April 2011 Product Solutions

April 1, 2011
Products and case studies from the April 2011 issue.

Music Appreciation

Equipment storage fills music department needs

Wenger. In the theater arts department at Prosper High School, Prosper, Texas, director Patrick O'Neil relies on a variety of equipment. The black-box theater features Wenger Versalite platforms and Portable Audience Chairs for audience seating.

O'Neil says the Versalite platforms provide many options for reconfiguring seating, and extra platforms can be set up for other events. The flipFORMS and Stage Boxes provide similar flexibility and are used almost daily.

"Students use them to create scenes in my acting classes," says O¡¯Neil. "They are versatile, lightweight and easy to work with."

Three Rack 'n Roll garment racks are used in the dressing rooms, which lack fixed places to hang clothing or costumes. For quick changes in the wings, O'Neil says the privacy screens work really well. Four Backstage Makeup Stations also are used backstage and taken along to competitions.

In the music department, director of bands Gil Flores also depends on Wenger. For instrument storage, he selected AcoustiCabinets, which feature built-in acoustically absorptive material.

"These cabinets are beautiful furniture and they help us maximize our space," says Flores. "The instruments fit inside really well and are kept secure."

He appreciates the Rehearsal Resource Center for handing out resource materials, for clinician purposes or just for all-around uses; the choir and band each have one.

Organization in the music suite also is aided by the new Music Library system.

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Furniture update

University commits to sustainable practices within residence halls

The Refinishing Touch. Eastern Mennonite University (EMU), Harrisonburg, Va., recently completed the first phase of a large-scale wall unit modification project at Elmwood residence hall, which houses 88 students.

The second phase of the project is scheduled to be completed this summer at the university's Maplewood residence hall, which houses 86 students and is one of the oldest buildings on campus. In total, the project will see the refinishing and re-manufacturing of 75 wall units, each comprising wardrobe, drawers, mirror frame and sliding doors.

The Refinishing Touch used LEED-approved finishes on the project in order to adhere to all LEED specifications. The project was completed on-site where non-toxic lacquers with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were used, which promotes indoor air quality and safety.

"EMU recognizes the environmental impact and benefits of refinishing as a terrific option opposed to purchasing new furniture," says Eldon Kurtz, director of physical plants. "The project was completed quickly and economically, and has resulted in beautifully refurbished wall units in the Elmwood residence hall."

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Contemporary Design

Administrative space transforms from unfinished to beautiful and functional

KI. Brooklyn Law School, Brooklyn, N.Y., has selected KI's Genius movable walls to transform an unfinished storage space into a beautiful, functional and highly flexible administrative staff space. The double-decker stacked configuration of movable walls features an artful blend of glass, color and lighting to create an industrial, open and welcoming environment-all while supporting the school's emphasis on maximizing flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

"Designing a beautiful, fully functional space for the law school was paramount," says Laurence Tamaccio, architect, Laurence Tamaccio Design Destinations, LLC. "The transparency and translucency of Genius movable walls allowed us to harmoniously bring the space together in a lively, upbeat and team-friendly way."

The new 7,000 square-foot, dual-level administrative area consolidates the school's Development and External Affairs departments. All of the ground floor (4,000 square feet) and mezzanine area (3,000 square feet) common corridor walls are composed of Genius movable walls and feature 17 private offices, seven open offices, conference areas and a library/storage work area.

With just four to five basic parts required, fewer than any other wall product, the movable walls offer quick installation with minimal disruption. Ease of installation also contributes to lower life-cycle costs for movable walls when compared with drywall.

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Sustainable business solutions

Xpedx. Net Impact is teaming with xpedx, International Paper's North American distribution business, to host a student competition promoting ongoing sustainable business practices in xpedx's supply chain. As part of the competition, MBA students from the Net Impact network will develop a survey and scorecard that xpedx can use to document the sustainability goals and policies of the manufacturers xpedx represents. Net Impact will select three student teams from its network of more than 170 MBA chapters worldwide. The teams will work with xpedx and its suppliers to develop their projects, submitting their final surveys, scorecards and analyses by early May 2011.

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Portable lift

JLG Industries, Inc. The FS60 is the newest addition to the LiftPod line of aerial work platforms, which combines the portability of a ladder with the stability of a work platform. The unit¡¯s 30-inch base enables operators to move the LiftPod through doorways without having to take it apart. With an enclosed platform, 12-foot working height and 6-foot standing height, it also enables workers to move hands-free in a 360-degree range of motion.

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Floor-care system

Procter & Gamble Professional. The P&G ProLine Floor Care System is a unique and complete product lineup of floor-care solutions formulated to work together to deliver a brilliant shine that stands the test of time. The system features a low-odor floor finish stripper, seven new floor finishes and neutral-impact cleaners-all designed to work together to meet a school¡¯s unique needs. The latest innovation also features EPA Designed for the Environment (DfE)-certified floor finish and cleaner, which exceed the Green Seal's GS-40 standards for industrial and institutional use.

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Device latching system

Corbin Russwin. The FE5400S Multi-Point Exit Device Latching System is a three-point auto deadlocking system designed to help protect lives by securing shelters. Its extra-heavy-duty steel components secure the door to the frame-at the top, bottom and center latch points-to withstand extreme wind speeds and flying debris. All three latching points are activated automatically when the door is closed.

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Vegetative roof

Firestone Building Products Company, LLC. SkyScape is a new vegetative roof system featuring a patented, double-interlocking tray design. It provides an insulating layer that makes building heating and cooling more efficient, protects roofing material from UV and heat-stress degradation, and extends the service life of the underlying roof system. It is available in a modular tray or multi-layered system.

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Wood products

Kinetics Noise Control Inc. Two new wood products, the Alto Acoustical Wood Planking System and the Sereno Acoustical Wood Panel System, are available. These high-end wood products are popular with designers seeking beautiful wood finishes and good acoustics. Both products are constructed of an MDF core and hardwood veneer laminate face perforated for acoustical absorption. NRC ratings range from 0.70 to 1.0 with 1- or 2-inch fiberglass behind the panel.

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Fan brochure

Greenheck. A new brochure highlights its line of industrial process fans. Greenheck radial wheel industrial process centrifugal fans are designed to provide reliable operation for a full range of applications, from industrial process ventilation to material handling. AMCA-licensed for air performance, the industrial process fans are available in both belt and direct-drive configurations. The brochure includes a material specifications chart, detailed configurations, options and accessories information, and typical specifications.

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Sustainable business partnerships

National Office Furniture. The company has announced partnerships with ecoScorecard and ANEW to ensure sustainable information, solutions and programs are readily accessible. The full product portfolio now is live on ecoScorecard, a Web-based tool that consolidates sustainable product information in one place for time savings when compiling environmental product information. Free to use and available 24/7, ecoScorecard simplifies the process of searching, comparing and evaluating National's products as well as easily calculating and producing documentation for LEED and other green rating systems. In addition, National offers a take-back program through a partnership with non-profit organization, ANEW (Asset Network for Education Worldwide), which works with organizations to collect, organize and repurpose furniture and other items for donation to the underserved resulting in landfill diversion, cost savings and social responsibility.

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Lead-free lavatory products

Intersan Manufacturing. The company now is offering its washfountain and lavatory products with a lead-free option that will enable installers to meet the standards set by AB 1953 and S.0152. This standard set by the governmental authorities of California and Vermont set the acceptable lead content of wetted surface area to 0.25 percent. These laws were created as a result of the EPA finding that a significant source of lead was a result of water from faucets and plumbing fittings.

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Security mapping

Genetec. The Plan Manager is a map-based command and control feature that extends the concept of traditional graphical maps, and provides operators with an interactive and efficient tool to help manage their security environments. It is offered to customers as an add-on module within Omnicast, Genetec’s video surveillance system. Plan Manager enables operators to create and integrate maps of their unique environments into their video surveillance systems. Then, users can instantly access and manipulate various graphical entities on the map such as hot spots (pre-defined high-security zones), map links (links to different points between floor plans or within the same floor plan), favorite views, cameras and other solutions.

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Pest control

Brandenburg. The iST (Intelligent Systems Technology) Monitor identifies when rats and rodents are on the move on school premises, and sensors send an SMS or email from the school to the pest controller. The iST system is easy to install and activate, wherever is most convenient, with no plugs, wiring or batteries. It provides constant 24-hour/365 days per year monitoring of all critical areas, with no limits to coverage, and real-time alerts. Alert data is held automatically on an SQL database for transfer to a school's on-site reporting system, or via intranet/Internet to remote systems for review of "hot spot" or trends analysis.

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Cartridge product guide

Chicago Faucets. The new Cartridges Product Guide describes the complete range of Chicago Faucets cartridges available-with features, product numbers and descriptions-including Quaturn Compression Cartridges, Ceramic Cartridges, Slow Compression Cartridges and Water-Conserving Metering Cartridges. Many Chicago Faucets cartridges can be easily rebuilt, reducing maintenance costs.

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Quick sign system

Pexco. The Parking Lot Sign Post System is a lightweight, cost-effective, durable plastic sign post and impact-resistant base. The easy-to-install plastic base and post are available from the Davidson Traffic Control Products division and appropriate for a variety of parking facility applications, from special-event signage to handicapped-parking locations, and take minutes to install. Unlike metal post systems, the system is constructed of lightweight UV-stabilized plastics to withstand all weather conditions. It will bend when struck, return to vertical and will not damage vehicles. Customers can select from two post designs: a white X-Tube post, which is supported by two internal, corner-to-corner reinforcing cross beams made from stabilized polymers; or a Y-Tube made from engineering thermoplastic resin and available in a rainbow of colors for enhanced visibility.

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