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Dec. 1, 2001
Floor cleaner Butcher's Raindance is an ultra-low foam, neutral floor cleaner, formulated with environmentally friendly detergents and a fresh, clean fragrance. It is made with a non-alkaline formula that will not dull high-gloss finishes. The low-foam ...

Floor cleaner


Raindance is an ultra-low foam, neutral floor cleaner, formulated with environmentally friendly detergents and a fresh, clean fragrance. It is made with a non-alkaline formula that will not dull high-gloss finishes. The low-foam formula makes it ideal for autoscrubbers.


Aztec Products, Inc.

Stripmaster is the industry's first orbital action, propane-driven, stripper-scrubber that is a dual-purpose machine. It scrubs and strips tile floors, and scrubs grouted ceramic tile and concrete. Designed for easy maneuverability and faster floor maintenance, the Stripmaster powered by propane glides forward and back, eliminating the danger of dragging an electric cord.

Guard booth

B.I.G. Enterprises

The Fortress Style Guard Booth provides protection and high security. Booths can be used as movable or stationary modules, information kiosks, parking-attendant shelters, and surveillance and security stations. The booth is made of steel construction.

Sports flooring


The 2002 selection of Taraflex Sports floors now has 10 new color options. Colors include traditional looks, as well as bold shades of purple, coral, gold, tangerine and lagoon. The sports flooring can be used for a variety of athletic activities.

Tile pavers


ADA tile precast pavers are in compliance with the strict regulations set forth by the ADA. They are available in 12- and 18-inch standard sizes and also in larger precast panels.

Maintenance management

Strategic Resource Solutions (SRS)

ACT 1000 Client/Server is a comprehensive maintenance-management application that provides facility professionals control over maintenance and operational resources to more effectively manage their multi-site enterprises. It features work-order control, advanced preventive maintenance, inventory management, facility scheduling and equipment tracking to effectively lower costs while improving accountability and quality of service.

Laboratory planning


The new Laboratory Planning Guide focuses on a line of furniture, fume hoods and other equipment needed to outfit a laboratory. It includes a selection of floor- and wall- mounted cabinets with many door and drawer combinations, acid and flammable storage cabinets, plus chemical-resistant countertops, sink and service fixtures. Mobile Minilab and Safety Station are among the new products in the guide.

Wireless security

GE Capital Modular Space

TattleTale is a portable, easy-to-install wireless security solution that provides an alternative to hard-wired systems. It offers a wide range of accessories such as smoke and motion detectors. The on-site package includes a main unit equipped with a motion detector, a high-power strobe light, and a 115-decibel siren and keypad. When the motion detector senses the body heat of an intruder — or the main unit is tampered with — TattleTale sends a cellular alarm notification to authorities in six-tenths of a second.

Cleaning system


SmartMop is part of the Restroom Specialist Cleaning System, designed to save contractors and in-house cleaning operations time and money over conventional restroom methods, while improving the level of cleanliness, appearance and worker comfort in all types and sizes of restroom facilities. It is 70 percent lighter than standard mops.

Safety surfacing

Musson Rubber Co.

Grit-Strip safety surfacing is a tough, mineral-coated, waterproof non-slip surface with a pressure-sensitive adhesive back. It helps grip foot traffic, prevents slipping and is easy to apply inside or outside. It comes in regular sizes with rounded corners or in rolls that can be cut to any length.

Mobile security

Hirsch Electronics

Velocity's Mobile Workstation allows the security staff to do their jobs from any location within the wired or wireless LAN. Version 2.0 supports system installations with up to five workstations. With Velocity a guard can leave his or her post and take the mobile workstation along, whether on patrol or in response to an emergency.

Vacuum cleaner

Riccar America

With a 12-amp DuraTech motor, the new 8920 and 8925 model commercial vacuum cleaners combine powerful cleaning with durability. The automatic height-adjustment feature allows cleaning of any carpet type. With the flip of a switch, the 8925's rug/floor setting enables the vacuum to move easily between carpet and bare floor.

Vandal-resistant shower

Most Dependable Fountains

The Model 560 is an accessible vandal-resistant shower for recreation areas. It features a metered side of the shower with the push bar at 40 inches, and the shower at 48 inches to accommodate wheelchair access along with the standard foot- and shower-heads, and pushbars with self-closing valves.

Call management

Code Blue

InterActCMS is the new fully integrated Call Management System for CB 300 emergency telephones. It provides full-incident activity documentation through recorded audio transmission, unit recognition, call definition (emergency, information, auxiliary, input or loss of power) and an automatically archived database. It requires no physical hardware modification to the computer system and does not require an external caller ID display near the monitor.

Chair line

Wieland Furniture

The Scroll Series is a refined design that excels under rigorous conditions, but is aesthetically appealing at the same time. It creates an added dimension of comfort and softness through the design of a pillow-arm, which can be replaced or renewed, along with the other chair components, for the life of the product.

Limestone-deposit eliminator

ClearWater Enviro Technologies, Inc.

ScaleBlaster eliminates the formation of limescale deposits in water pipes, faucets, cooling towers, boilers, injection molding and heating elements without the need for water-softening equipment, salts, chemicals or maintenance. Existing scale is removed and never forms again. This product is non-invasive and adds nothing to the water.

Energy-recovery accessory


An energy-recovery wheel is available as a factory-installed option with Roofpak applied rooftop systems and rooftop air handlers. It reduces the amount of cooling and energy expense required to treat minimum outside air amounts. Available with cooling capacities from 15 to 135 tons, systems have a modular design that allows units to be customized for energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and low-cost installation and maintenance.

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