May 2008 Product Solutions

May 1, 2008
New Products/Case Studies

Web-based response tool

Alion Science and Technology. Response Information Folder System (RIFS) is a Web-based tool for rapid access to critical infrastructure information during an emergency. It delivers improved situational awareness and is designed to meet the requirements of first responders and emergency planners. Response folders contain facility-specific text and visual data on a central server, organized by categories for rapid retrieval.

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Seamless floor

Stonhard. The new Stonblend GSI-G provides an abrasion-, impact- and chemical-resistant surface and incorporates recycled glass chips into the floor for an environmentally responsible system and stylized look. Recycled brown, green and blue glass chips are blended with the color-coated aggregate to create a terrazzo-like appearance. It has a low-gloss finish, is easy to maintain and is offered in six standard colors.

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Color laser printer

Lexmark International, Inc. The X560n color laser multifunction product (MFP) gives schools and universities access to high-quality, professional color printing in an easy-to-use all-in-one device. Designed for customers who print and copy color documents frequently, the printer features business-class performance, printing at speeds up to 31 pages per minute (ppm) in black and 20 ppm in color in addition to copy, fax and scan capabilities. It includes networking standard so that it can be shared by multiple users to consolidate devices, and help customers save energy usage and money on supplies and maintenance costs.

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Window guide

American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA). AAMA 103-07, a procedural guide for certification of windows and doors, has been released. It details the process for certification of windows and doors for air-water-structural and thermal product certification. It also includes sections on administration, labeling, waiver of retest, engineering design rules, plant quality control requirements, abbreviated guide for accredited labs, and auxiliary test procedures. The guide is available through download or paper copy.

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Ceiling tiles

pinta acoustic, inc. Part of the BIOLINE Wood Ceiling Tile line, bamboo tiles are available in natural and caramel finishes, perforated or unperforated. The solid-finish tiles are made from a wood veneer with a recycled renewable content and can contribute to LEED credits. The standard finish is UV-cured with a waterborne finish and UV blockers for color stability.

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Bird netting

Nixalite. K-Net High Tensile Bird Netting now is offered in stone color, as well as black. Designed for architectural and structural applications, K-Net is now stronger and lighter. Uses include: greenhouses and exhibits; building facades; awnings and overhangs; sports arenas and stadiums; and aquaculture facilities.

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Seating choices

Allsteel. The Relate seating line now has been expanded to include four new options for its side chair: wood back, polymer seat, silver finish and four-legged stool.

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Playground safety

Bison Inc. The Mega-Duty playground basketball systems now are available with a 96-inch safe play area between pole and backboard. The 8-foot setback suits locations where safety is needed for fast and aggressive play. The 96-inch setback is required for collegiate programs.

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Security management

Stanley Security Solutions, Inc. The NT500 v3.1 Security Management System offers a family of options that combine reliable, standalone lock hardware with efficient, intuitive software. The system's offline locks have their own cardholder database and built-in intelligence to make decisions at the door. The offline locks use batteries instead of a hard-wired power source, making installation easy by eliminating the need to drill wire channels though the door. Programmable through either a PDA or laptop computer, the locks can assign specific access to individual cardholders; tie access to specific dates and time; and provide full history event reporting.

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PTZ camera

Dedicated Micros. The vandal-proof Dennard 2060 precision outdoor dome camera offers a 36x optical zoom version, which delivers enhanced camera performance at both the wide and telephoto end of the lens zoom range. The pan and tilt mechanism features stepper motors for rapid and precise movement control, and enhanced accuracy and reliability.

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Touchless cleaning

Hydro Systems Co. The ICS 8900 is an affordable, battery-powered, self-contained portable cleaning system. It uses correctly dosed cleaning chemicals that are applied by spray nozzle using low-flow/low-pressure technology. The low-flow design uses only a half-gallon of cleaning solution per minute, eliminating the need for wet/dry-vac recovery and the handling of contaminated water, while reducing the slip-and-fall risk. The system operates on a rechargeable 12V lead-acid battery.

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Backpack vacuum

Tornado Industries. The new PV6 Pac-Vac backpack vacuum is designed to eliminate heat transfer found on some backpacks. The quiet but powerful machine also has a vented, ergonomically designed back plate for enhanced comfort. It improves productivity and minimizes worker fatigue. The on/off switch connects to the operator's belt for easy operation.

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Plastic lockers

Penco Products, Inc. A new line of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) solid plastic lockers is available as an alternative to coated metal. They resist the effects of moisture and many harsh chemicals; allow for easy cleanup of graffiti; and will not dent, rust or delaminate. The one-piece body construction uses no mechanical fasteners or hardware, and the hinges are designed without steel rods. The lockers feature ADA-compliant handles and a full-length latch bar.

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Mass notification

Talk-A-Phone Co. Two new security solutions for indoor and outdoor mass notification give facilities robust security coverage. WEBS-PA-1 is an IP-based single-speaker indoor paging unit that allows security officials to make emergency announcements. It has Ethernet connectivity and full IP compatibility with existing routers and WAN/LAN infrastructure. WEBS-PA-2 is a two-speaker outdoor paging unit that comes in either an IP or analog format.

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Wireless access

University effectively manages ever-increasing wireless network

AirWave. For the staff at the University of Dayton, Ohio, managing and growing its wireless network was becoming a burden. The university had started using wireless computer connectivity in 1998. Because of problems with the immature technology in the early years of Wi-Fi, the school soon went through four revisions of the network. The campus' need for a reliable wireless network grew, and it rapidly reached a critical pinnacle with 300 access points. With that need came an ever-increasing burden on the IT staff to manage the network and the help desk to answer calls.

In response, the university teamed up with wireless network management and security vendor, AirWave Wireless and its AMP software. The software enabled the university to detect and troubleshoot any problems with the institution's complex wireless network, such as configuration-compliance issues arising from human error or connectivity problems from trouble spots.

A big advantage of the system was its vendor-agnostic option, says Michael Skelton, director and principal architect of network services at the university. The IT staff was able to expand the network and manage all of the variations of access-point vendors that were deployed. In addition, there was no need to buy unnecessary additional hardware or fund additional head count.

The university now manages a total of 2,000 devices, including access points, and in any given semester provides connectivity to 15,000 to 17,000 undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff and visitors.
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Touch of color

Classroom makeover breathes life into devastated classroom

EXPO. Trent Lott Middle School, Pascagoula, Miss., was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The school was flooded with 4 feet of storm water, destroying nearly every book, piece of school equipment and important document. Teacher Patti Ramer found it difficult to conduct class in a drab classroom that was cramped and short on equipment.

Today, Ramer's classroom is a picture of excellence. Replacing the old, dusty chalkboards are new EXPO dry-erase boards, colorful markers and accessories, a Mimio interactive whiteboard system and seven student computer stations. The new classroom is a result of Ramer's entering the EXPO Classroom Makeover Contest.

“I am so excited that my classroom was chosen for this makeover,” says Ramer. “We lost everything in Katrina. I don't even have bookshelves! The students have been such troopers and have helped out a lot. This makeover will give us all a good reason to keep moving forward.”

In addition, Ramer's classroom received the designer treatment with new lighting and furniture, brightly colored walls and custom-built shelving.

“With everything our teachers and students have been through, the EXPO makeover helps us breathe new life into our classrooms at Trent Lott Middle School,” says Wayne Rodolfich, superintendent.
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Sustainable design

Metal roofing and walls contribute to Earth-friendly elementary school

The Metal Initiative. Daybreak Elementary School, situated on a 9-acre site in Daybreak, Utah, was designed for maximum energy efficiency, low maintenance and use of sustainable building materials.

Brixen & Christopher Architects were committed to making the school an environmental showcase. For example, they sought to control the influx of direct sunlight through the use of exterior shading devices. A ground-source heat-pump system reduces energy consumption and utility costs.

The plan also called for the use of contemporary building materials and shapes that would complement the visual character of the new community.

The exterior wall materials include two colors of deep-profile, corrugated metal panels that run vertically, as well as two colors of split-faced concrete block. The roof area features both flat and sloping forms, including 72,000 square feet of 24-gauge, standing-seam aluminum-zinc alloy steel sheet with a custom, specular gray coating.

In addition, the school's facade has about 12,400 square feet of 24-gauge, corrugated metal panels in an identical gray and some 9,400 square feet of 24-gauge, corrugated metal in a barn red. Like the metal roofs, the walls also are made from aluminum zinc alloy, coated steel sheet.

“The panels are durable, easy to maintain and offer texture options that can create interesting shadow patterns,” says Andrew Ramsay, principal architect.

Aside from the color and texture options, the allure of a metal exterior on a project like Daybreak lies in its low installed and life-cycle costs. “That's so important to school district administrators who must operate under tight spending guidelines,” Ramsay says.

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