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Oct. 1, 2007
New products

Green roof calculator


The GreenSave Calculator is used to compute roofing alternatives having the same purpose (functional utility) over the same time frame, and then compare them to determine which has the lowest life-cycle cost for the selected study period. The calculator also takes into consideration whether some roofs have lower initial costs, but higher future costs. It is available at the Tremco website:
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Energy recovery


E-Z-AIRE is an economical, packaged, make-up air unit with a high-efficiency heat exchanger that brings in fresh outdoor air while exhausting a like amount of stale, polluted air. The air is exchanged while recovering significant heat energy from the exhaust air stream and transferring only the heat energy to the supply air, thus tempering the incoming air. Ten models are available with a wide range of operating flows and efficiencies.
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Sodium lamps

TCP, Inc.

High-pressure sodium lamps have three times the efficiency and five times the life of an incandescent light bulb, enabling them to last more than 24,000 hours. Available in 35 watts to 1,000 watts, high-pressure sodium lamps provide light levels of up to 100 lumens per watt. They produce a warm, incandescent-like color with exceptional brightness. The lamps operate on standard high-pressure sodium ballasts and auxiliary equipment, and are rated for use in open and enclosed fixtures.
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Green drywall

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum

DensArmor Plus Abuse Guard paperless interior drywall is GREENGUARD certified and resists common wear-and-tear in high-traffic areas such as corridors in schools and residence halls. The 5/8-inch, moisture- and mold-resistant drywall is easy to cut and fasten with standard drywall tools, has a non-combustible core, and accommodates a wide range of surface treatments.
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Daylighting design

Major Industries, Inc.

Five new four-page Daylighting Design Guides are available for download as PDFs at They feature daylighting products, numerous project photos and specific examples of how skylights and translucent wall panel systems can enhance classrooms and other educational spaces.
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Vinyl wallcovering

LSI Wallcovering

Second-Look is a recycled vinyl wallcovering. Its three collections — Versa, Cirqa and Plexus — offer 176 selections with at least 20 percent total recycled content and a minimum of 10 percent post-consumer. Specifiers can reclaim used vinyl from their renovation projects and send it to LSI for recycling. LSI accepts vinyl wallcovering made by any manufacturer, but screens all samples to ensure they meet environmental quality standards.
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