Product Solutions

Jan. 1, 2005
Product Solutions

VoIP system

ShoreTel Inc.

The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system scales to new heights and boasts a line of specially designed IP phones. Architectural advancements in the new software and hardware products put even more convergence benefits within easy reach of most companies and users. Enhancements in the ShoreTel5 system include more collaboration-enabling applications, additional fault-tolerance capabilities, new legacy-integration options, more flexible administration, and a switch that eases branch-office migration.
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Switching system

Electro Standards Laboratories

The Secure Switching System for Video Conference Rooms is a rack-mounted system that can facilitate passing the connection of various voice and data lines, both copper and fiber media, from a designated set of equipment to an existing building network. It also can disconnect the same set of lines from the building network, isolating all equipment in the designated room or area.
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Window options

Wausau Window and Wall Systems

410i-HS Series single-slide windows with Insulbar thermal barrier provide weathering characteristics for time- and budget-sensitive projects. Configurations include half-slide, center-slide and end-slide, all with airtight fixed exterior glazing. Engineered for energy efficiency with double-silicoated pile weather-stripping and hooded weeps with Mylar flaps, the windows can accommodate up to 1-inch insulated glass and are glazed with extruded aluminum glazing beads.
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Carpet tiles


ArtLink modular carpet tiles combine abstract, geometric forms with artistic freedom. The 24-inch by 24-inch tiles are manufactured with Antron Legacy EPP nylon with high-recycled content. Performance meets style via Lees' Duracolor patented stain-resistant dye technology, which is integrated into carpet fiber rather than applied topically to provide permanent stain, soil and fade resistance while affording total color and style flexibility.
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Digital video recording


The combination of I/NET Seven high-performance security solution with Integral Technologies' powerful digital video recording (DVR) technology results in a single, easy-to-use platform that offers users the ability to view live and recorded digital video through their I/NET Seven workstations. The digital video management (DVM) systems from Integral Technologies accommodate an unlimited number of cameras in multiple locations administered and operated from any I/NET workstation.
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Insulation solution

Fi Foil Company

RBI Shield reflective bubble insulation delivers optimal thermal performance for the life cycle of a building envelope. The reflective bubble insulation is intended as a multipurpose reflective insulation and radiant barrier for roofs, floors, slabs and walls. By reflecting 97 percent of radiant heat, the shield offers a high level of energy efficiency at a low cost.
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Children's tables

Southern Aluminum

The Lil' PikNik table line is designed specifically for the markets that require a durable and safe product for children to work and play on — inside or outside of the classroom. These miniature versions of the popular Southern PikNik table are engineered to be wear-resistant and are offered in bright powder-coated finishes. They are engineered to exacting standards and made of lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum.
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Fire-alarm notification

Wheelock Inc.

The Series E50 Speakers and Speakers Strobes for fire-alarm notification are wall-mounted and are available with a wide range of strobe intensities. They are easy to install and have universal mounting, two-wire installation, and the ability to mount to standard electrical boxes without the use of an extension ring.
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Electronic access control

IR Security & Safety

LockLink 7.0 access-control management allows users to manage offline and online access-control solutions. The user interface reduces the time for system administrators to become proficient in programming locks. It also manages a variety of credentials ranging from hand geometry (biometric), HID proximity, magnetic-stripe card and iButton with PIN number only.
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Heavy-duty flooring


A new version of the Altro Stronghold 30 line of heavy-duty, slip-resistant flooring is available in eight new colors. It fits demanding areas where the floor often is wet or greasy, such as food-preparation areas. Altro Original Easyclean Technology is incorporated into the product, making the floor easier to clean without compromising slip resistance or durability. The flooring can be heat-welded, creating a seamless, impervious surface.
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Stainless-steel hinges

Select Hinges

Stainless-steel continuous pin and barrel hinges can match, contrast or accent a building's design. Adjusta-Screw fasteners allow doors to be squared accurately and easily in new or retrofit installations, and allow for future adjustments. Tamper-resistant covers guard against vandalism and reduce repairs. Pin and barrel hinges are guaranteed to be free of material and workmanship defects for 10 years.
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Roof insulation

Atlas Roofing Corp.

ACFoam CrossVent RB incorporates radiant barrier technology with its existing nailable cross-ventilated roof insulation panel. It is designed for use over sloped, unventilated roof decks when the added benefit of a radiant barrier is desired for reducing radiant heat transfer. The addition of an aluminum radiant barrier to the underside of the CrossVent's OSB layer diminishes radiant heat transfer, reducing the temperature gradient across the insulation.
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Dimming ballast

Advance Transformer

A new high-ballast factor addition to the family of Mark 7 0-10V Electronic Dimming Ballasts for T8 Fluorescent lamps offers high light output through a ballast factor of 1.18. Packaged within a low-profile housing, the new 277V ballast will operate four 32-watt T8 fluorescent lamps. The ballast's 1.18 ballast factor enables a reduction in fixture count, which ensures efficient operation through reductions in material costs, installation costs and overall energy consumption.
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Daylighting panels

Major Industries

A new menu of color design tools is available for Guardian 275 translucent daylighting panels. Spectra-Grid features blocks of light-transmitting color that signal artistic design or visual significance in a unique building. Trim Tones accent colors highlight the importance of natural lighting in a well-conceived building design. This option offers a convenient way to cover exterior framing connectors.
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Playground equipment


The Fish Crawl Tube is available in an “S” shape, straight design, and up-and-down versions. The colorful tube encourages children to use their imaginations and to play together. The friendly fish-shaped entrances provide plenty of space for kids to crawl through and peek out.
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Meeting-room management


Meeting Room Manager is an easy-to-use, customizable software solution for educational institutions and organizations that need to schedule and manage rooms and resources. It automates the entire scheduling process, enabling administrative and IT teams to eliminate double bookings, create and maintain scheduling efficiency, and increase staff productivity.
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Door closer

ESSEX Industries

The SARGENT 1331 Series Door Closer is a Grade 1, fully adjustable closer suited for new construction and renovations. The device has an adjustable closing force range from size 1 to 6; a high-impact, full plastic cover secured by machine screws; and is covered by a five-year limited warranty. The closer is built with a 1¼-inch-diameter piston for enhanced control and a 7/17-inch-square arm engagement for enhanced torque transmission.
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Computer maintenance

Fellowes, Inc./Microban Products Company

The new computer accessory line from Fellowes, Inc. features keyboards, mice and mouse pads with Microban antimicrobial product protection. Microban antimicrobial technology inhibits the uncontrolled growth of damaging microbes. When microorganisms come in contact with the surface of computer accessories with Microban protection, the technology penetrates the cell wall of the micro-organism, disrupting key cell functions and making the microbes unable to function, grow or reproduce.
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Intercom/paging system

Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc./Spectrum

Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc. has upgraded the Spectrum School Intercom System, allowing direct connection of 25V transformer-type speakers with no rewiring of transformer taps to fully support output levels of ½ watt using the existing connections. Spectrum Series 4300 Line Cards now support the direct connection of existing or new 25V transformer-type speakers.
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Green product tips


The updated website includes several additions to “Other Helpful Sites,” located in the Resource Center. It has an extensive “How-To” section that includes tips on carpet and floor care, restroom maintenance, as well as general green cleaning.
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Mold control

Steril-Aire, Inc.

The Unit Ventilator UVC Kit controls mold and airborne diseases for enhanced classroom indoor air quality. Each kit contains one UVC Emitter and power supply, plus all the necessary hardware components to retrofit a unit ventilator with UVC — two to six kits typically serve the entire coil. Installed Emitters fit across from the cooling coil, irradiating high output UVC energy to eliminate surface contaminants and reduce airborne microbial contaminants.
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Desktop task light

Waldmann Lighting

The Montreaux task light provides energy efficiency by incorporating a cool-to-the-touch, 18-watt compact fluorescent lamp that provides 10,000 hours of lamp life, 1100 lumen output and 4100K color temperature. An exclusively designed parabolic louver, which spreads light evenly over work surfaces and eliminates glare from any computer position, is built into the angular head design.
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Maintenance management

Gannett Fleming, Inc.

Saber is a computerized maintenance-management system that can write its own corrective-action work orders. Facility owners can manage preventive-maintenance activities and link the jobsite to the operation and maintenance manuals, and other key information portals.
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Pole-mounted lighting


G2EXTEND pedestrian pole-mounted lighting combines the G2 design with four full cutoff optical distributions. The dome or wedge-shaped housings extend from extruded aluminum poles. Just 3¾ inches wide, the luminaries disappear in straight-on view, while hovering in side view over illuminated paths.
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Traffic accessories

Lordon Inc.

BriteSide Reflective Panels and Vertical Message Centers provide a heightened awareness in areas of special concern. They maximize visual impact to increase safety; keep traffic moving smoothly; improve emergency response; and increase driver awareness on the roadways. The products incorporate reflective sheeting material adhered to extruded PVC panels and strips. The panels are installed onto signposts in seconds, making a distinctive addition to signs in high-incidence areas.
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Infrastructure renewal

Facility improvements allow university to save $11.4 million

Johnson Controls

Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario, which is home to more than 7,300 students, recently announced a comprehensive infrastructure renewal program designed to enhance classroom and research environments.

These improvements, delivered through a strategic business agreement with Johnson Controls, ensure that the university saves $11.4 million in energy costs and addresses $9.3 million in deferred-maintenance issues over a 19-year period. Financially, the program combines energy cost savings and avoided maintenance costs to generate excess funds over the long term.

“Lakehead University is committed to a sustainable and responsible energy solution for its aging facilities,” says Fred Gilbert, president. “Much of our 30- to 40-year-old equipment is no longer efficient, and we needed to put in place a strategic solution that would result in significant operational savings to resolve part of the university's deferred-maintenance problem and be environmentally sustainable.”

The agreement will improve the heating, cooling, lighting and air quality within different areas of the university. The capital improvements are scheduled for completion in June 2005.

“Through our relationship with Johnson Controls, Lakehead University is now able to achieve a long-term program that is intended to address accumulated deferred-maintenance costs,” says Michael Pawlowski, vice president of administration and finance. “We can set new rating standards for providing quality learning and research environments to our faculty and students here at the university.”

The project calls for two engineering co-op students from the university to be part of the Johnson Controls team. The team will collaborate with the university's physical plant, which will be responsible for a new central cooling plant, a new central heating plant, a new heating-distribution system, and lighting and air-quality improvements in student and academic buildings on campus.
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School construction

High school uses factory-foamed panels for renovation and construction project


Murray High School, Murray, Utah, chose Formawall Dimension Series Factory Foamed Panels for its $25 million renovation and construction project. The district wanted a product that would produce a high-end look for its school at an economical price.

The school is on the site of a natural geothermal spring and recovers energy from the site to heat the school during the winter. The three-story masonry and steel building is designed in an “L” shape with the main floor of the building housing the administration, student commons, auditorium, music program, kitchen, dance studio and new locker rooms. On the second level are the media center and classrooms, and the third level accommodates science classrooms and labs.

Construction at Murray High School included renovation of a portion of the old school. Dimension Series panels also were used on that structure for continuity. The panels allowed for renovation without any reinforcement of the existing building structure. The 30,000 square feet of Dimension Series panels used on this project were coated with a Silversmith 2-coat mica coating.

The panels are lightweight compared with traditional brick or stone, which typically is specified for school construction. They are highly durable and impact-resistant, and the unique rainscreen, pressure-equalized joinery almost eliminates water penetration, greatly reducing the possibility of concealed moisture and mold growth that has become a major concern in building construction.
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Fire prevention

Outdated fire-alarm system prompts university to modernize

Fire-Lite Alarms/Honeywell

The Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Ga., occupies more than 1 million square feet and spans nearly 60 buildings. The college's buildings were equipped with five zone conventional panels and 110V smoke detectors, which were unable to pinpoint the exact location of a fire.

With these obsolete detectors, the college's fire-prevention system posed a major threat to the lives of its more than 6,000 students and faculty. Moreover, the college lacked a centralized alarm-control center, making it almost impossible for maintenance personnel to detect when an individual alarm went off in a facility. The college also needed to improve handicapped accessibility in order to make it easier for students in wheelchairs to exit quickly in a fire. To prevent potential disaster, college officials knew they needed to upgrade their current fire-alarm system quickly and cost-effectively.

Fire-Lite's MS-9200, a compact, cost-effective addressable fire-alarm control panel, with the capacity to control 198 Fire-Lite 350 Series devices, was installed in almost all of the 40 buildings on campus. In addition to the MS-9200 panels, addressable smoke detectors also were installed in each of the residence-hall rooms.

To better accommodate handicapped students, monitored smoke detectors and control relays were installed to unlock doors automatically in the event of a fire. Previously, students who were in wheelchairs had mag locks on their doors with remote release buttons carried with them and fixed release buttons in their rooms.

The day after the system was installed, the fire alarm went off. Because of the new MS-9200 fire-alarm system, the building maintenance attendant immediately could pinpoint where the smoke was coming from, preventing a potential disaster.
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Testing IAQ

Monitoring system assesses air quality in problem areas

Aircuity, Inc.

Before the Optima system was used in the Plainville School District, Conn., air-quality concerns were solved by using trial and error, and making adjustments to equipment until complaints stopped. With the new monitoring system, reliable information points personnel in the right direction when a concern surfaces.

The school district has five buildings, with an average age of 50 years, and it accommodates more than 2,600 students. When teachers in one of the district's oldest buildings complained of a musty smell and expressed concerns about mold, the district's facilities director, Jim Brown, used Optima to test four classrooms on one side of the building. The results indicated high levels of mold spores. The source was an inner courtyard, where fruit had fallen off trees, and was rotting and producing a foul odor. A fan-coil unit was pulling in air from the courtyard and introducing it into the classrooms.

The short-term solution involved upgrading the filter to a higher dust-spot efficiency. The building was scheduled for renovation and the facilities staff, now armed with complete knowledge of the situation, persuaded the mechanical design engineer to replace the fan coils with a rooftop air handler.

When students and others in the middle school band room complained of stagnant, stale air, the Optima monitor was brought in once again to provide an independent assessment. The resulting report indicated high CO2 levels during rehearsal times. The facilities staff solved the problem by increasing the volume of outside air into the space. By identifying the source immediately, they did not waste time looking in the wrong direction.

When there is more than one complaint from the same area in a building, the monitor is used to conduct tests. A library of indoor air data for different buildings is being compiled for the district, and baselines are being established.
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