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April 1, 2004
New Products/Case Studies

HVAC system

Lennox Industries

The HS/HPX 12 3-5 ton commercial split system product line of air-conditioning and heat pump units feature R-410A, a superior refrigerant that provides comfort while limiting the effects on the environment. The HS/HPX12 split systems feature energy-usage reduction; unit operation with intelligent design that includes high- and low-pressure switches, easy maintenance with fully serviceable brass service valves; centralized refrigerant line connections and field wiring inlets; and application flexibility.
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Vinyl flooring


Debolon High Performance Contract Vinyl Flooring has the rich look of wood or natural stone and is available in 16 patterns. Constructed of resilient vinyl, it is low-maintenance and offers a longer life cycle at a lower cost than carpet, tile, linoleum or comparable surfaces. It reduces footstep and ambient sound up to 20 dB.
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Odor-free paint

Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands

Sierra Performance Coatings are high-performance, industrial, water-based epoxy and acrylic coatings with no odor, no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and no hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). Because of this, the coatings allow for painting in occupied buildings such as schools and universities without interrupting day-to-day operations.
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Floor care literature

National Chemical Laboratories, Inc.

A six-page brochure detailing the EARTH SENSE Environmentally Responsible Floor Care System now is available. The brochure details the NCL solution to the problems associated with maintaining a high gloss on resilient floors, and the company's commitment to producing environmentally responsible products.
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High-performance furniture


The Leda Bench's solid aluminum castings form its legs and structure. Seats and backs are made of ipe, a strong, responsibly produced hardwood that is highly resistant to moisture, insects and vandalism. The benches are a stylish and versatile solution for a range of indoor or outdoor public seating requirements. Options include backed or backless, curved or straight, with or without armrests, and an array of color options for the high-performance powdercoat metal finish on the legs and structure.
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Bio-based fibers

Allsteel/Interface Fabrics

Through its Terratex brand, Interface will introduce the first commercial fabrics to be made of Ingeo bio-based fibers from Cargill Dow. “Bio-based” refers to the production of high-performance synthetic fibers from organic, annually renewable resources. Bio-based fibers require less fossil fuel to produce than traditional hydrocarbon resins and reduce greenhouse emissions.
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Lead-free whiteboard

PolyVision Corporation

ALS 1.0, PolyVision's newest whiteboard surface, is designed with lead-free, aluminized steel, making it environmentally friendly. It is thinner and lighter, giving manufacturers the ability to cut the surface to fit varying whiteboard sizes and to easily recondition old boards in the field without special tools.
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Managing natural light

Daylighting panels control brightness in school gym

CPI International

When St. Mary Star of the Sea in Hampton, Va., decided to add a gym for the first time in the school's 80-year history, it considered each decision carefully, including the daylighting system. The school used 3,500 square feet of ControLite panels on all four walls to economically and easily control the gym's daylight.

The ControLite Wall Glazing System consists of proprietary translucent rotating half-cylinder Rota-blade with an opaque flat surface built into translucent polycarbonate panels. The value of using the panels is in their ability to limit the amount of light that comes in, especially when the sun is glaring. Glass windows would produce glare on the court.

ControLite provides the gym with natural light and allows the lighting to be controlled. The school can let light in for gym class and limit it for presentations or movies. In addition, it helps reduce energy bills in the summer by minimizing heat gain, says Sister Marie Blanchette, the school's principal.

“When I first heard about the system, I was afraid it might be labor-intensive and limiting,” Blanchette says, “but I found [it] to be very easy to use and versatile regarding the amount of light we can have, and the control we have over each individual panel.”
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