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Feb. 1, 2007
New products/Case studies

Court design


The Taraflex website,, helps users design their own basketball or volleyball court online. They can sign up and take the AIA learning course, “The Fundamentals of Sports Flooring,” on the site. Architects can download technical information including specifications for all Taraflex products. The site includes four product categories, 11 product lines, 34 color choices, photo display of installations, press releases and company background.
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Glazed tile and brick

Elgin Butler Company

Structural glazed tile and glazed brick provide decades of trouble-free service. Their non-porous surfaces resist chemicals, inks and abrasion, offering an alternative to concrete block. Glazed tile also is totally fire-resistant and features superior dimensional tolerances when compared with epoxy-coated concrete. The density and hollow core give glazed tile exceptional quality in sound deadening and insulation.
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Information display

Magnatag Visible Systems

The RotoCube Rotating Kiosk Bulletin Tower is a free-standing, rotating, four-sided organizational system that allows large amounts of information to be displayed, viewed and processed almost anywhere. Its four panels contain 24 square feet of display space. The 78-inch-high, 19-inch-square RotoCube silently turns with a finger touch in either direction in a 27-inch circle. It can be ordered with any of 13 different panels, including magnetic whiteboards, calendars, cork, fabric, photo, card and file-folder holders, or custom-printed steel whiteboards.
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K-12 student chair

Smith Systems

The Intuit chair is contemporary and sustainable, as well as ergonomically friendly and affordable. It features advanced lumbar support, a waterfall seat front, ergonomic handhold, intuitive stacking design that reduces storage space requirements, and durable construction made with recyclable materials. The chair is available in a variety of sizes and configurations for K-12 students.
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Mobile radios

Ritron, Inc.

RPM 60 Series Mobile Radios are easy to operate and provide reliable, economical two-way radio communication. They feature 30 watts of transmitter power, 35-channel capability and a loud, easy-to-hear front firing speaker with 5 watts of audio output. The radios have a bright, alphanumeric LED display, two dual-function programmable buttons with assignable features, and all-metal construction.
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Cafeteria table


The design of the Graduate Table with benches meets the needs of lunchrooms and multipurpose rooms in K-12 school environments. The spacious 60-inch by 54-inch table maximizes seating space for up to 12 or more students, depending on their size, and offers a full 17 feet of bench room for added comfort. The table's shape brings students together so they can visit easily. The table comes in multiple heights for elementary and secondary environments.
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Matrix switching


PathFinder Matrix Switchers feature more than 600 MHZ of bandwidth with +/-1 dB of flatness; HD compatible 720p, 1080i, 1080p and digital cinema; split-mode switching; 32 presets; and RS-232 and IP ports standard on the units. The PathFinders are available in a variety of sizes with optional balanced stereo audio available on all units.
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Managing documents

Imaging and archiving system simplifies information sharing among university departments

Mobius Management Systems, Inc.

In planning a move to smaller quarters, the institutional research office at the University of Mississippi, Oxford, found that it no longer would have enough room for the filing cabinets that held enrollment and other reports dating back to 1950. To solve this problem, the university has adopted an imaging and archiving system, based on the Mobius ViewDirect suite.

Scanned images of transcripts, financial aid forms, references, reports and other critical content are indexed for fast retrieval and stored in the Mobius ViewDirect repository — a solution that integrates documents, images and records in any format from any source. ViewDirect integration with the SAP Campus Management application and the Sigma ProSAM financial aid system links documents to related information on students, employees and suppliers. This facilitates improved productivity and responsiveness in several campus departments, including graduate program admissions, financial aid, institutional research and academic discipline. Scanned reports can be delivered via Windows to university employees, and public documents are available on the Internet.
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Safe play

Fire hydrant covers prevent bodily injury and reduce liability on playgrounds

Hydrant Hat

At Buckeye Local School District, Ashtabula, Ohio, personal injury liability is a significant concern for school administrators. Protecting children, as well as staff and citizens, is a high priority. To help keep children safe, a civic-minded auto dealer donated Hydrant Hat fire hydrant covers for placement on hydrants at four of the district's schools.

Typically, fire hydrants are close to playgrounds and other areas with significant student activity such as athletic fields, sidewalks, bikeways and bus staging areas, so they pose a significant potential for injury. The hydrant covers are bright yellow for easy visibility and avoidance.

The covers are composed of polyethylene plastic, which absorbs impact and decreases the risk of serious injury if a person inadvertently makes contact with a hydrant. It is a two-part unit with a base of securing tabs to hold it firmly in place.

The hydrant covers also provide protection after school, on weekends and during summer recess when the facilities are being used without school supervision. They are attractive and can be embossed with school logos or donor acknowledgements.

The Hydrant Hat also reduces fire hydrant maintenance and saves time hooking up hoses, especially in the winter conditions typically seen in northeastern Ohio.

The minimal initial investment provides long-term savings, safety protection and peace of mind in all school environments.
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Integrating campuses

University upgrades to improve intra-campus collaboration


The University of Missouri is composed of four campuses: Columbia, Kansas City, Rolla and St. Louis. It recently embarked on a cross-campus initiative to upgrade its human resources and financial management systems, as well as integrate Oracle's PeopleSoft Student Campus Solutions 8.9 for academic advisement, campus community, campus self service, recruiting/admissions, financial aid, student financials and student records.

The project will enable the university to take advantage of improved navigation capabilities and facilitate the centralization of business operations to optimize integration abilities among the four campuses.

“Our goal is to have all of our business operations supported by the same version of PeopleSoft,” says George Rickerson, associate vice president of administrative information technology services. “We want to allow our campuses to realize new opportunities through integration and to provide the best services possible to our students, faculty and staff.”

As the pilot campus for the full use of PeopleSoft Student Campus Solutions 8.0, the University of Missouri — Rolla went live on the full student administration module in January 2006, facilitating enrollment, admissions and student records management through self-service functionality.

The university is confident about plans for a phased rollout at the other campuses as well. The St. Louis and Kansas City campuses are using Version 8.9 for the recruitment and admissions portions of Student Campus Solutions. They are pleased with the latest version's improved navigation and other enhancements.
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