Across the Nation: Interacting with campus

Dec. 1, 2000
University of Idaho, The Idaho Commons

MOSCOW - The Idaho Commons at the University of Idaho offers a new model for student unions. This 145,000-square-foot building takes the lounge from residence halls, the study space from the library, the food from the cafeteria, etc., and combines them into one facility that almost everyone on campus must use during the course of the day.

The commons also incorporates sustainable design features, making it an efficient building. These include daylighted classrooms with movable walls and clerestories, providing extra light in spaces that are normally walls.

The ultimate goal of this building is to create an active facility that brings the many facets of the university together. Students, faculty and staff who might otherwise never cross paths now interact as they use the resources and services provided by the facility.

The commons building was completed by Yost Grube Hall Architecture.

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