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Sept. 1, 2001
Modular seating Wieland Furniture offers the Loop Seating Series. The modular seating solution offers inside and outside wedge-seating units. The ergonomic form of the loop provides unlimited seating options and can be transformed from right angles into ...

Modular seating

Wieland Furniture offers the Loop Seating Series. The modular seating solution offers inside and outside wedge-seating units. The ergonomic form of the loop provides unlimited seating options and can be transformed from right angles into arcs. Three styles of chairs include upholstered arms, tubular arms and an armless design.

Tablet-arm option

American Seating introduces a heavy-duty tablet-arm option for the Acton Stacker chair. The arm option, in both standard and oversized dimensions, can support up to 300 pounds. Ideal for classroom use with laptop computers or other organizational devices, the arm is available in a variety of mar-resistant laminates.

Single-tier lockers

Penco Products is offering Vanguard single-tier lockers. The units' baked enamel finish withstands daily use and abuse, and is available in 20 standard colors. Features include multi-point latching, a die-cast handle, and spring-loaded latch clips. Lockers 18 inches deep or more come with a coat rod in addition to coat hangers.


National Chemical Laboratories offers Ultramax, a pH-neutral cleaner and degreaser. The product is designed for alkaline-sensitive surfaces, including aluminum, copper and other soft metals. It can be used in pressure washing or as a parts cleaner. The formula is non-corrosive and non-toxic.

Mounting system

Elkay Manufacturing introduces mounting systems for barrier-free water coolers and drinking fountains. Four new mounting frame and plate models replace 15 discontinued models. The MF100 and MF200 mounting frames will accommodate the Square Front, Soft Sides and SwirlFlo water coolers. MP20 and MP20RA mounting plates can be used to install two-level standard and reversed drinking fountains.

Workspace product catalog

Lyon Workspace Products is offering a 196-page general catalog. The catalog features 10 product categories, including safety and ergonomic products, workspace furniture, storage cabinets, shelving, racks, modular drawer cabinets and tool storage.

On-the-job sweatband

American Allsafe offers Slim Zim sweatbands. The sweatbands provide comfort and safety by preventing perspiration from running into workers' eyes. Constructed from a flat material, the bands do not require an anti-fungal treatment.

Cork flooring

To Market is offering Unicork flooring. The cork material is produced from the renewable bark of cork trees and is available in 12 color patterns. Cork floors provide thermal insulation, are resistant to mold and mildew, and are naturally hypo-allergenic. The air-filled cellular structure gives the tiles natural resilience and sound-absorbing qualities.

Maintenance catalog

Maintenance offers the Pavement Maintenance Products Catalog. The catalog includes a selection of asphalt and concrete coatings, crack sealants, line striping, marking and stenciling products, recreational color surfacing, tools and safety supplies.

Elevator standards

NEII-1-2000, Building Transportation Standards and Guidelines is available from Elevator World. The publication is a reference for the dimensional, performance, application and evaluation requirements of building-transportation systems, including elevators, escalators and moving walks. Written by the Performance Standards Committee of National Elevator Industry, the standards can be used for drawings and specifications.

Airflow horns

TSI's line of AM Series Airflow Horns is ideal for measuring low flows. Applications include supply or return registers, diffusers in tight areas or narrow hallways, and small, low-flow diffusers. The horns are made from lightweight fiberglass.

Training tables

Paragon Furniture is offering semi-recessed training tables. The workstations feature powder-coated, welded frames with 1-inch steel legs. The table accommodates monitors up to 17 inches, and a modesty panel with a built-in G-channel provides wire management. The table is available in one- or two-person units.

Audience seating

Wenger offers Upper Deck audience seating for arenas, performing-arts facilities and other multiuse venues. The seating is composed of columns, trusses, endframes, decks and rails that are assembled with quick-release pins. The components feature welded-steel construction.

Steam and water vents

Hoffman Specialty is offering natural brass steam and water vents. The units comply with ISO 14001 certification.

Server interface

Siemens Building Technologies offers the OPC server interface available with APOGEE Insight 3.2 and 3.3. The server gives access to the APOGEE building-management system information for monitoring. Users can monitor alarms, adjust alarm limits, read and write current point values, read totalization values and read point description information.

Contract documents software

EF V3.0 is available from the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The software program allows customization of documents, enhanced navigation tools and a meter-based pricing option. In addition, users can work on several documents at the same time. Current forms and editions for more than 75 AIA standard form contract documents are included.

Graffiti barrier

Dumond Chemicals offers the CPU 647 Non-Sacrificial Graffiti Barrier Coating. The polyurethane coating is not removed along with the graffiti, but remains in place, providing a barrier coating with beading properties to repel graffiti. The barrier can be used on brick, concrete, stucco, copper, brass, wood and plastic.

Grout-line brush

Flo-Pac introduces the Grout Line Brush. The brush allows the user to clean grout from a standing position. The swiveling head, with stiff-crimped nylon bristles, lets the brush glide along grout lines.

Equipment catalog

Dozier Equipment offers its Buyers Guide Catalog. The color catalog contains product categories such as cabinets and lockers, shelving and racks, material storage, and shop equipment. The Hercules product line also is featured.

Odor control

Vaportek introduces DeodorGrans Odor Control Granules. The granules help eliminate odors around waste-collection areas. In addition, the odor-control product contains citronella oil to deter flies, bees and other insects.

Tandem dolly

Rubbermaid Commercial Products offers the Tandem Brute Dolly. Users can collect general waste and recyclables in one trip by mounting two containers in mixed sizes and colors. The dolly also allows cleaning staff to collect and separate various recyclable materials simultaneously.

Microbe shield

USG Corporation offers Astro Climaplus ceiling panels with AEGIS Microbe Shield. A biocidal agent in the panels prevents sick building syndrome (SBS) by rupturing the cell membranes of micro-organisms. The non-volatile polymer does not create a zone of inhibition or dissipate.

Pre-assembled booth

Porta-King is offering the COL Model Durasteel booth. The building is constructed of 14-gauge galvanized steel exterior surfaces and 16-gauge interior surfaces. The insulated, two-inch wall panels feature a structural, tubular framework. Bullet-resistant glass and transaction drawers are available, as well as built-in HVAC, electric and plumbing accessories.

Boiler-cleaning system

Goodway Technologies offers the SAM-3 firetube boiler-cleaning system. The unit has interchangeable bayonet nozzles and uses a cleaning tool mounted to the tip of a 26-inch spring steel tape. A trigger switch controls tape feed, and the vacuum removes loosened deposits.

Compact smoke detector

SimplexGrinnell has introduced its TrueAlarm Laser Compact, an air-aspiration smoke detector that provides very-early-warning fire-detection capabilities in small, high-risk areas such as telecommunications facilities, clean rooms and data-processing cabinets. The detector is designed specifically to protect environments of 5,000 square feet or less.

Office chairs

BioFit Engineered Products offers the Opus series of upholstered office chairs. The chairs offer ergonomic support and coordinated seating design and can be used by multiple users or by individuals who spend long periods at a desk or workstation. The backrest provides lumbar support, and the seat measures 20½ inches wide by 19 inches deep. Carpet casters add mobility.

HVAC serial communication

Danfoss Graham is offering a set of serial communication features of the VLT 6000 adjustable-frequency drive. Capable of interfacing with building-automation systems, the drive is compatible with other protocols. No additional hardware or software is necessary.

Single-ply membranes

Carlisle SynTec announces Sure-Weld EXTRA 72- and 80-mil thick TPO single-ply membranes, which can be used when specifications call for heavier mil thickness or when the demands of the project require extra long-term protection from weather or potential rooftop abuse. The membranes are available in white, gray or tan.

Fume hood

HEMCO offers the compact fume hood. The unit comes in 30-, 36- and 48-inch widths. The contoured seamless liner has a non-porous surface that resists discoloration and ensures efficient airflow. The vapor-proof, single incandescent light fixture has a column-mounted light switch. The hood system requires a remotely located exhaust blower.

Upright vacuum

Pacific Steamex's new 14-inch and 18-inch dual-motor upright Genius vacuums have received safety approval. The models feature an overload protector in which the motor shuts off in the event that a dirty filter prevents airflow. The vacuum has a top-filling bag and HEPA filtration of 99.99 percent to 0.3 microns.

Window shades

A new line of window shades from Draper is available. The Access FlexShade features an extruded aluminum headbox, which installs above the ceiling during the “dirty” phase of construction. A flange along the bottom front of the case can support acoustical ceiling tile or trim the opening. The motorized shade installs in seconds with preset latching roller brackets.

Software catalog

Zurn/Wilkins offers Fast Application Tools Catalog (F.A.T. Cat II), an electronic software catalog. The CD catalog assists users in selecting water-control products for custom specifications. The catalog lists technical information on products, including flow characteristics, materials of construction and product options.

Incident-reporting software

PPM 2000's IRIMS Express, created for Allied Security, enables security officers to enter incident-reporting information electronically, eliminating paperwork and paper trails. Data entry is more accurate and efficient, and retrieving information is instantaneous. It also improves incident-tracking capabilities.

Vacuum plumbing systems

AcornVac is offering an engineered vacuum system for collecting and removing condensate and wastewater from refrigerated and frozen food cases, and food-preparation sinks. The system provides more flexibility in case layout by eliminating the need for and the cost of under-slab waste piping.

Floor finish

Butcher's announces Amplify, a high-solids, durable floor finish. It provides initial gloss with fewer coats, reducing finishing labor by up to 30 percent. The finish applies easily and levels with no mop drag. It also responds well to spray buffing or UHS burnishing.

Lightweight folding table

Palmer Snyder introduces its new Champion Series lightweight folding table. Heavy-duty steel wishbone-style table legs are secured to the table with self-tapping screws mounted to integrated aluminum plates. The table is available in various rectangular and round sizes, and in charcoal gray and desert tan colors.


The SolaMaster Series of tubular skylights from Solatube is now available. It is designed for a variety of commercial configurations, including suspended ceiling systems, finished drywall ceilings and open warehouse spaces. One Solamaster produces up to 12,000 light-loss-free usable lumens of light during normal daytime hours, replacing up to six fluorescent lamps. Seamless flashings are fabricated as a single piece to ensure leakproof performance.

Metal detector

A handheld metal detector has been introduced by Garrett Metal Detectors. The SuperWand offers smooth handling and easy operation with a one-touch button and three-color LED display, all to provide precise 360-degree detection of all ferrous and non-ferrous metallic objects. Users can choose between clear audible or silent vibrate/LED alarm signals. A nine-volt battery provides up to 80 hours of operation.

Stacking chair

La-Z-Boy Contract Furniture Group has introduced a new line of task seating, the Clipper Collection, and series of stacking/nesting chairs, the Trillipse Collection. The stacking/nesting chair collection features retractable ganging brackets on some versions, and storage trays mounted to the bottom of the chairs on other models. The Clipper Collection of managerial task chairs features a synchronized seat and back, which recline to support various degrees of relaxed and alert activities. It has multiple tilt lock positions and has adjustable backheight and arm pads.

ADA signage

SCOTT Sign Systems offers a line of ADA-compliant signs. Systems include standard lines of injection-molded Brailletters and plaques to custom capabilities. Now offered is the Boys and Girls injection-molded plaques featuring radius corners, raised letters, pictogram and Braille. The signs are available in black, white and taupe.

Card printer

The new Persona C11 desktop plastic card printer is available from Fargo Electronics. A full-color dye-sublimation printer, the C11 prints high-quality, continuous-tone photo ID cards edge-to-edge on standard CR-80 PVC cards. It has a one-touch top cover release that opens widely for convenient access. The printer also is available in a monochrome-only version, the M11.

Window line

Pella's Designer Series includes Smart Sash II glazing, aluminum-clad exteriors, wood interiors and various masonry sizes. The between-the-glass options are tucked away between panes of glass, away from dust, dirt and hands, without covering up the window's lines or wood interior.

Floor scrubber

Windsor Industries introduces its Saber Compact 17-inch walk-behind floor scrubber for cleaning small areas. The scrubber cleans fast and efficiently with maneuverability, and ease of use. The hands-free spin on/off brush/pad system allows operators to mount and remove the brush without using their hands. A simple two-switch control panel and easy-to-adjust squeegee decreases training time for greater productivity.

Ceiling fans

The new Orbit from Regency Ceiling Fans is constructed with a stainless-steel finish and features 52-inch maple blades. Optional blade sets are available in silver and black. The fan includes a 100W domed halogen light kit, as well as a remote control for easy operation. The fan can be mounted on sloped ceilings.

Synchronized clock system

Atomix provides clocks perfectly synchronized to each other without requiring wires because they receive the time from the U.S. government's atomic clock. In addition to the usual innerworks of a clock, each clock contains a radio receiver and a microchip. A single AA alkaline battery will power the clock for up to two years. Various styles, finishes and colors are available.

Digital video/CCTV

The new DVRX single-box, combination transmission and recording system from cVideo has been announced. It enables remote monitoring of networked security system and features compression technology to store twice as much digital-video data as other products, without compromising image quality. The system is a combination of digital hardware and software that replace analog closed-circuit television (CCTV) recorders, mutiplexers and transmission systems used in surveillance.

Walk-behind sweeper

Nobles introduces the redesigned Scout 28, walk-behind sweeper. Additional benefits include the forest green color, side wall guards that extend the entire product and a smooth, contoured shape. Easy three-wheel turning system and fingertip controls are user-friendly for low-operator fatigue. The sweeper comes standard with a 12-volt, 105-amp hr. battery for cordless operation.

Cleaning system

Unger has introduced its new Restroom Specialist Cleaning System. The system centers on a labor-saving ergonomic process involving a complete set of restroom cleaning tools for both daily and project use. These include: the SprayerOnABelt, the MicroWipeR and MicroWipeRG, microfiber SmartMop and ProDuster.

Surveillance system

The ExitView from Silent Witness is available. It can be installed on or beside any commercial door frame. The camera pairs the effectiveness of a height strip gauge with a high performance, eye-level CCD camera for identification and apprehension. The camera is available in silver and black.

Steamer alternative

Amana Commercial Products Division introduces the Steamer Express, which rapidly steams foods. It is easy to install since no plumbing or vent hoods are required. It's portable and stackable so operators can easily move it within their kitchens. The steamer stores up to 100 menu items, operates on 3.7 kW and cuts water usage by more than 95 percent.


Taraflex Sport Plus from Gerflor is designed for the flooring challenges of childcare centers, cafeterias and other heavily used facilities. The flooring is coated with Roctop, a factory-applied polyurethane surface treatment that is impermeable and stain-resistant. The scratch-resistant flooring includes a double fiberglass layer that reduces indentations from tables, chairs and food carts. The flooring is 100 percent vinyl, 30 percent of which comes from recycled chips, which are inlaid to create unique flecked patterns.

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