Case Study: Energy savings

Feb. 1, 2002
Updated maintenance facility increases comfort and saves money.

The Trane Company

Shikellamy Schools, Sunbury, Pa., serve a community of more than 24,000. Much of the equipment serving the district's buildings was old, inefficient and badly in need of updating. The disrepair was a major distraction in the classrooms at two schools, C.W. Rice School and Sunbury Middle School.

The district was looking for a way to address these infrastructure and comfort problems without additional capital funding. Faced with budget difficulties, the middle school needed to replace boilers that were almost 50 years old and were leaking. Replacement funds had been cut from the budget for several years, and just enough repairs were made to get through another year.

The district decided to use performance contracting to help solve its infrastructure problems. The Trane Company was selected to develop a PACT solution (Performance Agreement for Comfort from Trane) that addressed the comfort complaints and generated enough savings to fund the cost of the building improvements.

The comprehensive plan included addressing the building's heating systems and installing modular boilers to deliver heat to the facility more efficiently. Repairs were made to the existing temperature control system to improve the environment. A building-automation system was installed to monitor and control the comfort systems in the schools.

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