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April 1, 2003
New Products/Case Histories

Flooring replacement

Success experienced with a repeated choice

Gerflor Sports Flooring

Administrators at the Rice Consolidated Independent School District, Altair, Texas, knew exactly what to do when the high school's auxiliary gym floor needed replacing. Their 1994 installation of Gerflor's Taraflex Sports Flooring in the main gym brought about the decision to use Gerflor again.

Since the original installation, the Sport M floor in Rice High School's main gym has sustained a tremendous amount of use by the physical-education classes, while remaining intact and in good shape. Students from the three communities that attend the high school are in and out of the gym all day.

For the almost 6,000-square-foot auxiliary gym, the school district again selected Taraflex Sport M in the Oak Design. The floor was installed in April 2002. The wood-look of the new floor and the ease of cleaning are big advantages. The plastic tile flooring in the gym was removed because it had become very difficult to clean.

Although situated in separate buildings, the gyms have similar usage. Team practices, and freshman and sophomore games and tournaments are held in the auxiliary gym. Varsity basketball, volleyball and tennis games and practices take place in the 7,200-square-foot main gym. Power-lifting meets and graduation ceremonies are held on the main gym's Sport M floor, which features the school colors: blue, silver and gray.
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Cleaning strategies

The toughest cleaning job on campus just got easier


Bathrooms can be one of the toughest cleaning jobs on any school campus. From urinals to floors, many hard-to-clean surfaces need constant attention. One of the hardest-to-clean and most often overlooked surfaces is the floor. Floors usually are tiled and leave maintenance professionals in search of an easier and more effective way to keep uneven surfaces clean.

Robbinsdale Area Learning Campus (RALC), Robbinsdale, Minn., faced the challenge of cleaning uneven surfaces. As a K-8 school with 25 bathrooms on campus, hundreds of children use the bathroom facility each day, causing dirt, grime and residue to build up, which may result in permanent stains on the floors. The school's seven full-time and two part-time maintenance staff had tried to remove this residue, but were unsuccessful until they discovered the 3M Floor Brushes. They are designed with a wedge pattern that allows the bristles to dig in and remove dirt from tough-to-clean areas, such as grout lines.

The gritty nature of the bristles provided a solution that allowed the staff to clean 40-year-old grout thoroughly for the first time. Without the product, the grout would not have been restored to its natural color.

The brushes are designed for light-duty cleaning to heavy-duty scrubbing of most floor surfaces, and are available in a variety of sizes and levels of aggressiveness. The color-coded universal attachment allows the floor brushes to attach to existing floor-pad drive assemblies.
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Wall protection

Musson Rubber Co.

A new catalog features impact- and wall-protection products. They include flat wall guards in three heights for high-traffic areas. Handrails are featured in three different profiles: sculpted, float and cylindrical, which meet ADA guidelines for safety and support.
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Aluminum welds

Wire Propellant Systems

It was once considered impossible to feed aluminum wire through welders and attain consistent and dependable results. Now, professional results can be achieved without purchasing a spool gun or push-pull systems. The Wire Propellant System installs in about 15 minutes, and eliminates excessive burn backs into the contact tip and nested wire in the drive rollers.
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Lighting choices

Focal Point

The Skydome is inspired by dome shapes found in architecture. It illuminates the environment through simplicity of shape, versatile style and elegance. Skydome's two-, three- and four-inch diameter profiles are available with a variety of lamping options, and each can be mounted in grid or drywall ceiling conditions.
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Time accuracy

Primex Wireless

The Computer Time Sync is designed to work with the GPS Wireless Clock System. It synchronizes computer networks and stand-alone personal computers to an official time using a combination of GPS and FM signals. It automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time and automatically recovers after power outages.
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Smoking waste

Upbeat, Inc.

The Ash Stash series of wall-mounted and freestanding cone urns were created to keep properties free of messy and unsightly cigarette refuse. Clean City Squares has an Ash Stash urn to fit a variety of facilities needs. The cylindrical shape of the base provides stability.
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Wall panels

Curveline, Inc.

New custom-curved perforated metal panels may be used in exterior and interior applications to provide natural ventilation, light diffusion, sound control and other functions. The company has the capability to curve a wide selection of perforated 20- to 24-GA exposed fastener profiles in a variety of configurations.
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Cleaning solutions


The national rental chain has announced a vapor cleaning method that is faster, cleaner and a more natural way to tackle the grittiest cleaning projects. Dirt, grease and harmful micro-organisms are quickly dislodged from difficult surfaces with this commercial-strength sanitizer.
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Technology kit


A new retrofit kit has been introduced for integrating FaST Foam Scrubbing Technology on Model 5680 automatic scrubbers. The on-board FaST-PAK chemical system is a small, sealed, easily disposed cartridge that automatically feeds predetermined concentrate into the system to provide consistent cleaning performance.
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Floor resurfacer

Garon Products

The Pour-N-Walk product is a self-leveling epoxy strength floor resurfacer that provides a smooth, glossy, uniform surface that covers damaged concrete floors. The thick resurfacer withstands the impact and thermal shock of high traffic. Just mix, pour and finish with a notched squeegee. No topcoat is needed.
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Smoke detection

Voice Products

The CigaretteBuster Sprinkler detects illicit smokers and then sounds an alarm. The detector is hidden in a fake sprinkler head, responds instantaneously and covers 200 square feet. The unit is self-contained with no external wiring, allowing for quick installation.
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Interior panels

G-P Gypsum

The DensArmor Interior Guard is an interior panel that consists of a noncombustible gypsum core with a coated glass mat on the back and smooth, heavy-duty paper on the face. The glass mat provides protection from moisture in the stud cavity, and resists the growth of mold and mildew.
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Roofing accessories

Carlisle SynTec Incorporated

Factory-Applied SecurTAPE can be used with fully adhered and hot-mopped applications to improve speed, quality and performance of installations. The SecurTAPE aligns with the leading edge of the membrane, creating an instant bond that minimizes the potential for fishmouths or wrinkles.
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Flat-proofing tires


The RePneu flat-proofing polyurethane fill is designed for operators of heavy construction and earth-moving equipment who cannot afford costly downtime caused by flat tires. It has a “softness” of 28 (durometer) and offers medium tire deflection and improved tear strength and compression set.
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Tub retrofits

The Swan Corporation

The Retrofit Shower System takes the hassle out of remodeling jobs where a bathtub is replaced with a shower. It is available with the drain on either the left or right side, which allows for direct hook-up to the existing drain.
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Custom-crafted lighting

Meyda Tiffany

The Old Forge Collection series is handcrafted in the foothills of New York's Adirondack Mountains. The series features many original lighting and decor designs that were inspired by nature. Solid steel is forged with attention to detail into chandeliers, lamps, sconces and accessories.
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