Jan. 1, 2003
A list of the 2002 product solutions most requested by AS&U readers.
  1. Trash cans

    The Emporia litter receptacle is designed for indoor and outdoor use as an effective tray manager. The 40-gallon tray-top style features a shaped lip to guide trash into a hinged door for litter removal. The nonporous material will not support the growth of bacteria, and the top is designed to allow water to drain, providing a sanitary environment. A top-opening 20-gallon unit also is available.
    Circle 300 for more information

  2. Lighting fixtures
    Lutron Electronics

    The Hi-lume Fluorescent Dimming Ballasts can now dim compact fluorescent lamps to 1 percent. Energy-efficient compact fluorescent fixtures can be used in place of incandescent downlights in full-range architectural dimming applications, such as meeting rooms and auditoriums.
    Circle 301 for more information

  3. Design options

    Millwork wall base features a smooth, non-fading surface that emulates the look of finely milled wood with no knots or grain to detract from its appearance. Unlike real wood, it will not splinter, chip or absorb liquids, and it resists stains, dents and scratches. The wall base designs are available in more than 100 colors and finishes, including eight new muted palette selections.
    Circle 302 for more information

  4. Fume hoods
    Misonix, Inc.

    Ductless Fume Enclosures are a safe and cost-effective alternative to traditional ducted fume hoods in science laboratories. This system eliminates the need for expensive ductwork and saves operational costs by conserving heated or cooled air. Custom carbon filters are used to capture chemical fumes and odors.
    Circle 303 for more information

  5. Floor resurfacer

    Treflite is a premium epoxy floor resurfacer that provides an almost indestructible finish to old and new floors. It bonds to various surfaces including concrete, wood, steel, aluminum, glass and ceramics. It is resistant to thermal and physical shock, abrasions, acids, alkalis and solvents. It is non-skid, will not shrink, and is effective on surfaces where chemical resistance is needed.
    Circle 304 for more information

  6. Security space saver
    Silent Witness

    A new version of the MagnaView V28 has been released as MagnaView V28C cornermount. It can be mounted in tight corners and elevators, and provides a wider field of view and improved aesthetics. As an advanced analog camera, it features a snap-in gimbal and DSP camera board, a self-configuring power connection and a choice of integrated transmission media.
    Circle 305 for more information

  7. Energy savings
    GE Lighting

    An easy-to-use online tool has been introduced to help businesses save significant money on one of their largest operating expenses, their energy bills. GE Lighting Auditor (GELA) calculates lighting usage, and then reports out more energy-efficient options and how much the business can save. By entering the number of each type of light bulb in a facility, GELA will provide the dollars currently spent on lighting energy, total dollars that could be saved by using energy-efficient products, and which energy-efficient, replacement light bulbs should be used.
    Circle 306 for more information

  8. Wire management
    Thomas & Betts

    The Express wire-mesh cable tray, a versatile and cost-effective wire-management solution for power and data cabling installations, has been introduced. This new product line includes a selection of tray sections and mounting hardware.
    Circle 307 for more information

  9. Flooring options

    With the introduction of LonEco flooring, vinyl can have the appearance of wood and laminates while being environmentally safe. The new “green” vinyl feels like honed wood — smooth, soft, and at the same time vibrant in color and warmth. By incorporating wood essence into the product, the flooring maintains a resilient strength.
    Circle 308 for more information

  10. Cooling system
    Skil-aire, part of the Tithe Corporation

    A portable air-conditioning unit, which fully isolates the condenser and evaporative air streams to produce a cooler environment while lowering energy costs, has been released. The Moving Cooler produces large volumes of cold air that can be directed precisely where needed for temporary backup cooling demands.
    Circle 309 for more information

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