March 2008 Green Product Solutions

March 1, 2008
Green new products/case studies

Floor preservation

Armstrong Commercial Flooring. The Linoleum collection from Armstrong now is offered with NATURECote, a durable top layer that increases resistance to scratches and scuffs, and helps maintain the floor's appearance at a low maintenance cost. The linoleum is made from such raw materials as natural linseed oil, cork and wood powder, limestone, organic pigments and jute. Because fewer chemicals and cleaning agents are needed, low-maintenance methods contribute to better indoor air quality. The reduced maintenance also helps reduce waste-treatment needs because fewer cleaning agents and less water need disposal.

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Energy efficient hand dryer

Excel Dryer Inc. The XLERATOR hand dryer dries hands completely in 10 to 15 seconds and uses 80 percent less energy than conventional dryers. It represents a 95 percent cost savings vs. paper towels and eliminates their maintenance while improving restroom hygiene. It also is GreenSpec-approved and helps education institutions qualify for LEED credits.

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Recycling receptacles

Rubbermaid Commercial Products. Untouchable Containers and Lids provide hands-free, hygienic disposal of waste for more efficient recycling. The containers offer an integrated liner cinch for easy, one-step can liner retention that eliminates knot tying, improving productivity and reducing worker strain and labor costs. With the recycling label kits, compliance is easy with universal, color-coded symbol and word labels to help minimize stream contamination.

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Soaking up savings

Efficient showerheads help the environment and save university $87,000 annually

New Resources Group, Inc. Seattle University teamed up with its public utility company and has become the first education institution in the region to reduce water and energy consumption by installing high-efficiency showerheads and faucet aerators in residence halls and academic buildings.

About 360 efficient showerheads and 1,000 faucet aerators have been installed, reducing water consumption by 5.4 million gallons per year — enough water to fill the university's two swimming pools 34 times.

The high-performance showerheads also reduce energy consumption, because less water needs to be heated for showering. As a result, the university expects to save 351,648 kilowatt hours of electricity each year.

“By installing efficient showerheads, we are reducing our water and energy consumption, and saving money,” says Michel George, associate vice president for facilities services. “The decrease in our utility bills lowers the costs of student housing rates and will also be used to fund other conservation projects to further improve Seattle University's ecological footprint.”

The university expects to save about $87,000 annually in water, sewer and electricity bills thanks to the new bathroom fixtures.

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