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May 1, 2007
New Products/Case Studies

Filter system

Miller-Leaman, Inc.

Self-cleaning Turbo-Disc Filters are designed to remove particles and other contaminants from cooling water, complementing the water-treatment program by keeping heat transfer surfaces clean, which results in lower energy costs for the building. All models come with a 2-inch backwash line, eliminating the need for large flush line piping and floor drains, which often are required by conventional sand filters.
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Interactive whiteboard attachment


Mimio is a small, portable device that attaches to a dry erase board and connects to a MAC or PC. Educators can capture EXPO dry erase marker notes in real time, digitally record every stroke of the marker, and share the information or integrate it into other materials. It also can be used to edit notes; share board-to-board presentations; e-mail notes to students, teachers and parents; and export presentations to other applications.
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Instrument storage

Wenger Corporation

AcoustiCabinets feature an acoustically absorptive material built into the back of the cabinet to provide specific acoustical benefits by absorbing a broad range of sound frequencies. When situated within rehearsal rooms, the cabinets offer more than twice the sound absorption of standard Wenger cabinets and feature new grille doors designed to reduce vibration noise while improving sound diffusion.
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Clock synchronization

Lathem Time Corp.

The RC Series Wireless GPS Clock System allows schools and universities to wirelessly synchronize time to the exact second. The RC Master clock is the foundation of the system. It employs a single transmitter design to encode and transmit a powerful, FCC-licensed UHF radio paging signal that accurately synchronizes the wireless clocks. They automatically adjust for daylight saving time and power outages.
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Wireless tablet

Hitachi Software

The StarBoard BT-2G Bluetooth Wireless System tablet comes equipped with an interactive pen tool and is compatible with StarBoard interactive T-17SXL and T-15XL panels. The system features a range of up to 65 feet and a battery life of 24 hours. Educators can connect up to seven BT-2G systems to a PC. It also is RoHS-compliant and compatible with Bluetooth technology.
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Security management

AMAG Technology

The upgraded Symmetry Security Management System has several new features. The Symmetry Identity Management module and Identity menu make it easier to navigate and create credentials. The Data Connect module allows users to create reports using the Transaction Import table on transactions made from third-party systems integrated with Symmetry. The Command Center displays the status of all devices in a tree display.
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Antimicrobial technology

Foss Manufacturing Company

Fosshield antimicrobial technology is a fiber technology that inhibits the growth of destructive and odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus. A bicomponent polyester fiber that can be woven into carpeting, Fosshield incorporates a silver and copper-based, inorganic antimicrobial additive into the outer layer of the fiber. When woven in, it invisibly combats the growth of dangerous microbes.
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Air conditioning

Rawal Devices, Inc.

The APR-410 Control provides full-capacity modulation for all sizes of direct-expansion air-conditioning systems that use R-410A non-ozone-depleting hydro-fluorocarbon refrigerant. APR-410 Control automatically matches AC system capacity and output to change load conditions. As a result, it provides improved humidity control without overcooling. It also eliminates common maintenance problems associated with excess system capacity such as coil icing, liquid slugging and excessive compressor cycling.
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Luminaire disconnect

Thomas & Betts

Sta-Kon Luminaire Disconnect enables disconnection of power to fluorescent lighting fixtures without exposure to live wires. It was developed in response to a new National Electrical Code requirement that will go into effect Jan 1, 2008. Connected between a fluorescent lighting fixture or ballast and incoming power, it is a cost-effective solution that enables the electrician to service the luminaire without exposure to dangerous voltage.
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Retrofit systems course


A new course named “Retrofit Roof Systems,” which focuses on retrofitting existing buildings with metal roofing, has been added to MBCI's AIA-approved program. The course includes learning objectives on various applications, informed comparisons between retrofitting with metal vs. conventional re-roofing methods, fundamental design/layout of framing systems, and the proper planning process and preparation of bid documents.
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Network router

American Auto-Matrix

The Matrix BACnet IP Single Port MS/TP router is an ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135-2004 BACnet-compliant network router that allows seamless packet routing between BACnet/MSTP, and either BACnet/IP or BACnet Ethernet networks. It connects BACnet networks running over different datalink layers, and has intuitive web browser-based configuration, one 10.100 Base-T Ethernet port, and one EIA-485 port.
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Desking system


The Genesis Desking System enables workspace planners to tailor a complete systems furniture package that meets their needs for employee productivity, design flexibility and functional versatility. It allows employees to take advantage of the trend toward a sit-stand style of working. Genesis desks can be lowered or raised from the traditional 29-inch height to between 22 inches and 51 inches based on the method specified for controlling adjustability.
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Contract management


Contract Analyst version 2.0 is an all-inclusive contract-management system with a built-in Ad Hoc Report Writer. It provides step-by-step procedures to guide users through the full contracting process — from initial analysis to closing the contract. Users can work their way through a cost-benefit/risk analysis prior to preparing a request for proposal. They can advertise the project for bid and keep track of various processes such as advertisement production tracking, mailings, and proposal requirements and scoring. The Ad Hoc Report Writer allows users to create and save any type of report on any data maintained in the database.
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Crisis communication


Ed-Alert is a web-based system of emergency communications. It allows school officials to alert parents, staff and others by sending cell phone text messages and e-mails. Communications can be sent simultaneously with a few clicks of a mouse or keyboard.
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Climate control

Window film moderates classroom temperature and creates a more comfortable learning environment

Bekaert Specialty Films

In September 2005, the average recorded room temperature at Fair Haven Grade School, Fair Haven, Vt., was 95°F. The uncomfortable climate was creating a roadblock to students and teachers, and needed to be addressed immediately.

The school's facility manager, Elmer Jones, contacted a Solar Gard Window Films dealer to request an assessment of how to better control the heat in the school. The dealer recommended the school install Solar Gard Silver 20 window film to lower the temperature on the school's east-facing windows.

“As expected, the temperatures dropped dramatically in the classrooms, and the solar glare was reduced,” says Jones. “Another surprising and significant benefit that the teachers commented on was that the hue, or the color tint, had a remarkable calming effect on the children.”

Jones, along with the school's principal, requested the west side of the building be treated with the window film to achieve the same effect. The original job was for 85 windows, but in the end, 146 windows were retrofitted.

The immediate benefits of reduced hot spots and glare, improved comfort and balanced climate at Fair Haven Grade School have led a neighboring school to install the window film as well.
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Network management

Upgrade enables IT department to monitor and troubleshoot network that links five campuses

Network Instruments

College of The Albemarle in northeastern North Carolina uses Network Instruments' Observer to manage the network that links its five campuses together. Observer probes monitor frame relay links, the student VLAN, the DMX port for online courses, and both sides of the firewall.

“Observer caught my eye because all of the features were already built in, and it fit within my budget,” says Wayman White, network administrator. “By deploying Observer probes throughout the system, I always have a global picture of how my network is doing.”

This detailed insight into campus activity became crucial as the college's network began supporting registration, online classes, academic blogs and career guidance.

“So much of the college's livelihood is dependent on the network these days,” says White. “If the network goes down, productivity goes down, and that's money out of the college's pocket.”

A surge in network usage recently threatened the college's services. Observer showed a spike in bandwidth utilization, and a packet capture revealed 100 machines pointing back to one machine. From there, White quickly located and disconnected the offending system.
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Roof repair

Numerous leaks prompt school to install new roof system while in session

Performance Roof Systems

Timbers Elementary School, Humble, Texas, was overwhelmed with roof leaks. The school year had not yet ended, but with the numerous leaks, the school had to begin replacing the roof system immediately while classes still were in session.

The roof system being replaced consisted of a three-ply, built-up roof (BUR) system with a loose gravel surface. The crew had to vacuum off the gravel prior to removing the BUR roof.

The combination of a 10-man crew and the unique labor-saving benefits of a Permastic spray application enabled workers to tear off and replace an average of 4,000 square feet of roof area per day. The crew installed a Derbigum GP membrane, along with an additional Derbicolor membrane using the same Permastic spray application, which provided an additional waterproofing layer.

To ensure the roof was watertight at the end of each day, all layers of the system were heat welded at the side and end laps with an automatic hot-air welder. Open flames were completely eliminated with the use of the hot-air welder, which provided a safe job site for both workers and building occupants.

It was crucial to remove debris daily and place it in safe dump boxes in an area inaccessible to children. The tear-off equipment had to be staged away from the playground and surrounding area to ensure the safety of children during recess and to prevent interruption of scheduled activities.
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Fuel savings

Electric utility vehicles save college money in initial costs and long-term maintenance

Club Car

Schoolcraft College, Livonia, Mich., has a 125-acre campus with multiple classroom and administrative buildings, a physical-education complex, a technology center, and expansive grounds and parking facilities. More than 8,000 students and professionals access the campus daily.

The college's staff of plumbers, carpenters, HVAC specialists and troubleshooters ensures that the campus functions efficiently. To assist with their duties, these employees rely on a wide variety of tools and equipment, including a fleet of electric-powered utility vehicles from Club Car.

“They work really well around campus,” says John Wright, director of maintenance and grounds. “They're quiet and easy to drive. We also really like their ease of maintenance, and they seem to be large enough to handle all of our tasks.”

The college purchases new utility vehicles every seven years.

“That's basically one battery change,” says Wright. “We replace the battery once during the seven years, and when the second battery is ready to replace, we get a new vehicle.”

According to Wright, each Club Car vehicle costs $4,000 to $5,000 less than a small pickup truck.

“The larger savings is on maintenance, because Club Cars are much simpler, and they're designed for short runs,” he says.

Electric utility vehicles don't require oil changes, fuel, spark plugs, transmission fluid changes or coolant changes.
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Forget flushing

No-water urinals help district save on utility and labor costs

Falcon Waterfree Technologies

Bak Middle School of the Arts, West Palm Beach, Fla., is one of several schools in the Palm Beach School District that have installed Falcon Waterfree Urinals. Each urinal installed at the school is saving up to 40,000 gallons of water per year.

In 2004, the school district decided to install no-water urinals in all new middle and high school buildings. It also is systematically replacing any older-model urinal that uses more than one gallon of water per flush.

“Naturally, we wanted the quickest payback, and that's what we got when we decided to replace the old units, which were using three gallons per flush,” says Lee Kapp, the district's utilities and energy manager.

Another benefit of the no-water urinals is a reduction in restroom vandalism. Because no-water urinals are not flushed, foreign objects such as paper towels or gym socks can't clog the system. This means fewer bathroom floods, as well as savings on maintenance and replacement of traditional urinals. The units also are virtually impossible to damage.

Maintaining the no-water units is no more labor-intensive than maintaining a regular urinal. School custodians wipe down the urinals with a recommended cleaner as they would any other type of urinal. Replacing the cartridges takes only a couple of minutes and is only required every 7,000 uses in typical installations. The district's plumbers have added this minor task to their routine maintenance procedures.
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