March 2008 Product Solutions

March 1, 2008
New products/case studies from the March 2008 issue.

Self-adhering roof system

The Garland Company, Inc. The StressPly SA roof system provides adhesive properties, and tensile and tear strength while offering a cost-effective and environmentally friendly roofing solution. It incorporates asphalt adhesive technology to ensure excellent surface and seam adhesion. This self-contained system does not require open-flame torches, hot kettles or cold-applied solvents during installation, eliminating application-related fumes and noxious odors.

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Network surveillance

Dedicated Micros. NetVu Console is a powerful NetVu Connected remote viewing station that offers installers and end users a non-PC-based alternative to remote viewing and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) control of cameras over the network. Designed to have minimal installation and training requirements, it consists of a traditional PTZ-style keyboard that is connected to the network and a local monitor to provide a remote viewing point on the surveillance system. It is ideal for installing extra control stations.

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Vacuum maintenance

ProTeam. The Thermal Protector device has been installed on ProTeam vacuums manufactured after Sept. 15, 2007, to guard against unexpected motor meltdowns. When a ProTeam vacuum motor begins to overheat because of a hose obstruction or an overfilled filter, the Thermal Protector will activate to automatically shut off the vacuum and protect it from long-term harm. A maintenance worker then can empty the filter or remove the clog, and the motor will cool down to a safe temperature for continued use in just a few minutes.

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No sound of music

Temporary practice rooms ease transition of music program during renovation

Wenger. While renovating and expanding the existing Ruth Taylor Music Building, Trinity University, San Antonio, temporarily installed nine modular, sound-isolating music practice rooms in the basement of the Parker Chapel building.

“Without our Wenger practice rooms, there would have been no music practice space available,” says Ken Greene, professor of music. “It was a terrific boon to pre-install them.”

About 70 students used the practice rooms regularly during the 18-month transition. Acoustical doors were furnished for several new built-in practice rooms.

“The acoustical doors are working out great,” says Greene. “We're very impressed with their performance.”

The university's practice organ is situated in a large built-in room that received extra sound insulation.

“You can watch someone playing the organ through the Wenger door and not hear a sound,” says Greene. “But when you open the door, it's like a concert.”

Greene says the other built-in rooms do not isolate sound as well as the Wenger rooms, in spite of their thick walls.

“They have some sound leakage from room to room, which you don't hear in a Wenger room,” says Greene.

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Roof replacement

School finds aesthetic, cost-effective solution to replace leaky roof

Sarnafil. Mount Vernon Middle School, Mount Vernon, Ohio, needed to replace its original standing-seam metal roof that had been failing since it was installed 10 years ago.

“There were concerns about the inside air quality and mold issues because of all the leaks in the roof,” says Randy Bradford, director and facilities project manager. “It wasn't a very pretty 10 years.”

After looking at options to replace the roof, Bradford selected the Décor system by Sarnafil because of its quality, cost efficiency and aesthetic appearance.

“I was very impressed with how the seams are hot-air welded,” says Bradford. “I have some EPDM roofs that have glued seams, and they are giving me some problems. I was even thinking of going with a built-up roof until I saw how the Sarnafil membrane is welded together.”

The result is an aesthetically pleasing roof that is easy to maintain because there are not many parts and pieces to remove if a repair is needed.

“We're very pleased with the roof,” says Bradford. “I used to have 11 leaks with the old roof, and now I have zero leaks. It also looks great, and I'm impressed with how the color matches the existing roof.”
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Server management

Automated hardware and software management helps university keep IT headcount low

Configuresoft. The University of Miami, with more than 15,000 students and 9,400 faculty and staff on three campuses, is a prominent research university. Its IT infrastructure must be as innovative as the university itself.

To remain progressive, the university has expanded its network of servers by 50 percent annually each of the past few years. The IT department once relied on homegrown tools to track changes. With a mostly manual process, managing change and reporting on activities were inefficient and error-prone. It took days to create reports or review event logs.

“Change can happen so rapidly and just kind of snowball,” says Ismael Pimienta, manager of end user support, information technology. “We realized there just were not enough people to oversee it, so we had to implement a tool that would allow us to keep an eye on everything and not involve staff for every situation.”

The university purchased Enterprise Configuration Manager (ECM) from Configuresoft. Initially, it deployed ECM across all servers in about half a day, and it links in new hardware easily as it's added. Today, the university's infrastructure of servers has grown to 210, all monitored by ECM.

Based on settings established by IT, ECM collects asset, security and configuration data settings across the university and stores them in a CMDB. The solution tracks changes as they are happening, alerting IT staff immediately, and keeping a historical record to support reporting.

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