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March 1, 2007
New Products/Case Studies

Electronic locks


CyberLock cylinders quickly convert existing mechanical lock hardware into a high-security lock by replacing the mechanical lock cylinder with the new electronic cylinder. Each CyberLock cylinder contains a microprocessor and memory, and is designed to the exact dimensional standards of the mechanical cylinder it is replacing. The system consists of the CyberLock cylinder that cannot be picked and the CyberKey that cannot be duplicated.
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Wall systems


Thermal entrances, which include a thermally broken door and frame, are manufactured in narrow, medium and wide stile doors. They come in sizes up to 4 feet by 8 feet and accept 1-inch glass infills. The entrances are engineered for the Vistawall FG-3000 Thermal MultiPlane and HP-1750 Window Wall storefront systems, as well as for the CW-250 curtainwall system.
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Classroom furniture


The Discover chair and desk line combines thoracic and lumbar support with flexibility so students can sit comfortably in ergonomically correct positions. The chair's features include a flexible back with supportive ribbing for the middle to upper back, a generous seat surface shaped to support rear and upper legs, and a shape that mimics the body's natural position. The Discover Companion Desk features a contoured desktop that enables students to position themselves comfortably over the work surface and optional adjustable legs that ensure optimal work surface height.
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Court smart

Versatile sports flooring accommodates multiple activities

Taraflex Sports Flooring

The $14 million Hynes Athletic Center at Iona College, New Rochelle, N.Y., features 15,000 square feet of two of Taraflex Sports Flooring's newest surfaces. The versatility of the flooring is evident.

“The floor has been great for us,” says Matt Glovaski, assistant athletic director for recreation and intramurals. “Definitely, the floor allows us to host a variety of sports including basketball, volleyball, wiffle ball and dodge ball. We've had no injuries, and the floor is really resilient; plus, it cleans up very well.”

Taraflex Sport Performance Plus in maple design bordered by a forest green running track was installed in the 11,000-square-foot gym. The gym features two courts adaptable for basketball or volleyball with one NCAA regulation-size court within them.

The Core Studio on the second level with Taraflex Sport M Plus Maple Design provides 2,000 square feet of space for students involved in the Wellness Program and using Physioballs, yoga mats, step-ups and other equipment. Taraflex Sport Performance Plus also is installed in the aerobics studio, which has more than 2,000 square feet for aerobics and dance classes, and Iona's cheerleading and dance team's rehearsals.
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Built to last

Life-cycle costs play a role in selecting the right material for the job

Umicore Building Products USA Inc.

The Hall for Humanities & Research Administration at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) was completed in April 2006. The architect, Calloway, Johnston, Moore and West (Winston-Salem, N.C.), and the university wanted the building to have a contemporary feel and still blend with the rest of the campus, with its traditional character and pitched roof designs.

Although many factors including aesthetics, initial costs and durability are considered during the material selection process for construction projects at UNCG, long-term costs are given substantial weight. Each new project is reviewed for total cost of ownership including first costs, projected and actual maintenance costs, and warranty costs.

“We build our structures for the long term with an eye at a 100-year life,” says Fred Patrick, director of facilities design and construction.

The university and the architect specified VM Zinc for the roof. Zinc is a natural material with a self-healing characteristic that protects from scratches and mars. The color is more natural than other metals, and it has a proven life span with few maintenance costs. “Typically our new construction budgets are ample, but our maintenance budgets are scarce,” says Patrick. “Utilizing better materials that will meet our long-term goals also saves money for us in the long run. The university is willing to pay a little more up front for quality materials that will meet our standards.”
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