Project File: Living and learning

April 1, 2006
Valdosta State University (VSU), Valdosta, Ga.

Steady enrollment increases at Valdosta State University (VSU), Valdosta, Ga., led administrators to recognize the need for more student housing. The last on-campus housing project at the university was completed in 1969.

The new housing community, Centennial Hall, consisted of two phases: Centennial Hall East and Centennial Hall West. Centennial Hall East added 348 beds to campus with one-, two- and four-bedroom apartments. The Centennial Hall West addition features apartment-style living and an additional 170 beds.

All apartments feature full kitchens, including frost-free refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, ranges and garbage disposals. In addition to these kitchen amenities, there are 35,000 square feet of common spaces throughout the buildings. These include a mailroom, game room, central laundry facilities, a common kitchen and lounges for socializing.

As a result of Centennial Hall encouraging a “living and learning environment,” the building offers a full-service classroom, five soundproof music rooms, computer labs and multipurpose rooms for studying or group projects. Students also have made use of the large convenience store, the Sustella Street Market, on the ground floor of Centennial Hall East.

The architects are IPG Architects and Planners (Valdosta, Ga.) and Niles Bolton Associates (Atlanta). Ambling University Development Group (Valdosta, Ga.) is the developer.

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