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June 1, 2004
New Products/Case Studies

Playground equipment

Playworld Systems

Bernie Bus is an ADA-accessible activity that promotes cooperative play among children. Features include cartoon-like accents, two steering wheels and noisemakers. It is available as either a spring mount or as an in-ground mount.
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Furniture catalog

LUXOR Specialty Furniture

Catalog #54L features 60 pages of specialty furniture for computers, TVs and audiovisual products. Sizes, prices and descriptive copy appear throughout. Storage systems for videotapes, literature and slides also are included.
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Network cabling


Ultra-Cinch Hook & Loop Ties offer a solution for managing network cabling. The material has the hooks and loops on the same side, allowing the user to secure a greater range of bundle diameters. A low-profile cinch-ring reduces overall bundle size, which minimizes interference with adjacent cables. The soft material prevents cable damage and over-tensioning of high-performance network cable.
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Building management


TAC Vista is a LonWorks-based building-management software that provides the flexibility and freedom to choose, install and operate a variety of building-management applications. It controls, checks and analyzes individual properties and entire building complexes, and enables operators to analyze, control and budget energy usage.
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Museum storage solutions

Spacesaver Corp.

The Museum Collection Care brochure illustrates many of the different storage options available from Spacesaver and its partner, Delta Designs Ltd. Storage choices range from high-density mobile systems, which can double the capacity of existing space, to specialty cabinetry for storage of objects of virtually any size or shape, including historical documents, rare books, textiles, specimens and other artifacts.
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Door selection literature

Marshfield Doorsystems

A brochure on selecting interior wood doors now is available. It highlights the Signature Series doors' ability to create multifunctional learning environments while honoring building codes and accessibility requirements. A selection of positive-pressure fire-rated doors (up to 90 minutes), environmentally certified core choices, and graffiti-resistant finishes further enhance this product line.
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IAQ monitoring


The PureTrac system monitors and reports indoor air quality in schools, offices, hospitals and other commercial buildings. Utilizing LonMark certified devices called Nose Monitors, PureTrac monitors a building's temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and organic odors and gases. The system documents these parameters every five minutes and reports the results to building management almost instantaneously via the Internet.
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Fire-resistant downlights

Prescolite/Hubbell Lighting, Inc.

FireTight fire-resistant recessed ceiling downlights provide reliable, high-performance lighting that is designed for demanding, fire-rated applications. FireTight is shipped pre-assembled for quick, easy installation into wood, concrete, steel, suspended or sheetrock ceilings. Because it replaces ineffective field-fabricated downlight enclosures, no special tools or equipment are needed for installation.
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Floor covering

Nora Rubber Flooring/Freudenberg Building Systems, Inc.

Norament 925 strada offers a combination of appearance and performance in resilient flooring. The floor covering's cubic surface and tone-in-tone granule design creates a distinctive look and ensures slip resistance in compliance with ADA guidelines. Designers can select from 16 standard colors. It is PVC-free and does not require waxing or sealing.
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Life safety

System Sensor

SpectrAlert Selectable Output Strobes and Horn/Strobes offer a wide range of candela options, and recognize and self-adjust for either 12- or 24-volt operation for a lower average current draw than other similar multi-candela models. They are installer-friendly with 2- and 4-wire designs. They mount to standard size backboxes with no encroachment into the box and include the QuickClick fastening feature that eliminates mounting screws.
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Sound amplification


The 705iR Portable Classroom Amplification System uses infrared technology, and eliminates FM interference and system cross talk. The portable unit requires no installation and can be operated on AC power or rechargeable batteries. The LightMic combines the microphone and transmitter into a small, lightweight unit worn around the neck. The system contains two channels, allowing for team-teaching. It also has a five-year warranty.
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Incident reporting

PPM 2000

Incident Reporting and Investigation Management Software (IRIMS) for campuses ensures compliance with the Clery Act by maintaining incident records beyond the required seven years; providing details for information dissemination to staff, students and the general public; producing a Uniform Crime Report (UCR) for submission to the FBI; creating a daily crime log; and generating a Clery Campus Crime Statistic Report for submission as the annual security report.
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Battery extractor


AquaRide SE is a battery rider carpet extractor that is designed to eliminate vacuuming before extracting. It increases productivity and reduces fatique by allowing the user to extract carpets while riding. The dual rotating brushes sweep up debris, collecting it in a hopper. With the 28-inch cleaning path band, productivity is increased up to 400 percent.
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Multi-surface cleaner

National Chemical Laboratories, Inc.

E-solution Multi-Surface Cleaner with H202 Super Concentrate uses hydrogen peroxide, all-natural citrus solvents and environmentally preferred detergents to safely and effectively clean almost any washable surface. A colorful, four-page brochure is available for a new system of environmentally safe Multi-Surface Cleaning products with H202. It features an application and handy procedures chart on the back cover.
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Simulating Wall Street

Technology creates real-world trading environment at business school


Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia, will be requiring IBM ThinkPad notebooks for all first-year students of the Erivan K. Haub School of Business. It has selected ThinkPad, IBM ThinkCentre desktops and ThinkVision flat-screen monitors to equip its new Wall Street Trading Room, which is designed to model a real-world trading environment.

The Trading Room provides access to financial data and software. It consists of a real-time Ticker Board, Picture Wall, Data Wall, and 36 IBM ThinkCentre desktop computers with 17-inch flat screens.

“The technology used to power the room is second to none,” says Ahmet Tezel, associate professor of finance and director of the Trading Room. “It is what one would see on the floor of any major stock exchange and includes capabilities to display real-time price data on many financial instruments.”

Saint Joseph's uses IBM's ThinkVantage Technologies, which can lower life-cycle costs by diminishing downtime and maintenance in PC networks. These technologies include ImageUltra, a custom image-creation technology designed to help lower IT costs; System Migration Assistant, which quickly migrates user-specific data and settings; and RapidRestore Ultra, a managed data-recovery solution that restores the software image, applications and user data files after a software failure.
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Managing mail

Advanced mailing machine and shipping system help improve mailroom operations


Bags of important mail flow in and out of the mail center at the University of Portland, Ore., each day. To efficiently handle all of the mail center's activity, the university uses Neopost's advanced mailing machine and logistics system.

The university processes 600 to 1,500 pieces of mail each day, says Gayle Alderman, supervisor of the university's mail center and switchboard.

The IJ105 mailing system delivers speed and reliability to the university's high-volume mail center. It provides an intelligent, in-motion mail-processing system that dynamically weighs mixed mail and packages.

“I think the IJ105 feature that I like the best is the in-motion feature, because with that capability, we never have to stop and weigh materials,” says Alderman. “The system weighs them in motion and takes care of applying the postage. It definitely makes my department more productive.”

In addition to the IJ105, the university also is using Neopost's FriendShip PS630 Package Shipping System. This PC-based, multi-carrier-compliant shipping software solution can control almost every aspect of a shipping department. With just a keystroke, the system weighs a package, identifies the best carrier rate for a desired service, calculates shipping and handling charges, generates a carrier package identification/tracking number, prints a compliant shipping label, prints the transaction onto a summary report, stores the data in a permanent database and transmits PLD manifest information electronically to the carrier. When connected to a Neopost mail machine, FriendShip can consolidate, then report both postage and shipping charges to validate department codes or pre-established budgets.
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Bridging technology gaps

Office software maximizes online resources at college

Hentzenwerke Publishing

Bacone College, Muskogee, Okla., partnered with Hentzenwerke Publishing to provide online reference resources that support its deployment of Linux and the office suite. Using these programs has enabled the college to maximize its limited technology resources and extend the life of previously abandoned personal computer hardware.

The suite has been deployed on older campus machines and a set of new computers recently purchased by the institution. Since it is a platform-independent Open Source office suite comparable to and compatible with Microsoft Office, it functions on each of the platforms being utilized by the student body and faculty. All users work with tools that are familiar to them without disruption, while the administration simply supports one software suite regardless of the user's hardware platform.

The conversion to Open Source began by deploying on a single IBM ThinkPad in the school's library. Funding was approved to standardize on most campus machines outside the computer lab. All systems needed to be manageable for a two-person IT staff and cost-effectively accommodate future technology changes. allowed the college to provide a standard office suite at reduced manpower costs. The Linux platform was loaded onto the hard drives along with, while 45 new IBM ThinkPads also were standardized on the Linux-based office suite. Students and faculty now have the power to share documents across platforms and competing office suites.
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