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Jan. 1, 2002
New Products/Case Studies

Surface coating

Mule-Hide Products Co.

Part of the new Mule-Hide EPDM Restoration System, A-151 EPDM Resurface Agent has been introduced. It prepares the surface of new or weathered, black EPDM for tough adhesion of Mule-Hide white A-300 finish to turn black EPDM into a “cool roof.” When accompanied by good application practices over a sound, black EPDM roof, the system offers long-term performance and ease of application without the use of fabrics.

Inventory tracker

Island Software

A network-ready Windows application, Equipment Database Manager v.2, has been released to make it easier for schools and universities to inventory, track and manage their classroom and sports equipment. The program can track an unlimited number of components associated with each item, each asset's repair history, as well as information about the people who have borrowed the equipment.

Dimming agent

The Watt Stopper

A new daylighting control product, the LS-201, has been unveiled. It is an indoor dimming device that combines the photocell and controller into a single unit. Compatible with standard 0-10V electronic dimming ballasts, the LS-201 automatically dims lighting based on ambient light levels.

Security space saver

Silent Witness

A new version of the MagnaView V28 has been released as MagnaView V28C cornermount. It can be mounted in tight corners and elevators, and provides a wider field of view and improved aesthetics. As an advanced analog camera, it features a snap-in gimbal and DSP camera board, a self-configuring power connection and a choice of integrated transmission media.

Floorcare needs

Tennant Company

The Model 3400 vacuum now offers a choice of floor tool sizes to meet various floorcare needs. The 1.5-inch diameter tools allow for excellent pickup of bigger debris. For smaller debris, the 1.25-inch floor tools are available. Without changing tools, these standard tools can be used on hard and carpeted floors with a flip of a switch. As an added safety feature, the 3400 also now comes standard with a yellow safety cord.

Cooling system

Skil-aire, part of the Tithe Corporation

A portable air-conditioning unit, which fully isolates the condenser and evaporative air streams to produce a cooler environment while lowering energy costs, has been released. The Moving Cooler produces large volumes of cold air that can be directed precisely where needed for temporary backup cooling demands.

Security system

Detection Systems

A new addition to the CCTV product line, V8200 Series Video Storage and Transmission systems, provides detailed information for alarm events, stored images in digital formats and allows for easy transmission of images. Fully automated, it requires minimal personnel interface, providing a high level of security, and a reduction in training and operational costs.

Energy savings

GE Lighting

An easy-to-use online tool has been introduced to help businesses save significant money on one of their largest operating expenses, their energy bills. GE Lighting Auditor (GELA) calculates lighting usage, and then reports out more energy-efficient options and how much the business can save. By entering the number of each type of light bulb in a facility, GELA will provide the dollars currently spent on lighting energy, total dollars that could be saved by using energy-efficient products, and which energy-efficient, replacement light bulbs should be used.

Trash cans

Landscape Forms

The Emporia litter receptacle is designed for indoor and outdoor use as an effective tray manager. The 40-gallon tray-top style features a shaped lip to guide trash into a hinged door for litter removal. The nonporous material will not support the growth of bacteria, and the top is designed to allow water to drain, providing a sanitary environment. A top-opening 20-gallon unit also is available.

Furniture colors


Eight new colors for the back accent cover and arms of the Intuition task seating have been introduced. Concord, flint, indigo, lagoon, matador, merlot, oatmeal and pumice colors add to the aesthetic appeal of the standard mechanisms of eight-point tension control, tilt lockout and adjustable seat-height. Larger arm caps and adjustable arm option also aid personal comfort.

Rescue system

Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc.

The Pro-Alert 450 Area of Rescue Assistance System is an interactive communication system between the caller and emergency-response personnel, which ensures that the exact location of the caller is immediately recognized for safe evacuation. It enables physically challenged people to activate an emergency signal from a designated area of rescue assistance by simply pressing a button for hands-free voice communication.

Reprocessed tabletops


Tabletops and classroom furniture components now are being made from 100 percent reprocessed wood products. Designed for high-traffic use, the tabletops and classroom furniture components are virtually indestructible and easy to clean. The components are available in colors and finishes of wood-grain, marble, composite, solid or patterned colors. Starter sample kits of finished tabletops and classroom furniture components can be ordered for prototyping and testing.

Playground climber

Playworld Systems

Solar Climber has large flat tread steps that provide stability for younger climbers. The treads feature unique, whimsical slip-resistant routed plastic.

Floor resurfacer


Treflite is a premium epoxy floor resurfacer that provides an almost indestructible finish to old and new floors. It bonds to various surfaces including concrete, wood, steel, aluminum, glass and ceramics. It is resistant to thermal and physical shock, abrasions, acids, alkalis and solvents. The resurfacer is non-skid; it will not shrink; and is effective on surfaces where chemical resistance is needed.

Office solutions


New ranges of office devices and solutions have been introduced. The Lexmark C750 and C910 color printers and powerhouse E320 and E322 monochrome laser printers offer new levels of affordability, while the X820e multifunction computer device allows information to be processed at the touch of a button.

Kitchen cleaning

Edward Don & Company

Soak-N-Save is a cleaning system that safely cleans heavily soiled cookware without scrubbing or harsh chemicals. It is safe to use on hood filters, aluminum bakeware, stainless cookware, cast-iron skillets, broiler racks, fry baskets and even kitchen mats, which are submerged in a combination of water and detergent that is 100 percent biodegradable and lasts up to three weeks with average use. Cleaning time varies according to the amount of soil accumulation.

Security access

Barcode Automation

On campuses where there is a guard on duty, the BA-200 Barcode Reader provides residents with exclusive access to the campus through a resident lane. Only students would be given a special decal to place on their vehicle that when read by the BA-200, would activate the gate and allow entry. The lane by the guardhouse is then available for visitors. This allows guards to pay more attention to non-students entering the area.

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