Across the Nation: Remodeling, expanding and modernizing

Feb. 1, 2001
Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College, Portland

PORTLAND - A $15 million project will remodel, expand and modernize the Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College.

The first phase of a two-tiered strategy will include the renovation of the Paul L. Boley Library, the largest law library in the state. Originally designed to house 100,000 volumes, the library has swollen to 450,000 and has run out of space. The expansion will add 40,000 square feet to the facility.

The library also will be outfitted with a new technology-based infrastructure, which will allow students to readily access the computerized legal databases.

In designing plans for the renovation, the architect was challenged with preserving the essential character of the current facilities as well as the environmental quality of the entire campus, which abuts the woodlands of Tryon Creek State Park. To limit the physical intrusion, a three-story addition will be built on the site of an existing parking lot. The design for the new building also includes sunscreens and light shelves to reduce dependence on electric light and to ease the cooling load for the building. A rooftop light monitor will bring in natural light and increase natural ventilation.

Renovation plans also call for expanded conference and study areas, a computer lab, a computer teaching lab, two seminar rooms, three law review offices, and a rare book room.

Architect for the project is Soderstrom Architects.

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