December 2003 Product Solutions

Dec. 1, 2003
New Products/Case Studies from the December 2003 issue

Floor maintenance

Tornado Industries. The BR 75/140 Auto Scrubber is available in two models: the 99630 (180 RPM) and the 99635 (1,100 RPM). It is cost-effective and provides the productivity of a larger automatic scrubber with the maneuverability of a smaller machine. It features a brushless vacuum motor, one-touch start/stop operator controls and a large-capacity, 37-gallon solution/recovery tank.

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Customized water coolers

Halsey Taylor. The Voyager water cooler now is available with personalized molded-in graphics. It can feature school colors and team logos, and can blend with interior decor while remaining durable for everyday use. Its construction is durable and vandal-resistant, and it features rounded corners for safety. Graphic tops are furnished separate from the water cooler and can be one, two or four colors.

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Web-based monitoring

Honeywell/Notifier. UniNet Online is a web-based service designed to offer facility managers convenient access to information on building systems integrated on the UniNet network. Facility managers can monitor building systems such as fire, security, CCTV and card access from one main source via the Internet or an Intranet. Operators link to the Internet using a password and user-access record to view building-systems information from any location.

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Classroom fire safety

Marks USA. The Life Safety Classroom Intruder ANSI/BHMA F110 Function Leverset is designed to be locked or unlocked from the exterior and always open on the interior. In emergency life-safety situations, it allows the teacher to secure the classroom without stepping into the hallway to lock the outside handle.

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Pipe fittings

Kee Industrial Products, Inc. “Hinge and pin” structural slip-on pipe fittings allow for tubular pipe structures to be extended easily without dismantling the original structure. Each fitting closes around size 8 pipes and is secured with a locking pin.

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Wall coverings

Hollingsworth & Vose. HollTek environmentally friendly wall covering substrate is a non-woven material that can be direct printed, removing the need for coating or laminating other materials to the substrate. The material has a US Perm rating of more than 30 prior to printing and 13 to 18 following printing, depending upon the weight of the base material and the decorative print layer. The substrate is available in widths up to 80 inches, and in 15-ounce and 2-ounce per linear yard weights.

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Security software

Funk Software. Odyssey Server v2.0 is a major upgrade to its 802.1 X-compliant RADIUS server. It is a RADIUS server designed to handle WLAN access control and security. RADIUS servers now can be used to manage all wired and wireless LAN access to enforce a unified security policy. User-based access policies can be set, accounting records can be logged or forwarded to a central accounting server, users who connect via EAP-TTLS can be monitored, and users connecting via PEAP can be authenticated.

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Photo ID system

Fargo Electronics. The CardJet 410 Photo ID System is a complete, integrated system for producing full-color, professional ID cards. The system includes Build-A-Badge software, an entry-level software package that allows users to create and store customized badge designs, data and photographs. It also includes a digital camera, the CardJet 410 printer and other supplies such as USB cable, ink cartridges, and CardJet Ink and Card cartridges, which feature SmartLoad technology.

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Switch technology

Nascom. Magnasphere switch technology was designed as a security device to eliminate the flaws of the reed switch. At the heart of the switch is a tiny magnetic ball that floats freely inside a small metal housing with two protruding wires. The switch remains closed only when a magnet is directly under it, so it can pull the magnetic ball into contact with the case and electrode, closing the switch. This design eliminates the possibility of magnetic tampering. The switch is virtually indestructible, and not damaged by the swelling and shifting of doors and windows.

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Bicycle security

American Bicycle Security Co. Safety-View windows are an accessory to American Bicycle Security Company's line of Safety-View doors, which allow for proactive security. The window, made from acrylic material, retains the door's solid nature and allows inspectors to view the contents inside. Acrylic material is known for its high-impact strength and flame-retardant properties.

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Energy savings

American General Energy Corp. LightBoss is an energy-controlling device designed for all types of HID lighting systems. Patented technology enables energy savings of up to 40 percent, while only minimally reducing lumen output. Through proper warmup time, phase-angle monitoring and timed-step sequencing, LightBoss reduces voltage to lighting while adhering to NEMA standards and lamp manufacturers' warranties. Models are available from 20A to 400A and in all common voltages.

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Climate control

Bard Manufacturing. The Q-Tec QA classroom packaged air conditioner is designed to provide economical, year-round comfort by providing cooling, dehumidification and ventilation. Its “quiet technology” delivers low sound levels that allow the unit to be installed inside the structure, eliminating the need for outdoor condensing units or roof-mounted equipment. A hinged front panel allows easy access to air filters and all electrical controls. Permanent rollers facilitate installation and removal. SEER ratings range from 10.0 to 12.5.

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Computer protection

Absolute Software. AbsoluteFirewall protects computers outside a school's hardware firewall and secures school resources when those same computers reconnect to the network. The software is managed centrally. Administrators create and apply rule sets, and the software runs transparently in the background, without any involvement from end users.

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Mobile presentation system

Dukane. The Mobile Presentation System includes a data/video projector, document camera, speakers, a DVD/VCR player, electrical power, cable connections and an audio switcher — all in a lockable metal cart. The system can be wheeled easily from room to room. Users connect a laptop or desktop PC to the VGA and audio input cables, and the remote control allows them to control presentations from anywhere within the room.

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Waste receptacle

Hospital Specialty Company. The SmartCan is a hands-free trash can, powered by four D batteries, that uses an infrared sensor to open its lid automatically when a person's hand is within 8 inches of its top. It is available in three sizes: 5.3-gallon, 7.1-gallon and 12.5-gallon.

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School bus surveillance

Gatekeeper-Systems Inc. The Gatekeeper is a high-performance video surveillance system designed specifically for the rugged environment found on school buses. Each system includes a vandal-resistant dome camera, an industrial-designed VCR, a vandal-resistant lockable VCR enclosure and wire harnesses. The plug-and-play system is easy to use, easy to install and is designed for mobile applications.

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Unconventional seating

Davis Furniture. The Ch@t Chair Series features lightweight, multipurpose chairs that offer stability and comfort. Backrests are connected to a tubular frame, which is powdercoated in six different finishes. Seats and backs are made of polypropylene, dyed through the full thickness in a choice of eight colors. The chairs are available in three upholstery variations: all upholstered, plastic back with upholstered seat, and upholstered back with plastic seat. Up to 10 chairs can be stacked on a mobile cart for convenience.

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Motor system

Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power. The Etek Brushless Motor System offers increased performance and durability, and reduced maintenance when compared with brush-type motors traditionally used in commercial floorcare equipment. The motor has an industry-first brushless, axial-gap design with an integrated, programmable electronic controller. The system offers increased power, reduced noise and maintenance, and longer run times between charges.

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Aesthetic windows

Moduline Window System. The Even-Line Series window utilizes uniform sightlines in all directions. The frame and vent depths, and the fixed and operable framing widths are equal. The series features 3¼-inch frame and sash depths with an integral stacking mullion. Fixed, projected, casement-outswinging, casement-inswinging, top-hinged-inswinging and pivoted windows are available.

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Workstation furniture

Nova. Notations employs Nova's multi-patented Downward Gaze ergonomic concept as a factory option. Flat-panel and traditional CRT displays can be positioned below desks or other work surfaces at an angle that proves to be ergonomically beneficial and personally preferable to employees. The flush-mounted glass Viewport allows a clear, comfortable view of the computer display while reducing visual clutter and screen reflections, and increasing usable desk space up to 43 percent.

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Carpet replacement

Lees. PermaLink is a carpet-over-carpet installation system that enables new carpet tile or six-foot vinyl products to be installed directly over existing carpet. It uses a high-performance, dimensionally stable film system designed to make carpet replacement more efficient by stabilizing the existing floor. Because the existing carpet is recycled into cushion, leg and back fatigue are reduced, and carpet life is extended.

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Rubber and cork flooring

Roppe Corp. SafeTcork Tile and Tread products, a blend of recycled cork and rubber, are designed for interior use in high-traffic areas where safety against slip hazards is a concern. SafeTcork is long-wearing and easy to maintain. The cork increases the coefficient of friction rating to 0.91 when wet, reducing the chance of slip/fall accidents. The product line is available in several versatile designs and can be used with or without a coordinating tread product.

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Roof coating

SouthLand Enviro-Green. Thermal Ply-21 Elastomeric Coating (TPEC) is a liquid-applied, rubber-membrane, acrylic thermal barrier coating system. It contains solar-reflectivity materials and can save up to 40 percent in utility costs when applied properly.

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Rooftop support

Cooper B-Line. Designed to be non-penetrative and weighted to eliminate floating, Cooper B-Line's rooftop supports will extend roof life, dampen vibrations and eliminate the need for supplemental rubber pads. The C-Port Series offers five different support systems. All supports are UV-resistant and approved for any type of roofing material or other flat surface.

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Robust doors

The Maiman Company. The Neer Veneer Thermal Fused Flush Door is crafted from a solid 42-pound green-certified core, and provides high strength and security with low sound transmission. The maintenance-free facing is fused thermally directly to the core, creating a monolithic structure that won't delaminate, warp, chip, scratch or dent. The doors are available in more than 100 wood grains and colors, with fire ratings of 20 to 90 minutes.

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Library book cart

Hale Mfg. Co. The Castered Solid-Wood Library Book Truck is designed as a portable bookcase that facilitates movement and transferral of a large number of books and other objects. It embodies a classically contemporary design with three high-capacity V-shaped shelves. The 13¾-inch space between shelves ensures that even oversized books can be loaded and unloaded with ease.

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Three-way technology

Technical Consumer Products, Inc. CFL three-way technology provides three distinct light levels, each offering different options while meeting FCC compliance at each level. The lower light level provides ambient lighting for dining or entertaining. The medium setting offers task lighting, and the high setting offers light appropriate for intensive reading or studying. The three-way products optimize bulb life for a 10,000-hour average life. The three-way technology is available in 32-wall Spring Lamp, and 33-watt and 40-watt T6 circline lamps.

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Portable computer station

Shure Manufacturing Corporation. The Advisory Information Module unit offers an inset countertop for the CRT and a lower shelf for printer storage with a paper feed cutout. It has 4-inch contemporary twin-wheel casters and is top-protected with a countertop laminate. All metal components are finished in powder coat paint. The station is available with a retractable keyboard mounting pad or a drawer.

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Management/monitoring software

AMX Corporation. MeetingManager is a meeting-room-management and equipment-monitoring software package. It is powered by AMX's NetLinx Control System and allows users to keep track of room appointments scheduled through Outlook/Exchange, GroupWise or MeetingManager. The software also has the ability to monitor the condition of classroom equipment and detect instantly if a device has been disconnected without authorization. It also allows integrators to provide remote support to system administrators. From a secure Web browser interface, the integrator can review program codes, diagnose potential problems and provide support.

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Fire-alarm control panel

Honeywell/Fire-Lite Alarms. The MS-9200, MS-9600 and MS9200UD are part of a new line of addressable fire-alarm control panels. All panels feature advanced auto-programming capabilities, reducing installation time and overall cost. They allow an entire system to be auto-programmed with the touch of a button, reducing programming time. The panels are manufactured with surface-mount technology, and feature automatic detector test capability, drift compensation and maintenance alert.

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Locker maintenance

Lyon Workspace Products. Lyon LifeStyle Lockers are finished in an advanced powder-coating technology from DuPont and Agion Antimicrobial. The coating inhibits mold, bacteria and odor buildup on locker surfaces, as well as the transfer of microbes on locker handles and doors. Moisture triggers the controlled release of powerful silver ions. The antimicrobial compound is completely inorganic, less toxic than ordinary table salt, less irritating than talcum powder, and has been approved for medical devices and food-contact applications.

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Athletic equipment

Porter. The Powr-Net System is designed for frequently used facilities to minimize the loss of programming time for the setup, teardown and storage of volleyball equipment. It has an overhead storage design, featuring a ¾-hp electric winch to effortlessly raise and lower the entire system, which reduces wear and tear on volleyball gear and frees equipment storage space. Net heights can be adjusted without releasing net tension.

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Improving IAQ

Team-cleaning system revives learning environment

ProTeam. Lake Braddock Secondary School, Burke, Va., is a 533,660-square-foot facility occupied by more than 4,000 students, faculty and staff. Teachers and staff complained that the school was a “sick building.” They pointed to higher than normal absenteeism and aggravated allergy attacks as the symptoms.

In 1998, the school was selected for an unpublicized test of a team-cleaning system that uses ProTeam's direct suction backpack vacuums in an aggressive daily vacuuming regimen. Within two weeks of the new cleaning program, faculty and staff were asking custodians and building administrators what they had done, applauding them on the cleanliness of the building and air.

A parent of an asthmatic student said that her son required much less of his inhaled medication after the cleaning system was used. Staff absenteeism also was much lower. The final indicator of the improved filtration efficiency was that the frequency of dusting, which had been a daily chore, was required only three times a week.
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Letting off some steam

A steam trap survey can help locate steam leaks and reduce costs.

Ultrasonics. Duke University Medical Center selected a consultant from Enercheck Systems to conduct a steam trap survey using the Ultraprobe 2000.

Steam can escape through external or internal leaks in fittings, valves, traps or particular control devices. Blowing or leaking traps may cause a high back pressure in condensate piping. Failed control valves may cause excessive condensate load. When control valves are oversized, they are forced to work in close tolerance to the disc and seat.

Fluids moving from the high-pressure side of a valve to the lower pressure side produce turbulence. This generates ultrasound, which an ultrasonic detector translates into an audible range for the human ear. The ultrasounds are heard through headphones and viewed as intensity increments on the handheld instrument's meter. High frequency tuning allows the user to adjust for differences in fluid viscosity and reduces interference from stray pipe noises.

Every aspect of the steam system throughout each building of the research facility was inspected comprehensively. At each site, the consultant found where the steam line entered the building and traced the system. The consultant checked to see if pressure was controlled correctly and whether relief valves were blowing steam through the roof. In the end, 2,100 steam traps were found.

The ultrasonics-based steam and maintenance program resulted in savings worth $250,799 the first year it was used. This translates into 37 million pounds of steam saved when compared to the previous year.
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A new view for learning

Video-on-demand system delivers educational programming to school district

SAFARI Technologies/Optibase Inc. Rockford Public Schools, Mich., which serve about 8,500 students and staff, has deployed a districtwide video-on-demand (VOD) system to stream educational programs to individual classrooms in 12 schools.

Recognized for their high academic achievement and technology leadership in Michigan, the schools wanted a reliable VOD system with a rapid response time that would benefit educators and students. Each of the schools has its own VCRs, DVDs and SAFARI Source Controllers to allow for remote LAN-based control of analog video sources. For real-time MPEG streaming of analog sources, SAFARI uses Optibase's MGW2000, a TV streaming platform that enables television to be delivered to classrooms through IP services. Each school is able to access, control and view analog video media in any of the other schools.

The schools currently encode and store digital video titles through a cooperative with state instructional television stations. These video titles are delivered and controlled with SAFARI's eDireq Digital Video Content System, which allows the schools continually to add video content to the main server as needed.
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Sound isolation

Acoustical door keeps music in and noise out

Wenger Corporation. The School of Music at the University of Louisville, Ky., wanted to improve the sound isolation in one of its rehearsal rooms — a double studio large enough to hold 20 to 25 musicians. Sound isolation was particularly critical because Wenger previously had installed its V-Room rehearsal system inside the room with sensitive technology that can simulate the acoustical responses of different environments, including the university's major performance/recital hall.

“If you're a musician concentrating on making music, you only want to hear what's happening in your environment and nowhere else,” says Herbert Koerselman, dean of the School of Music. “The door has been a great help in reducing or eliminating any extraneous noise.”

The acoustical doors offer unique features that improve performance, including a continuous cam-lift hinge that provides an uninterrupted gasket seal and eliminates potential pinch points. The door's isolated-crimp construction incorporates a neoprene gasket between door faces to minimize sound transmission. Dual magnetic seals provide multiple seal points to minimize sound leakage, and the door leaf's four-sided frame provides superior rigidity and sealing properties.
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Saving energy

Energy service company helps university develop plan to reduce operating costs

Vestar, Inc. In an effort to reduce energy and operating costs and improve its learning environment, Ohio University, Athens, sought guidance from Vestar, Inc., an energy service company specializing in facility and infrastructure solutions.

The project was divided into five phases and was designed to be carried out over five years; the first phase began in 2000. Energy-conservation measures include lighting-fixture retrofits and redesign; occupancy sensors; central district heating system modifications; control system expansion and enhancement; and toilet, showerhead and faucet retrofit and replacement.

The Vestar program also includes training, and a campuswide occupant energy awareness and communication program.

Upon completion, the project will save the university an estimated $2.5 million annually, which will be used to pay for the project over 10 years. The project also will replace aging building systems, allowing the university to avoid more than $10 million in capital expenditures over a 10-year period.

Phase 1 of the project is now complete, and according to the achieved annual savings report, it has exceeded the projected savings outlined in the initial contract.
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A clean approach

Planning for healthier environments at a lower cost

Johnson Controls. Mounds View Public Schools, Minn., faced recurring air-quality problems associated with deferred maintenance. Short-term efforts had been made to correct the problems, but pressure from parents and the community moved the district to resolve the IAQ problems long-term and to address other facility improvements.

Jan Witthuhn, superintendent of the district, says “We looked to Johnson Controls, due to their trusted expertise, to evaluate the plan, tailor the solution and determine a way that we could afford it.”

A lifestyle program-management approach enabled technical and financial aspects of the solution to be addressed. When a bond referendum fell short of providing the $52 million needed for the district's facility renovation, Johnson Controls negotiated with the state to get levy authority for the project's funding.

As part of the program-management process, Johnson Controls continually looked for ways to add value. By reviewing the engineer's plans, the company sought to eliminate upfront project costs without increasing life-cycle costs.

These efforts have resulted in $10 million savings. Life-cycle cost-saving measures are projected to provide annual energy savings of $1.3 million. The IAQ renovations, which are designed to maximize utility rebates, will result in more than $600,000 for the district.
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Maintenance solution

Automatic flushing devices clear the air in district elementary schools

Technical Concepts. The custodial department for Independent School District 1, Tulsa, Okla., reported a problem within its 55 elementary schools: unflushed toilets. Complaints came from parents and teachers throughout the district. As solutions were being considered, one of the district's elementary schools financed and arranged for the handles on all toilets to be replaced with automatic flushing devices, which solved the problem.

When voters approved a bond issue for upgrading bathrooms within the school system, the funding was used to retrofit toilets and urinals. The district decided to use AutoFlush units from Technical Concepts, which took about two minutes each to install.

The AutoFlush solved more than one problem for the district. The city's hard water was leaving a ring in toilet bowls when they weren't used during breaks and holiday weekends. In the hot summer months, the water slowly would evaporate, leaving a series of rings in the bowls. Because the AutoFlush is programmed to activate every 24 hours whether or not the toilet has been used, calcium deposits no longer cling to the toilet bowls. The daily flushing also eliminates the problem of the water drying out in catch basins during the summer months — a problem that previously allowed sewer gases to enter the bathrooms.

The positive results of these installations prompted the district to install AutoFlush units at 40 additional sites, including the district's middle schools, high schools and administrative offices.
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Protecting sensitive equipment

Surveillance console secures digital technology

Middle Atlantic Products. Ben Davis High School in Wayne Township, Ind., has recently completed a $1.5 million electronics upgrade for its security control room. With so much money invested in digital equipment, the school had to find a cost-effective console to house the sensitive equipment.

The Quiet-Cool Series surveillance and monitoring console allows the district to deliver a modern facility that can be operated in a cost-effective way. The console's ability to remove hot air and increase the flow of cooler air was a key factor in the selection process. With such a diverse monitoring and recording job to do, the sensitive heat-generating monitors and digital recorders have to remain operational at all times.

“We've never had a systems failure due to heat because the active cooling component works so well,” says Chuck Hibbert, director of safety and transportation for the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township, Ind.

The four-bay security console houses monitors that help the operator run the entire system. While the computer monitors in the console watch the system, the video displays from the cameras and digital video recorders are viewed on a large projector screen. The console's ergonomic design allows a single operator to access all control parameters.
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A virtual tour

Video gives preview of construction results

AniMagic Productions. The University of Missouri — Columbia (UMC) is using AniMagic Productions' virtual tour video to display a student center expansion project prior to its construction.

“We have shown the video to our colleagues in the Big XII, politicians, Special Olympics International, students…the list goes on and on,” says Diane Dahlmann, UMC director of recreation services and facilities. “And every time we show the production, our viewers are impressed beyond belief by the technical application, the story and the images.”

AniMagic worked closely with the university and project designer to create a virtual tour of the building program, which expands the current student recreation center by 115,000 square feet. The animated tour features several aspects of the expansion, including three pools, an expanded fitness center, an indoor climbing wall, new locker rooms and Downtown Brewer, a main street of storefront-style services and programs.
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Roof replacements

Roofing system offers puncture resistance and waterproofing

The Garland Company, Inc. The West Contra Costa Unified School District, Calif., has replaced the roofs at each of its five high schools since 1994. Together, the projects encompass more than 200,000 square feet of roof area.

The district wanted a cap sheet that was strong and puncture-resistant, and a waterproofing layer for the new roofs. The Stress-Ply E modified bitumen roofing system was used to serve both of these purposes for one price.

The projects' typical timelines were compressed from a standard three months to six weeks. Gary Freschi, director of buildings and grounds for the district, credits on-time, in-budget completion to “using the best materials, design teams, workmanship and quality control available.”

The roofs are expected to last 40 or 50 years with minimal maintenance.
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Reducing legwork

Multi-function technology reduces the need for manpower

Belimo. The California State University — Fullerton campus encompasses 223 acres and 20 primary buildings, so when a technology was introduced that could reduce the legwork of its facility personnel, the university became interested.

MFT and its line of actuators give facility engineers greater flexibility when it comes to actuator control. An MFT actuator can be configured to match any control application, making it ideal for retrofits and facilities with older pneumatic control systems.

With MFT, one actuator can be programmed for either floating point or proportional control and achieve feedback using either signal. Each MFT actuator can be field programmed for different signals, including VDC ranges, PWM, and 4 to 20mA output. This field-adjustable flexibility reduces the number of replacement actuators that must be in stock and makes actuators interchangeable throughout the system.

The CSUF engineering staff chose to test Belimo's Multi-Function Technology (MFT) at Pollak Library. Craig Newton, the chief engineer at CSUF, says he decided to try the MFT actuators because of the floating-point control with feedback.

The Pollak Library HVAC system included many tri-state (or floating point) reheat valves. The difficulty with these valves is determining their position if a problem occurs. For instance, if the reheat valves were not warm enough in a space, facility personnel would have to go to the building and touch the pipes to determine if the valve was open or closed. Control with feedback saves them a trip.

The university now has standardized on Belimo valves and actuators.
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