Construction Zone: Eclectic mix

Oct. 1, 2007
Canyon Crest Academy, San Diego, Calif., Fine Arts Complex

Canyon Crest Academy, San Diego, Calif., offers concentrated studies in fine and performing arts, as well as math and sciences. The Fine Arts Complex features a series of outdoor patios and courtyards that extend into the interior space. The interior features a 400-seat theater with fly loft, orchestra pit, scenery shop, amphitheater, black-box theater and video-production studio.

The math and science portions of the facility feature chemistry, physics and biology labs that capitalize on view opportunities to the east and west, as well as high-profile research and development labs.

Remaining portions of the campus offer a fitness center, laboratories, athletic facilities, multipurpose rooms, multimedia labs and a gymnasium.

A limited number of students entered the academy prior to construction being completed, and the architect needed to provide them with dropoff accessibility and limited noise disruption. Students were relocated to interim classrooms while permanent classrooms were under construction, which allowed them to begin school early and prevented crowding at a nearby high school.

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