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April 1, 2007
New Products/Case Studies

Fiber cement siding


CertainTeed WeatherBoards FiberCement Siding and ColorMax FiberCement Siding lines are made using a combination of recycled fly ash, Portland cement, wood fiber and specialty additives. The enhanced formula creates an environmentally friendly, lightweight and low-density product with authentic-looking grains and textures. All CertainTeed FiberCement siding features a Class 1(A) fire rating, is impervious to wood-boring insects, resists the damaging effects of salt spray and ultraviolet rays, and will not rot.
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Carpet tile

Bentley Prince Street

The Industry line is available in broadloom and 18-inch by 18-inch carpet tile, and is a stand-out complement to any pattern in broadloom or tile. Directly coordinating with other Bentley Prince Street products, this re-launched product provides an additional 185 options in texture and color. It also is available certified to meet several environmental industry standards.
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Stackable chair


The Refina stackable chair is a stylish, versatile chair that brings functionality to traditional stackables at a competitive price point. It stacks up to five chairs and offers an elegant, yet clean look that features tapered legs and arced arms with a reverse knife detail. It can be upholstered in an array of fabrics or leather. It was designed with longevity and durability in mind and has a 12-year warranty.
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Bullet-resistant glass

Technical Glass Products

Pilkington Pyrostop glass with 3M SCLARL 400 film now offers the advantages of security, as well as fire protection. It has received a level 3 bullet-resistant rating, indicating it can stop a .44 Magnum bullet. Pyrostop is considered a glass firewall. It is designed for stairwells and elevator lobbies where it is critical to control the transfer of heat produced by a fire. It makes an ideal alternative to a solid wall, allowing unrestricted amounts of glass. It is fire-rated for up to two hours and has passed the hose-stream test.
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Surveillance camera


The IPELA SNC-RX550N network-enabled PTZ camera features dual streaming capabilities in JPEG and MPEG4 format, a 360-degree “endless” pan, and a tilt range of 90 degrees. It features Intelligent Motion Detection, Intelligent Object Detection and spherical tracing privacy masking, as well as voice alert and bi-directional audio. It can be configured into Sony's Distributed & Enhanced Processing Architecture platform for IP-based security systems for improved workflow.
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Building maintenance


Bird Spike 2007 prevents birds from landing or roosting on building exteriors. It comes in 3-inch, 5-inch and 8-inch widths and is virtually invisible when installed. It is a low-cost, effective and permanent solution. It will not cut or injure the installer and carries a 10-year guarantee. Bird-B-Gone products will not harm birds.
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Light fixtures

Watt Stopper/Legrand

The modular high-bay sensors offer an array of lenses and power/control modules for energy-saving, occupancy-based switching of industrial fluorescent lighting fixtures. Snap-on lenses can be added quickly in the field to configure the HB sensor for any application. HB power module options include dual relays with separate time delays to control multiple loads and an integral light-level sensor to maximize energy savings.
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Boiler enhancements


Enhancements to the Power-Fin boiler and water heater line include higher turndown ratio, a standard internal cascading sequencer and control upgrades for easy installation, system setup and troubleshooting. The internal cascading sequencer eliminates the cost and setup requirements of a separate third-party sequencer for installations of up to eight units. It simplifies creation of a cascading “lead/lag” system, in which the lead boiler or water heater controls the rotating operation and firing rate of up to seven additional units.
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Working lounge chair


The Dialogue chair is a curved, one-piece shell with generous flat arms. Its seat is slightly elevated, and the back posture is more upright than that of a true lounge chair. Instead of allowing users to recline slightly, it sits them farther forward. This gives a more erect and open posture, making users better situated for conversational work mode. The arms are scaled to provide an integral, comfortable perch for a laptop, PDA or notebook.
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Badging software


PassagePoint EDU is badging software designed to address visitor management in schools. School staff can badge visitors and volunteers to indicate that a visit is approved. Visitors and groups can be pre-registered, with badges pre-printed for convenience. Staff members can see who is on campus, what areas they are authorized to visit and who is authorized to pick up students. They also can import watch lists with instant notification.
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Access control


The Simplex/E-Plex 5000 Series is a complete toolkit for access-control needs. It provides the simplicity of mechanical code access, along with the added security and features of electronic access control. The series now has a new dark bronze finish, which replaces the 55/695 Duranodic painted finish option previously offered. This finish is listed as 744 in the 2007 Kaba Price book.
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Floor covering

NeoFloor by Lees

The HD NeoNaturals Collection combines the stability of NeoFloor with high-definition printing. NeoFloor Wood and NeoFloor Stone both are designed to stand up to high foot and wheeled traffic, heavy wear and tear, and the inevitable buildup of soil and stains. The Collection features Bioguard by Lees, a powerful antimicrobial treatment that controls bacteria, mold and fungi growth.
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Lighting management

Herman Miller/Convia

Convia is a modular programmable electrical and data infrastructure that delivers “plug-and-play” power. By allowing for unlimited modifications in positioning and configuring energy-efficient components and optimizing occupancy, daylight, time and temperature sensors, it provides readily adaptable and cost-efficient control of power, data, HVAC and lighting systems, even as building interiors change.
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Wireless network management

AirWave Wireless

AirWave Wireless Management Suite 5.0 software supports a broad range of WiFi solutions, including both controller-based systems and autonomous access points, as well as mesh and WiMax infrastructure. Rather than choosing a “one-size-fits-all” hardware solution, schools and universities can select the most appropriate wireless technology for each environment and set of applications.
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Waste/recycling receptacles

Pilot Rock Park Equipment

Pilot Rock trash and recycling receptacles feature all-steel construction and come in several shapes, all with 32-gallon capacities. The vinyl-coated steel finish is offered in a choice of colors to coordinate with other site components or school colors. Many colorful lid choices also are available. Each receptacle can be anchored directly to the surface or installed with pedestal mounts.
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Sprinkler systems


Viking Plastics is a new business unit dedicated to producing CPVC fire sprinkler pipe. Viking CPVC pipe is produced from BlazeMaster compounds, which carry more listings and approvals than any other brand of non-metallic pipe. With its inherent corrosion resistance, ease of installation and flow characteristics, the pipe can lower the installed cost of a fire-sprinkler system.
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Fabric ducting


The Combi line of fabric ducting is made of extra-durable woven polyester, and offers an array of optional treatment benefits and a long-term guarantee. The ducting comes in four different variations, three of which have been treated to be completely fire-retardant. It is free of any substances that could be dispersed into the air and degrade IAQ. Two of the Combi varieties have been treated with an antimicrobial agent so that, in addition to discouraging places where microbes can breed, they also kill microorganisms that already are present in the air.
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Life-safety system

Fire-Lite Alarms

The MS-9200UDLS addressable control panel combines the capabilities of the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) and Digital Alarm Communicator/Transmitter (DACT) into one circuit board and offers a compact, cost-effective design. It features LiteSpeed, a speed Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) protocol that simultaneously polls 10 devices at a time. It also includes LED graphic and LCD annunciators, a reverse polarity/city box transmitter, local and remote upload/download software and remote power expansion.
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Bird control

Nixalite of America Inc

K-Net High Tensile Bird Netting, designed for architectural and structural applications, is made of black, 12-ply, high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Each strand has a 75-pound knotted breaking strength (KBS). K-Net is abrasion-, UV-, flame- and rot-resistant. The ¾-inch square mesh keeps out all but the smallest birds. All knots are steam set, a process that prevents them from slipping or coming loose.
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Nutrition information

NUTRIKIDS is an Internet-based solution that gives school food-service professionals an affordable turnkey solution to providing nutrition and wellness education for students and parents. It features online account prepayments, transaction history reports, interactive menu planning for kids using actual school menus, and nutrition and wellness information.
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Technology tracking


The LANDesk Management Suite helps empower schools and universities to manage their fleets of ThinkPad notebooks and ThinkCentre desktops with immediate system updates and tracking across entire PC fleets. It grants direct access to ThinkVantage Technologies, which are tools that reduce PC users' dependency on IT staff. IT managers now can distribute more network updates to remote workers, maintain consistent images as users transition to new systems, and track assets to prevent them from being lost or stolen.
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Electrified locksets

Marks USA

Electrified Survivor Series locksets with the “CLUTCH” are available for operation as either electrically locked or unlocked. When locked, the Survivor's clutch disengages the outside lever, allowing it to turn freely without opening the latch. Proprietary lever support springs eliminate lever droop. The locksets feature a lifetime mechanical warranty.
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Indoor/outdoor furniture

Davis Furniture Industries Inc.

All components of the NYO Chair are made from aluminum, except the nylon glides, making it an environmentally friendly product. The chair is light, weighing only 10 pounds, but durable. The chairs may be stacked and are separated with onboard bumpers. The indoor tables are offered in two sizes in both round and square.
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Air purification


Photox 100W is a portable advanced indoor air purification system that can be wall mounted or placed on a table. Based on photocatalytic oxidation technology (PCO), it is designed to destroy noxious odors and toxic vapors, and deactivate infectious microorganisms in the indoor environment. It does not emit harmful by-products or ozone. The destruction of contaminants occurs inside the unit.
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Blast-resistant daylighting panels

Major Industries

Guardian 275 Translucent Daylighting Panels have design features that allow them to “flex” with the force of a blast. When field-tested using machine-generated shock waves to replicate dangerous real-world blast conditions, the panels created no flying debris and posed no threat to building occupants. The panels offer creative design possibilities and potential LEED credit.
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Wet/dry vacuum

Ridge Tool Company

The line of RIDGID industrial two-stage wet/dry vacuums offers two models with the options of either a 14-gallon drum or a 16-gallon drum. The stronger, quieter RV two-stage proprietary motor series and its patented blower wheel are designed to handle heavy debris and liquid more quickly and efficiently. A three-layer pleated filter has a large surface area for increased motor efficiency and long life. The two models convert to a blower with 150 mph blowing velocity.
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Restroom rebate

School district mandates use of no-water urinals

Sloan Valve Company

The Corona-Norco Unified School District, Corona, Calif., is the fastest-growing school district in southern California. When district administrators learned about their local water district's rebate for installing no-flush restroom fixtures, it wanted to take advantage of the offer.

About three years ago, existing schools began switching over to Sloan Waterfree Urinals as their respective restrooms underwent renovations or schools expanded facilities. District officials now mandate that Waterfree Urinals be installed in all new schools. The district's 45 elementary, middle and high schools now collectively have more than 600 Waterfree Urinals, which conserve thousands of gallons of water every day.

Custodians at the district were concerned about how much maintenance would be required for the new urinals, which have cartridges that filter sediment from urine before sending the remaining liquid down the drain. Some custodians thought the cartridges would need to be changed every week or month, which would have disrupted their routines. However, the cartridges only need to be changed every three to four months in high-traffic areas and every six months in areas with less traffic, and actually can end up saving custodians time in the long run. Students can't clog the fixtures with large objects, and gum and other garbage can be scooped out of the base, so there is less chance of damaging the fixture from intentional misuse.

While the rebate may have lured the district into trying Waterfree Urinals, the long-term savings on utility costs alone pay for facilities that install them.
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Fresh air

121-year-old building upgrades air conditioning for use as a residence hall

Mitsubishi Electric

Hill Hall at Champlain College, Burlington, Vt., is one of 16 Victorian-era mansions that now are residence halls. It houses 40 students. The board of trustees authorized air-conditioning upgrades every other year for the historic structures. Hill Hall was chosen for the first upgrade because it was in need of total rehabilitation.

The college chose CITY MULTI Variable Refrigerant Flow Zoning (VRFZ) Systems from Mitsubishi Electric HVAC (MEHVAC) for the upgrade. The equipment installed included an outdoor condensing unit; 8,000 Btu/h indoor evaporators; room sensors and controllers; a central controller; and a power pack.

“With no costly ductwork accessories and labor involved, and serious interior limitations posed by the 121-year-old structure, all I needed was a 3-inch hole in one wall to bring in the wiring and piping from outdoors,” says Holly Mussatti, director of the physical plant. “The installation went very smoothly, and we were able to open on time 70 days later.”

Hill Hall now is the Admissions Hotel for visiting high school guidance counselors during the summer months.
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HVAC overhaul

Upgrades improve comfort, save money and earn utility rebate for rural school district


The Nueces Canyon Consolidated Independent School District, Barksdale, Texas, faced the problem of an old, complicated HVAC system that was causing maintenance issues. The central system served the two main buildings, so any malfunctions affected at least one entire building. This often resulted in comfort problems for an entire school or the need to move classes.

Because the district is in a rural community more than two hours west of San Antonio, it was difficult to get contractors to come out to perform service, and parts for the aging system were hard to obtain. Other problems included poor lighting, disruptive noise from the mechanical system, and poor air quality.

TAC helped improve the school's facilities by installing a complete HVAC upgrade. It replaced the antiquated water-source heat-pump system with individual HVAC units that have programmable thermostats. In some areas, it replaced a single shared unit with individual units for each room.

To reduce noise, TAC moved the unit cooling the auditorium stage, put supply ducts in the ceiling of the band hall, and installed new air ducts in both gyms, which also improved airflow. It installed a ductless HVAC unit in the district's server room to keep it cool without running the larger units when the building was unoccupied. Finally, it cleaned the HVAC coils, brought units up to code for the introduction of outside air, and upgraded the total power capacity for the school building.

In all, the district facilities underwent more than $1 million in facility upgrades that will improve building operations and comfort, while enabling the district to better control utility costs.
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Energy exam

Energy analysis and reporting tool helps university increase efficiency and awareness


Known for its performing-arts program, Oklahoma City University (OCU) frequently keeps its doors open for students around the clock, whether for a concert, rehearsal or theater production. This situation makes it difficult to track the campus' energy needs.

A new tool, the Honeywell Energy Analysis Report (HEAR), has three main components: data analysis, technical support and site observations. It identifies energy-use abnormalities that may be straining operating budgets. It also can reveal trends and patterns embedded in energy data. The report helps the university measure, analyze and understand energy costs. In addition to providing key data, OCU benefits from recommendations included in the HEAR that take into account the entire campus and all of its equipment.

Honeywell visits the campus regularly to aid in preparing quarterly reports for the university. In addition to on-site observations, an energy expert analyzes utility bills and system data, looking for warning flags. Honeywell provides recommendations using this data and analysis expertise.

The energy team has helped cut university energy consumption in several areas, including climate control and campus lighting. Another benefit is the addition of four banks for thermal energy storage. The banks store energy generated at off-peak periods for use when demand is higher. By shifting energy purchases to off-peak times when rates are low, OCU has saved tens of thousands of dollars.

Other HEAR best practices include monitoring thermostats, minimizing simultaneous use of boilers and chillers, and de-lamping vending machines.
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Ceiling solution

Vinyl ceiling system provides durable, space-saving option for school gym

Acoustic Ceiling Products

The 50-year-old ceiling at the Community Elementary School gymnasium in Winneconne, Wis., was failing and broken beyond repair. The metal grid system that held the tiles in place and the old-fashioned 8-inch by 8-inch cellulose ceiling tiles were disintegrating from above.

“Every time a ball hit the ceiling, pieces of the tiles, like a snowstorm, would come crumbling down,” says Roger Rozek, building and grounds supervisor. “It was a maintenance nightmare, not to mention a major safety concern.”

The school contacted a local contractor who recommended Acoustic Ceiling Products' CeilingMAX surface mount grid system. Occupying only 1 inch of ceiling height, CeilingMAX “snap-in” technology allows the system to mount directly to old 1-foot by 1-foot paste-up tiles, joists and even to plaster or drywall. It accepts any 2-foot by 2-foot or 2-foot by 4-foot acoustical ceiling panels.

The system is made of flexible, high-grade vinyl that resists chipping, fading and cracking. This means less maintenance and greater longevity.

The CeilingMAX provides up to 6 inches more ceiling height than a suspended ceiling, allowing schools to retain or expand existing ceiling height without relocating established fixtures such as lighting, air diffusers and sprinkler heads, saving time and money.
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Network upgrade

Wireless solution helps district consolidate student records and support distance learning

RAD Data Communications

The Kalispell (Mont.) School District has about 5,500 students and staff members spread across 13 school and administration locations. All locations were linked via DSL or T1, but they didn't offer the capacity needed in order to consolidate access to the district's student records information system.

The district wanted the information system hosted at a single server site, rather than having a server in each location, in order to improve security and gain operational and administrative efficiencies. Additionally, the district was planning distance-learning initiatives with video instruction at multiple sites, and needed to plan for a new high school and the realignment of several existing schools.

After investigating several options, the district selected a point-to-point broadband microwave radio communication system. The RAD Data Communciations Airmux-200 system offers a data rate of up to 18 Megabits per second and a range of up to 50 miles. The system is line-of-sight, which means its antennas need to “see” each other. It is a system often used for backup in emergencies, when land-based networks fail, but it works equally well in everyday network operation.

The district network setup is based around one central tower that is equipped with a switch and serves as the hub. Pairs of AirMux antennas beam the district's critical data in point-to-point connections to nine school and administration locations. This wireless deployment, which has operated reliably since its installation, has not only enabled the district to complete the records system server consolidation, but also it has paved the way for distance learning and the district's expansion.
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