fresh Technology, a natural formula that offers an odor neutralizer that captures and destroys odors; an antimicrobial that prevents fungus, mold and other bacteria; and a stain repel and release. Each of these features make these mattresses and toppers ideal for residence hall rooms where odors and hygiene may be a concern.

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Alarm software

CyberLock, Inc. Several software enhancements have been released for the CyberAudit Professional Management System. CyberAudit Professional 3.0 software offers streamlined reporting and notification capabilities, compatibility with CyberKey Vaults and Flex System input and output devices, and provides activation for the Flex System Door & I/O module relay device. Functions of the door & I/O module include locking and unlocking doors; arming and disarming alarms; and activating other relay-based devices.

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Emergency response systems

Tapeswitch Corporation. Two new emergency response signaling systems include The PASS System with and without built-in LEDs for increased visibility. This signaling system is a solution for education facilities, including schools, universities and campuses, where a person may want to signal for assistance in an emergency situation. Pressing the pressure-sensitive strip activates a built-in switch, sending a signal to the control unit. The system is made of durable, pressure-sensitive switch technology, offering millions of actuations at any point for a long operational life.

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Perimeter intrusion detection

Ameristar Fence Products. The company has completed a comprehensive testing of the Impasse II fence system integrated with Senstar’s FlexPS, a perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS). The testing of the Impasse II integrated security platform with Senstar’s fence mounted PIDS sensor, FlexPS, demonstrated success in detecting a variety of forced entry attempts. The Impasse II fence has high-security design elements, corrugated pales and industrial strength I-beams, which provide daunting features that help deter intruders, and a bracketless design and redesigned rail.

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High-performance wall system

Dryvit. Outsulation X is a high-performance cladding system that serves as a single source for the air- and water-resistive barrier, continuous insulation and finished appearance of the exterior wall. The system meets both current and proposed ASHRAE design standards and IgCC/IECC code requirements for the use of continuous insulation. One professional sub-contractor can install this engineered, fully tested, code-compliant system.

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