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Oct. 1, 2002
New Products/Case Studies

Lighting fixtures

Lutron Electronics

The Hi-lume Fluorescent Dimming Ballasts can now dim compact fluorescent lamps to 1 percent. Energy-efficient compact fluorescent fixtures can be used in place of incandescent downlights in full-range architectural dimming applications, such as meeting rooms and auditoriums.
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Detection system

Preco Electronics

The Heavy Duty PreView System is designed to detect objects at the side and rear of a vehicle in zones obscured from the operator's view. The patented pulsed-time domain radar system can be used to detect static as well as moving objects in a very specific area of coverage.
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Filtration system


The 14- and 18-inch Filtravac Upright vacuums use a four step, dual-motor filtration system that improves environmental protection. Comparable units with single-motor systems force dirty air back into the environment. Filtravac carries soiled air through a paper filter, vac motor and an exhaust filter before returning air into the environment.
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Memory keys

Datakey Electronics, Inc.

The Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) is a synchronous, serial data link that is standard across many Motorola microprocessors and other peripheral chips. The new, higher-capacity serial keys have flash memory capacities from one to two megabits, with advanced write-protection mechanisms that are accessed by a high speed, SPI-compatible bus with up to 25MHz clock rate.
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Guard booth

B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc.

The guard booth standard design features sculptured walls, prepped for stucco, and painted galvanized steel is combined with stainless steel. The new Park LaBrea guard booth adds an HVAC system, dual pane, insulating bent glass, cabinets and shelves, and a UL-approved electrical system.
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Spray cleaner

National Chemical Laboratories, Inc.

A specially designed, heavy-duty degreaser has been released in a convenient and ready-to-use formula. Force R-T-U allows for rapid penetration and removal of grease, dry soils and oil-borne soils on numerous water-washable surfaces.
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Fume hoods

Misonix, Inc.

Ductless Fume Enclosures are a safe and cost-effective alternative to traditional ducted fume hoods in science laboratories. This system eliminates the need for expensive ductwork and saves operational costs by conserving heated or cooled air. Custom carbon filters are used to capture chemical fumes and odors.
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Wire management

Thomas & Betts

The Express wire-mesh cable tray, a versatile and cost-effective wire-management solution for power and data cabling installations, has been introduced. This new product line includes a selection of tray sections and mounting hardware.
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Emergency lighting

Day-Brite Lighting

The mcPhilben CCH Series Compac Thermoplastic Combo, the smallest overall combo available, has been introduced. This emergency combo unit series eliminates awkward lamp heads. The MR11 lamp technology is used for high-intensity applications and offers sleek aesthetics.
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Maintenance tools

Tennant Company

The 2260 and 2270 dual-speed, single-disc floor machines are available in 17- and 20-inch models. They have a wide range of applications and are ideal for cleaning stone floors, tiles and ceramic coverings. Designed with an off-center motor design and lightweight construction, this floor machine is balanced during operation.
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Customized mats

Crown Mats and Matting

The Dura-Lock mats have a built-in locking system that allows for customizing food service mats. The mats are designed to offer anti-fatigue properties, along with a slip-resistant surface. Large holes provide for drainage of liquids and solids.
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Alarm notification

GE Interlogix, Kalatel Division

The Calibur DVMRe-CT (Triplex) is a combination, digital multiplexer/recorder that provides security guards and administrators with an e-mail upon an alarm. Without having to physically verify what is happening on the CCTV system, they can immediately respond to the alarm and take action quickly. No matter where the security officers are, the Triplex sends a message, identifying the type of alarm and location.
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Structure protection

Cintec America, Inc.

The Blastec is a blast-protection system for retrofitting existing masonry structures. It is a complete diagnostic design and installation service that uses technology and drilling methods designed to retrofit masonry structures to better withstand possible damage from incidents such as gas explosions or bomb blasts.
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Security networks

cVideo, Inc.

The Marathon product line is a remote, digital-video surveillance system with central-station and transaction-processing capabilities. It allows for integration of alarm-monitoring automation systems and makes possible remote video management from pre-existing operator stations. It also provides digital video transmission and recording capabilities.
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Classroom furniture


The MT-400-LCL SchoolMate is designed to support facilities that require a low-cost alternative to the MT-100 series of SmartLecterns. Made of hardwood core veneer and solid hardwood, the SchoolMate combines high-quality construction with security and durability. In addition to the base model features, laptop docking, high-capacity cooling fans, integrated audio system, amplifier and reading light are available.
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Notification technology

System Sensor

The 115 and 177 candela models are available in strobe, horn/strobe and speaker/strobe configurations. These models accommodate larger coverage areas, including spaces with ceilings up to 30 feet high. They are operated over a standard 24-volt NAC circuit; special 120-volt circuitry is not required.
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Laptop storage

American Locker Security Systems, Inc.

The KTS-10 and Compu-Lok adapt to school needs for laptop storage. Individual doors provide accessibility to save time and allow for trouble-free operation. Tamper-resistant locks and replaceable cylinders prevent loss and theft. Administrators can open all locked compartments with a management key or user code.
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Pest solutions

Geese cause traffic concerns and leave a mess behind for staff to clean

Bird-X, Inc.

A flock of Canadian Geese, numbering between 100 and 150 birds, took over two scenic ponds in front of the McKenzie Career Center, part of the Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township in Indianapolis.

The birds left behind an unsightly mess of droppings in front of the Career Center and interfered with the traffic flow. The birds were not only making a bad impression, but also endangering the safety of the flock. The geese wandered from the pond into the driveway that circles the parking lot. The geese also were known to walk into the busy highway. The district needed a solution that would not harm the geese, but would alleviate the problems they caused.

The remedy was GooseChase, a concentrate made from extracts of grape parts found to be unpalatable to geese. A solution of one part GooseChase to 30 parts of water is sprayed on the grass and vegetation where the geese forage.

The solution irritates the palates of the geese, which leads the birds to find a new home. The biodegradable product is safe for the environment and does not harm the birds.

In early spring, two gallons of the mix were prepared and sprayed on the grass surrounding the two ponds. Within a day, geese and even ducks were repelled. Although product directions suggest repeating the spray in two-week intervals, the district was satisfied with the results and has found that spraying three or four times a year is sufficient. Heavy rains and mowing the grass can cause the product to lose its effectiveness. The use of the product has downsized the maintenance staff's weekly cleaning routine by at least three hours.
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Bathroom retrofits

Inappropriate toilet partition and shower divider materials replaced


Eight residence halls at the University of Massachusetts — Lowell, with capacities ranging from 110 to 500 students, had common-area washrooms with shower stalls made of enameled steel and plastic-laminate toilet partitions. The steel was rusting and corroding along the bottom edges, and the particleboard cores were deteriorating, causing misalignment of doors, panels, hinges and latches.

The busiest facility, adjacent to a three-meals-per-day foodservice operation, was selected for an application of Bobrick's Solid Phenolic Toilet Partition and Urinal Screen. After installation, janitors reported that graffiti was removed easily, and students had begun to treat the facility with more respect. Fewer towels were left on the floor, and students were picking up after themselves.

The durable, ultra-hard surface, solid phenolic material, stout fabrication, stainless-steel hardware, moisture-resistance and long-lasting structural strength were able to sustain the heavy use. An unexpected benefit of the retrofit was the increased student pride in the facility. As a result, the toilet partitions and shower enclosures were installed in washrooms throughout the university's residence halls.
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Building reuse

Ceiling system gives historic building a new design and allows for flexibility

Hunter Douglas

In April 1999, the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Ga., opened the new Jen Library, named in honor of benefactors Lancy and Jim Jen. The library is a showplace of the best in adaptive reuse. The 85,000-square-foot building spans an entire city block and was constructed in the 1890s. It thrived for almost a century as Levy Brothers and later as Mass Brothers department store, an anchor stone in Savannah's commercial district.

The structure consisted of three buildings that were merged together with one facade in 1947. The original structures were a combination of wood, brick and concrete. When the buildings were connected, it created variations in ceiling height, which presented a challenge when installing the HVAC duct, electrical and network wires.

One solution was to leave the ceiling exposed, but the variations in height did not mirror the clean, modern image intended for the library. The college bookstore had used Hunter Douglas' Luxalon Open Cell Ceiling System with good results, so it became an immediate consideration for the library. The ceiling system chosen was the Luxalon Open Cell, six-inch modules with a brushed aluminum look. The perimeter is made of mobious-extruded aluminum. The Luxalon metal ceiling system provided design flexibility to accommodate the angles, curves and changes in ceiling light.

The ceiling system also offered a suitable solution to a difficult design problem that effectively masks the plenum, while providing easy access for service personnel. Today the library has a streamlined look, focusing on what is in the building, not what is running above the ceiling.
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Energy savings

Upgrading the HVAC system produced a smaller electricity bill for the facility

Yaskawa Electric America, Inc.

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) encompasses diverse facilities that educate and house more than 37,000 students and 4,000 faculty members.

The recent instability and escalation of West Coast energy costs, coupled with extensive maintenance requirements on existing heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, persuaded UCLA's facilities-management division to embark on a substantial upgrade of HVAC systems.

Preventive maintenance and repair of the vane and damper assemblies were continual and expensive. Significant dollars went into maintaining these devices, and into repair of wear and tear on belts, pulleys and other mechanical components damaged by hard starts and constant operation at 100 percent capacity. All of these concerns made the decision to replace the system easy to justify.

GPD 506/P5 Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) from Yaskawa Electric America, Inc., were an integral part of the upgrade program. Many of the university's existing HVAC components were installed 20 to 30 years ago and used a constant-air-volume approach. In a typical building, however, maximum capacity is required only about 10 percent of the time. Ninety percent of fan-operating time requires 40 to 70 percent of maximum volume. The VFD delivers savings by controlling the fan motor that drives heating and cooling fans only as fast as necessary to maintain the desired air volume. The drive's ability to adjust system air volume by changing fan and motor speed and, therefore, power consumption produces significant energy savings, typically ranging from 10 to 75 percent.
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Flooring system

New flooring was custom-designed to meet facility's performance requirements and environment

Specialty Resin Systems

The kitchen floor at San Jacinto Elementary School, Galveston, Texas, Independent School District, was in terrible condition. The Galveston County Health Department cited San Jacinto School several times, primarily because of the state of its floors. Layers of heavy vinyl over the 1,950-square-foot kitchen area provided virtually no slip-resistance and were delaminating in several places.

The SRS Degadur colored quartz flooring system was selected to repair and resurface the floor. The floors are methyl-methacrylate (MMA)-based acrylic reactive resins, which offer physical performance characteristics such as a fast-cure time, strength, aesthetics/design options and easy maintenance.

The one-hour cure of these floors, in temperatures ranging from -15°F to 104°F, helped the school repair the floors quickly. The floors also are chemically and permanently bonded to the substrate, eliminating delamination concerns.

The flooring was custom-designed to fit the education facility's specific performance requirements and environment. This included a quartz blend, and specific degrees of texture and slip-resistance. In addition, concrete repair and restoration work was done with trowel applied Polymer Concrete.

Because the system is resin-rich, it is free of pores and voids throughout the entire thickness of the flooring system. This provided San Jacinto with impervious waterproof floors that protect the underlying subfloor from water damage. Liquids, solids, oils and other related substances do not penetrate into the floor — they remain on the surface and are easily cleaned and maintained.
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