September 2008 Product Solutions

Sept. 1, 2008
New Products/Case Studies

Dismissal tool

Divide The Ride. CarLine Manager (, which is free to use, uses Web-based technology, making it easy for parents and schools to operate. Parents securely log into the school's CarLine Manager website and assign other parents or relatives to pick up their children on a given day. Prior to dismissal each day, CarLine Manger automatically e-mails the school with an up-to-the-minute car assignment report.

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Green building materials

Georgia-Pacific. Mold-resistant DensArmor paperless interior drywall and DensArmor Plus moisture- and mold-resistant paperless interior drywall are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified and have received GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certification. This certification subjects materials to additional emissions testing to identify low-emitting products that can be used to provide school children with reduced exposure to indoor pollutants.

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Lightweight vacuum

Electrolux/Sanitaire. The Dura-Lite upright vacuum weighs only 10 pounds because of the liberal use of magnesium in the construction of its critical parts. Using magnesium instead of plastic reduces weight and adds durability. The vacuum has a powerful commercial-grade motor and a wide air path to eliminate clogging. Its wide cleaning head enables a faster finish, and large rubber-coated wheels add durability and operating ease on carpet or bare floors.

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Observation window panel

Vistamatic Vision Panels. The Vistamatic Corner Unit offers 100 percent more viewing capacity by increasing the space between each band by one inch. It is designed for unrivaled sightlines, offering the ability to view twice as much area as a traditional window unit, including the ability to monitor two rooms at the same time.

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Flooring adhesive

DriTac. DriTac Eco-6200 “Green” Pressure Sensitive Wood Flooring Adhesive contains no VOCs or solvents, is easy to spread, and has superior bond strength for wood and cork flooring installations of multi-ply engineered plank, acrylic-impregnated wood, plain-back parquet, foam-backed parquet and cork tile.

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Plenum fan

Greenheck. The Model QEM Plenum fan is ideal for lower-pressure supply or return air-handling applications where first cost is critical. It features a 12-bladed airfoil wheel that reduces energy consumption and sound levels, and has a compact footprint that requires little floor space for installation.

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Hand towel dispenser

Kimberly-Clark Professional. The Dual Folded Hand Towel Dispenser delivers towels from two separate openings, allowing two people to take towels at the same time. Because it holds twice as many towels as existing folded towel and recessed dispensers, the new dispenser has fewer run-outs, reducing maintenance time. Other benefits include easy loading, a clear view of towels and prompt refills.

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Education furniture

The HON Company. SmartLink classroom furniture is designed to organize and manage the K-12 classroom with a single product line. Its four main components include a teacher station, modular storage, a wall rail system and student desks. The products visually integrate to provide a holistic solution that supports space utilization and a variety of learning styles, as well as a variety of technology requirements.

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Water-saving showerhead

Moen. Ultra-Low Flow showerheads in fixed and handheld models have a flow rate of 1.6 gallons per minute, offering a 30 percent water savings from the industry standard of 2.5 gallons per minute. They feature an optimized spray pattern to preserve the showering experience that users are accustomed to from full-flow showerheads. Innovative spray formers increase the velocity of the water streams.

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Backpack vacuum

ProTeam. The QuietPro BP HEPA has HEPA Level Filtration and is equipped with patented QuietPower technology that results in a sound output rated below typical conversation levels. It captures 99.97 percent of particles measuring .3 micron and larger for optimal indoor air quality. The lightweight, ergonomic design and easy-to-reach tool belt increase operator comfort and productivity.

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Seating collection

Gunlocke. The Olla seating collection provides a subtle fusion of material and form by integrating natural wood elements into the interior design of a space. The seating collection offers a combination of aesthetic appeal with flexible function throughout all of its elements: high- and low-back conference chairs, along with wood leg and cantilever guest seating.

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Parking meter security

Videx. CyberLock electronic cylinders are available for parking meters. A meter's existing mechanical lock cylinder can be replaced with an electronic cylinder. Parking-enforcement officers can access all the meters on their routes with one pre-programmed electronic key. Each key contains permissions on what locks the key can open.

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Hand cleaner

Permatex/ITW Devcon. Fast Orange hand cleaners dissolve stubborn grease and grime to leave dirty hands clean and smooth, without water. The citrus extract not only cleans, but also gives Fast Orange products a fresh citrus fragrance. Added conditioners prevent hands from drying out. Cleaning agents all are non-toxic and biodegradable.

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Handheld surveillance

Dedicated Micros. MobileIPCamViewer enables customers to watch and control cameras connected to Dedicated Micros digital video recorders via their cell phones, without having to be in front of a computer or security control station. This capability is ideal for applications where security or management personnel cannot always be on-site. It is integrated with many major cell-phone manufacturers, with support for more than 300 different models.

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Fume hood

HEMCO. UniFlow SE Fume Hood is designed for high efficiency, energy savings and maximum user protection. The aerodynamic face opening with airfoil provides uniform airflow into the fume chamber. A constant-volume, low-flow hood with the VaraFlow baffle system efficiently directs the airflow through the fume chamber to the exhaust outlet with minimum turbulence and maximum user protection.

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Floor system

DeLuxe Building Systems. The non-combustible floor system solves problems in systems-built construction. It replaces poured concrete floors and is strong, lightweight and quick to install. With each factory-built module made lighter, the system enables higher construction. Less weight at every level means the system also uses less structural steel. It enables crews to install floors more quickly and at a lower cost.

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Sustainability platform

Sustainability Wiz. Sustainability Wiz is an online sustainability platform for school communities. It is based on independent research and years of practical experience with thousands of schools and gives teachers a unique solution for incorporating sustainability in meaningful ways into curricula, operations and culture. It enables administrators to make significant triple-bottom-line savings — economic, environmental and social — and it supports parental participation in learning.

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Seating selection

Laboratory remodel prompts college to replace outdated chairs with ergonomic seating

BEVCO Precision Manufacturing Company. The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Wash., recently remodeled its existing chemistry and microscopy laboratory facilities.

As part of the project, the college determined that its outdated laboratory chairs also would need to be replaced.

The primary requirements for the new seating were affordability, comfort, resistance to chemicals, ease of adjustment and durability. In addition, a more sculpted, modern appearance was desirable.

After students and faculty carefully evaluated several manufacturers' products, the college chose BEVCO Precision Manufacturing Company's Series 7000 Polyurethane chair. It purchased 110 units for its laboratories.

“When possible, we prefer to buy American-made products over those products that are manufactured overseas,” says Martin Beagle, science operations manager. “The chairs we received from BEVCO are first-rate, affordable and made in the USA.”

The chairs are designed for comfort and long-lasting use in harsh environments. They offer total body support with advanced ergonomic features. The self-skinned polyurethane seats and backs resist stains and damage from punctures and chemicals. Molded-in ventilation ribs increase air circulation for comfort and facilitate easy cleanup. They are equipped with easy-to-use pneumatic height adjustment, an ergonomic waterfall seat design, fully adjustable contoured back, 360-degree swivel and a sturdy, five-legged molded or tubular base.

“Students are using all of the options on these chairs,” says Beagle. “Easily adjustable height and back positions, and foot rings are popular with our students.”

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High maintenance

Portable cleaning system helps elementary school save time and labor in its custodial operations

Hydro Systems. Wilson Elementary School, one of nine schools in the Forest Hills School District, Cincinnati, faces a cleaning crunch when activities at the building run late into the night.

“We have a ton of activities at that school, so I have the third-shift people usually come in at 10:30 or 11 p.m. to get started on the cleaning, “ says Kevin Reid, assistant head of maintenance and district supervisor of the custodial staff.

Until recently, that meant the custodians used conventional cleaning techniques that often were backbreaking and unpleasant, contributing to lowered employee morale, increased turnover and the associated training costs.

In March 2007, Reid agreed to have Wilson Elementary be part of a test site for Hydro Systems' Integrated Cleaning System (ICS), an affordable, self-contained, portable-cleaning system that uses correctly dosed cleaning chemicals that are applied by a spray nozzle using low-flow/low-pressure technology. Its low-flow design uses only a half-gallon of cleaning solution per minute, eliminating the need for wet/dry-vac recovery and the handling of contaminated water.

Operation of the ICS unit includes filling the 12-gallon water tank, using the selector valve to choose any of up to four different chemicals to be dispensed, and applying the cleaning solution with the low-flow/low-pressure spray nozzle. After cleaning, the solution is rinsed away with water from the spray nozzle. The compact design and simple operation eliminate time-consuming setup and breakdown, and reduce the overall cleaning time.

Reid and the staff at Wilson Elementary School were so pleased with the ICS' performance that the unit remains an integral part of the facility's daily cleaning regimen, and the district is considering purchasing additional units for its other buildings.
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Heating and cooling upgrade

Split-ductless HVAC system allows historical university buildings to regulate indoor temperature with minimal impact

Mitsubishi Electric. Many buildings on the University of Notre Dame, Ind., campus were designed before the arrival of air conditioning and offer minimal auxiliary space for ducting. Options to provide building occupants with a comfortable environment for the 12 weeks out of the year when it is hot and humid in Indiana are limited.

The Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Advanced Products Division offered a cooling and heating solution ideally suited to historical retrofit applications. Mr. Slim split-ductless cooling and heating equipment and the CITY MULTI Variable Refrigerant Flow Zoning (VRFZ) system are suitable solutions. Designed for historical structures, the outdoor units have a small footprint, do not intrude on the integrity of the architecture, can be hidden easily with landscaping, and perform quietly.

The indoor units function with low sound levels — ideal for chapels, libraries and study rooms — and require no ductwork. For Mr. Slim systems, a three-inch hole in the exterior wall is all that is needed to connect the ductless indoor units to the outdoor units with electrical wires and piping.

The systems have been installed in the football stadium, Cushing Hall, an athletic department breakroom and video room, an art department computer lab and departmental offices, a computer classroom in the psychology department, a student study room in a residence hall, a dishwashing room in a dining hall, a television studio in the School of Arts & Letters, and an office complex in the School of Earth Sciences.
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Slowing traffic

Radar speed signs increase school-zone safety

SpeedCheck. In 2007, the City of Mount Vernon, Wash., installed eight SpeedCheck radar speed signs at school zones throughout its jurisdiction. This brought the number of units employed by the city to 14 and reflects the success the technology has had in increasing child safety since it first began using radar speed signs in 2005.

The unit's highly visible display, scheduling capabilities and traffic data-collection features all have been employed by the city in its efforts to slow traffic around schools and playgrounds during critical school hours. SpeedCheck signs are designed specifically to slow traffic around school zones, on neighborhood streets and other locations where speeding cars jeopardize the safety of pedestrians and other motorists. The high-visibility signs show drivers the actual speed of their approaching car and can be set to flash when drivers exceed a predetermined limit. An internal timer can be used to schedule automatic speed limit changes based upon the time of day. The MUTCD-approved display uses UltaClear contrast enhancement technology to maximize the visibility of the display. The flashing lights remind speeding drivers to slow down, and also create a self-enforcing environment.

All of the SpeedCheck signs in use are solar-powered. Eight of the units are equipped with traffic data-collection capabilities that make it easy to assess the effectiveness of the signs.

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Energy exchange

Water-source heat pumps help high school recognize energy savings and gain LEED certification

McQuay. When Whitmore Lake High School, Ann Arbor, Mich., opened, it was one of the first high schools in the state to achieve LEED certification. Among its many sustainable features is a geoexchange system for heating, ventilating and air conditioning, which includes 67 McQuay water-source heat pumps.

School officials realized that any additional first costs for the geoexchange system would be offset by energy savings. Their simplicity further reduces costs. Geoexchange systems do not require chillers, cooling towers or boilers, and the closed-loop, water-circulating system requires very little maintenance. During cold months, heat is transferred from the ground via the closed-loop circulating system to individual McQuay water-source heat pumps. During warm months, heat is transferred out of the school and rejected into the ground.

Whitmore Lake's geoexchange system goes a step further in reducing energy use by combining a horizontal loop and pond system. About 47 miles of pipe are laid in a horizontal field and a 15-acre pond. The system has two horizontal layers of piping trenches dug 8 feet deep. The top pipe is 6 feet below the surface and loops back with a second pipe 2 feet below that. The 430-ton HVAC system delivers conditioned air to classrooms and other spaces, helping to reduce energy costs by an estimated 35 percent compared with a conventional system.
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Lab safety

University upgrades safety equipment in research facility with new drench shower and eyewash units

Bradley. Built in 1961, the University of Wisconsin — Milwaukee's Lapham Hall, a research facility for the department of biosciences, was in need of updates. Safety was a concern because only about 10 drench showers and eyewash units served the north wing, many of which no longer were working properly.

“Our emergency equipment was vintage 1960s,” says Jon Krezoski, director of safety and assurances. “The old fixtures in Lapham were corroded, and routine testing was impossible. There were no floor drains near the showers, so we had to catch the water in a bucket to avoid flooding classrooms.”

The university installed Barrier-Free Recessed Mounted Drench Shower and Eyewash units (Model S19-315BF) by Bradley. They are flush-mounted to the wall, making them fully accessible to individuals with physical disabilities and ideal for areas where space is a concern. In all, 27 fixtures were installed in the north tower, doubling the number of safety fixtures.

The unit is designed in a sturdy, one-piece cabinet for quick and easy installation, and maintenance is made easy with a wide-access panel. The brass stop-valve, tailpiece and fittings for the eyewash are hidden behind a locked, hinged door for convenient, yet restricted access.

“Everyone was afraid to open the valves on the old units, which was a huge problem,” says Rick Koehler in physical plant services at UWM. “We're pleased with how the Bradley emergency fixtures capture all of the flushing fluid.”

Another benefit is the concealed eyewash. The design prevents the eyewash nozzles from becoming contaminated with dust and debris.

The upgrades make it easier to test the emergency equipment on campus each week and help create a safer learning environment.

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