February 2013 Product Solutions

Feb. 11, 2013
Products and case study from the February 2013 magazine issue.

Peak Performance

University of Cincinnati improves lab exhaust performance, reduces energy

Greenheck. The University of Cincinnati upgraded its laboratory exhaust ventilation system on the sixth and seventh floors of Rieveschl Hall last spring. The newly renovated organic laboratories feature multiple, ventilated fume hoods that limit users’ exposure to hazardous material and enable students and researchers to conduct experiments in a safer laboratory environment similar to organic chemistry laboratories in the chemical industry. 

Two Greenheck Vektor-HS demand-based laboratory exhaust systems, with the capacity to move about 8,000 cfm, were selected for this project because of their reliable air performance and ability to reduce energy costs. The systems can reduce energy costs in demand-based laboratory exhaust systems by more than 60 percent. When airflow demand decreases during non-peak periods of laboratory usage, Sure-Aire Variable Volume Exhaust (SAVVE) technology maintains a constant duct static pressure by reducing the fan speed with a variable frequency drive. As airflow through the fan varies, a unique, variable area outlet nozzle adjusts automatically to maintain a constant and safe discharge velocity. (ANSI Z9.5 requires a minimum 3,000 ft./min.) As a result, fan speed and energy usage are reduced for quieter, more economical operation. 

The Vektor series of laboratory exhaust products are low-profile, small-footprint, self-contained units constructed of heavy-gauge, corrosion-resistant coated steel. All controls in the new Vektor-HS are prepackaged at the factory for easy installation. Unlike much taller, traditional lab exhaust fans, the systems do not require guy wires.

The systems installed at the University of Cincinnati are expected to reduce energy costs significantly when compared with more traditional variable-volume laboratory exhaust systems that utilize bypass air dampers.  

The system operates much more quietly during off-peak demand. This is especially advantageous to other tenants who occupy Rieveschl Hall’s library, classroom and office facilities.

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Prefabricated booths

Ameristar Fence Products. The company recently acquired Parking Booth Company Inc. The addition of guard booth and building structures together with Ameristar’s perimeter security products is an integral piece in completing the company’s strategy of becoming the premier source for perimeter security and entry solution products. Serving multiple vertical markets, the product offering will range from a simplistic man shelter to a ballistic-rated building positioned as the centerpiece of a high-security access-control point.

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Broadloom carpet

BOLYU. The latest additions to the company’s running line product offering are Profile (pictured above) and Tribute. Both broadloom styles incorporate a tip sheared loop construction with bold, linear pattering. Profile features a larger, ribbon-like stripe that brings elegance to a space. Tribute has a soft, subtle geometric tip shear, complements Profile, and can be used in multiple applications. Both are available in four coordinating neutrals and three bold, contemporary colorways. Puralex, an indoor odor neutralizer, is standard on both styles. Qwell, a surface antrimicrobial treatment, also is available. 

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Protective guards

Chase Security Systems. The company has a custom line of protective guards that cover embedded windows on doors commonly used in K-12 schools. The solid-steel mesh guards prevent windows from being broken through and allowing an individual to enter the room. The hinged design ensures easy window cleaning. The guards are available in a variety of custom sizes and finishes to complement any style of decor.  

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