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Sept. 1, 2003
New Products/Case Histories
Emergency exit lightingJohnsonite

The Safe-T-First System creates low-location, luminous pathways on floors, along wall bases and in stairwells that lead the way to safety in the event of a power outage. The system works down low and is less likely to be obscured by smoke in an emergency. It does not require backup generators or constant maintenance. The photoluminescence is a result of patented Perma-light technology that incorporates bright, long-lasting pigments into floor and wall products.
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Data conversionCypress Computer Systems

Data-Benders, a data-conversion solution for card-access control systems, translates all major reader technologies. This makes it ideal for system integration and retrofit applications for growing access-card uses in many industries. Its flexible configuration imports, converts and exports many format types and enables users to expand access-control technology without incurring additional research and development costs. Data can be converted to utilize or replace existing hardware, allowing organizations to cost-efficiently update card-access systems, or easily change or add vendors.
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Mounted domesSe-Kure Domes & Mirrors, Inc.

The Pendant Mounted Dome is cost-effective and easy to install, and has cell-cast acrylic for exposed ceilings. It features 360-degree surveillance viewing and includes a camera bracket for up to four cameras. White or black tops are available, and color choices include bronze, gray, clear and infrared.
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Access-control systemCompass Technologies

SAFEAXIS is a low- to mid-range access-control system that includes a quad split-screen alarm window with graphics and video. It offers photo-ID badging, visitor and vehicle tracking, auto-configure and auto-populate, and two- and four-door reader controllers. The system will support serial communication, dial-up and LAN/WAN communication.
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Wireless access controlSuperCom Ltd.

The EduGate product suite is an education-based access-control system for student attendance that includes e-wallet applications, and automatic monitoring and feedback systems. Students carry a SMART card that includes their personal identification information and a current photo. It can be used for various purposes, including monitoring attendance, purchasing lunches, checking out library books and storing locker information. The wireless system is portable, and also can be used for field trips and conferences.
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Access barrierWon-Door Corporation

The Steel-Curtain is a horizontal door that automatically deploys from sidewall pockets. It can span openings of unlimited widths and heights up to 23 feet. The access-control barrier integrates with other security systems to enhance overall security efficiency. It combines field-tested features of the Won-Door FireGuard with Advance Synchronized Locking (ASL) software, which is a Windows-based software program that allows on-site security personnel to control each door within a monitored system.
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Safety lightingBurkeMercer Flooring Company

Safety Glow Maxxi Treads add embedded photoluminescent strips, which will glow in the dark during an emergency, to its current tread design. The stair treads are charged under normal interior lighting conditions and release stored light energy in darkness. The strips bring more safety to the tread's walking surface by being part of the tread, instead of being taped or painted on.
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Electronic lockerPenco Products, Inc.

The Smart-Locker uses computerized identification technology to grant or restrict access to lockers. Electronic access eliminates the need for conventional locks and keys. Identification cards with magnetic, bar-coded or proximity devices can be used to gain access to lockers. Lockers are networked to a central computer in an administrative office where usage can be monitored and access codes can be controlled.
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Vehicle-detection systemRitron Wireless Solutions

Quick Talk vS Long Range Wireless Vehicle Detection Sensor System senses any approaching vehicle and instantly transmits a pre-recorded voice message alert to a two-way radio system. It is composed of an integrated, battery-powered radio transmitter with voice-storage capability and a vehicle sensor. No trenching or wires are involved, and the system ranges for miles. The custom voice messages, transmit frequency, coded signaling, message-repeat schedules and other options are field-programmable using a standard dial-pulse telephone.
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Patch managementShavlik Technologies

The HFNetChkPro 4.0 is an automated, real-time patch-management solution that helps eliminate vulnerabilities associated with unpatched computers. It scans and updates missing security patches automatically. The Drag-n-Drop Patch Management interface gives the user control of which groups will be scanned, by what criteria and when. Additional features include the automated PatchPush Tracker, auto-update, third-party threat analysis, offline support and a multiple language download center. It also allows users to create baseline patch configurations, and validate file versions and checksums.
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Security softwareTAC

A Windows 2000-based security system, I/NET Seven is designed with peer-to-peer architecture, allowing devices within the same system to interact without depending on a host computer. Eliminating the need for a server reduces vulnerability, and lowers maintenance and installation costs. Because it operates on a non-server-based system, there is no single point of failure. I/NET Seven also provides a reliable security solution for integrated, interoperable building management, including access-initiated control, powerful reporting, scalable software, CCTV and video badging capabilities, and critical alarm monitoring.
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Infrared lightingSilent Witness Enterprises Ltd.

The LumaView IR 75 infrared illuminator allows monitoring in areas of low light and complete darkness, and enables IR-sensitive CCTV cameras to produce high-quality images under nighttime conditions. It is weather-sealed for indoor or outdoor use and works with distances up to 90 meters. Three types of filters are offered to suit specific applications: overt illumination, semi-covert illumination and full-covert illumination.
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Locking guardMarks USA

Protector Series mortise locksets feature an Override Guard designed to result in spindle failure when torque of more than 550 foot-pounds is applied. The lockset remains locked, and when the spindle is replaced, it is fully operational. The locksets have a lifetime mechanical warranty, meet all operational and security tests and are UL-listed for a three-hour fire rating.
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Security command centerBosch Security Systems

The D1260 Alpha V Command Center features a four-line-by-20-character display that shows system information with words, numbers and symbols. When a series of events occurs, it displays each event in the order of its priority. The keypad features ATM styling with four buttons on each side of the display that are used to view menu commands. Seven audible warning tones are available that provide users with system information while programming the system.
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Graphic passwordsPointsec Mobile Security

PicturePIN, designed for use with Personal Digital Assistants, replaces passwords with a sequence of graphic symbols that appear on the login screen. It allows users to compose a mnemonic phrase, using four to 13 symbols in their PicturePIN sequence. The application generates the graphics, but the user is free to choose preferred symbol sets and sequences. It is run by a 128/256-bit encryption system based on the new government standard AES algorithm, which encrypts personal data sorted in the device and in removable media.
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Security doorAurora Storage Products

The Quik-Door, a locking hinged door, installs on Aurora Shelving or retrofits to existing Aurora Shelving. It features a keyed lock to provide safe and secure storage for documents and valuables. An optional extension kit is available for end tab filing to meet the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) for protecting medical records. It has four standard widths and six standard heights and is available in 26 Gloss-Tek powder coat colors.
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Exit deviceVon Duprin

The 994L breakaway lever trim reduces damage from vandalism and abuse and helps facilities meet ADA requirements. The design allows the lever to break away and drop to the 90-degree down position when it is abused or when excessive force is applied, which discourages further abuse and protects its internal parts. It is easy to snap the lever back into its operating position, thus preventing loss of door operation and saving maintenance time and expense. It is now standard on all Von Duprin 98/99 Series Exit Devices ordered with lever trim.
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Safety in a small school district: Securing perimeter doors and controlling access are top concerns (Schlage)

The East Granby School District is the smallest district in Connecticut, serving 800 students in three schools. The district has carried out its security plan in phases, with priority being given to securing perimeter doors and controlling building access.

The district selected Schlage electronic locks, which incorporate an iButton on a key fob to be carried on the user's key ring. Making changes to credentials is easy and can be done with a laptop computer. Updated information can then be downloaded to each applicable lock in seconds.

The system enables the superintendent to enter all three schools using only one key, without the security dangers inherent in master keying. If lost, the electronic keys cannot be duplicated, and they can be eliminated easily from the system.

Main doors to the schools are unlocked only during arrival times. After the doors are secured, visitors must ring a doorbell for access. The locks incorporate two touch receptors: one for momentary release and the other for maintained status. When the doors are locked, teachers use the momentary port to gain access without leaving the doors unlocked.

Stand-alone versions are used to secure classroom and office doors. The electronic locks incorporate an inside iButton reader so teachers can lock the classroom door's exterior lever from the inside, without having to open the door. The door still can be opened from the inside as required by life-safety codes.

The stand-alone locks combine the functions of traditional door-mounted mechanical hardware with electronic components. They are linked by a software program that centralizes the management of all data files and operational parameters. These locks allow data to be captured when a user opens or attempts to open a door with the key fob. This information can later be downloaded and reviewed.

Among the other benefits of the system is that a single electronic key is required for the fire department lock box outside each school. This grants firefighters access to all areas of the building.
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Real-time access: ID cards and a server connection provide convenience and security

With 130 buildings on 240 acres, Hofstra University, Hempstead, N.Y., is concerned about security. It switched from identification cards in laminated pouches to cards printed by the Fargo printer system in combination with General Meters software. The university purchased two printers/encoders from Fargo: models DTC515 and DTC525.

The university prints more than 10,000 cards each year for students and staff. An additional 10,000 cards are printed for conference guests that need access to residence halls and dining rooms. The cards for conference guests have an expiration date on them that coincides with the end of the conference.

In addition to being used for access control, the printed cards can act as debit cards, with two separate accounts. One account is for meal plans, which enables users to keep individual lunch plans confidential. The university calls the other account “Dutch Debit.” It is used to buy books and movie tickets, do laundry, use vending machines, pay phone bills and play video games. A bar code on the card also allows users to check out books from the library.

The debit function is online and in real time, meaning that a server connection is always in place and there is no need to download from a reader, says Fred Emery, director of card services at Hofstra University. This makes it easy to close an account if a student loses a card or leaves the school. The system also can identify students' most recent access entry points, making it easier to track down an individual in case of a family emergency.

The identification cards have helped reduce crime on the campus, says Emery. They can't be copied or duplicated easily, and the numbers are not reused.
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Securing the bus ride: Digital recording systems save money and improve security (GE Interlogix Video Systems Group)

St. Lucie County, Fla., Public Schools has installed BusSecure systems on 25 of its buses. The BusSecure mobile digital recording system records and stores video inputs from one to four cameras mounted inside or outside the vehicle. A digital video processor with removable storage allows recorded images to be viewed in the field with a laptop or desktop PC.

The system eliminates tapes and increases download dependability for security officers, says Dean Kesling, the district's fleet maintenance officer.

“We used to use a tape for each day of the week,” Kesling says. “But, if an incident happened two weeks ago, we wouldn't have the record because the tape would have been written over. Digital recording gives us many more options.”

Personnel can copy images to a CD-ROM or remove the hard drive and connect it to another PC for viewing. They also can mark the tape where an incident occurred without having to review it for hours.

“With the old system, we still were suffering too much vandalism on our buses, a cost of $160,000 per year,” Kesling says. “With more cameras on board, better resolution and easier downloading, we can go directly to the digital images whenever we notice something new or our drivers point out a concern.”

The St. Lucie district has 280 buses. BusSecure units will be added as old equipment fails and as new buses come into service. Two black-and-white cameras will be installed in the front and rear of each bus.
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