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June 1, 2007
New Products/Case Studies

Modular housing

Kullman/Garrison Architects

The SIMPLE (Scalable Innovative Modularly Produced Living Environment) student-housing system combines predesigned buildings with a quality modular manufacturing process, providing fast student housing. One major benefit of this approach is cost; the buildings can be delivered quickly and in a predictable manner, making the combined savings in alternative housing, construction financing and contractors' conditions add up. Designed to suit a variety of contexts, the system can create continuous street fronts or independent buildings in a variety of materials.
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Rooftop unit


Hinged access panels are available for 3- to 25-ton T-Class units of Lennox T-Class rooftop units. They eliminate the risk of blowing away during service and reduce the chances of damage to roofing materials. They can be combined with quarter-turn latches for easy access to the economizer, filter, compressor, control system, heating and supply fan areas. The optional panels help save time and simplify service requirements.
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Carbon monoxide detector

System Sensor

The CO1224, a 12/24-volt detector for use with security and fire panels, offers connecting capabilities that guarantee around-the-clock protection by a central monitoring station. It calculates CO concentrations accurately and communicates to the panel immediately to ensure that the proper authorities identify the source before any serious injuries occur. It features a built-in trouble relay and SEMS terminals for wiring supervision.
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Bath tissue dispenser

SCA Tissue

The Tork Bath Tissue dispensing system's enclosed design keeps the reserve top roll covered until needed. When the primary roll is nearly depleted, an auto-transfer feature gently drops the reserve roll into place. This allows users to touch only the tissue and never the dispenser. The used core stays within the dispenser until it is reloaded, keeping restroom floors free from litter.
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Laboratory products

Chicago Faucets

A new catalog features Chicago Faucets' extensive line of laboratory and safety products, including fittings, turrets, flanges, valves and more. The laboratory products feature cast-brass construction and the durability of heavy nickel plate under triple-chrome plating. Interchangeable spout designs and hose ends that can accommodate a variety of hose sizes achieve maximum versatility.
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Athletic equipment

True Fitness

True Strider TS1 is an elliptical cross trainer with a Core Drive System that delivers a natural motion through a user-defined stride that is more like running or walking. It has a smaller footprint, allowing universities to place more machines in the same space in their fitness centers. It features three different workouts: total body, leg only and upper body only. Soft Step foot pads conform to the shape of each user's foot.
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Switch sensors

Watt Stopper/Legrand

A new family of wall switch occupancy sensors is available. Multiple detection technologies allow specifiers to tailor switch selection easily to ensure optimal performance in each location. The sensors are an economical wall switch replacement and can be used in some difficult-to-sense areas. Each sensor is packaged in an attractive, ultra-slim decorator style device, available in five colors.
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Anti-siphon valves

Rain Bird

The Jar Top Series Anti-Siphon Valve combines convenient, tool-free access with backflow prevention in one valve unit. The threaded bonnet design allows for tool-free access and maintenance, eliminating the need to remove and replace multiple screws. Adding the anti-siphon function increases its versatility while reducing the number of parts contractors must install.
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Electronic faucets


FreeHand electronic sensor faucets offer a hygienic solution in preventing the spread of harmful germs and bacteria, while also conserving water and energy. A motion sensor starts and stops the flow of water, reducing the daily gallons used, reducing sewage bills, limiting hot-water consumption for energy savings, and preventing the risk of accidental overflow.
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Badge solution

J.A.M. Plastics

The Premium Badge Reel keeps ID cards facing forward at all times, making badges highly visible and easy to read. It accommodates multiple cards and features an imprint area that is 95 percent larger than most standard badge reels. It is available with different end-fittings and clip options, and is available in a variety of solid and translucent colors.
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Wall storage


Snap-n-Slide wall shelves provide an easy way to increase wall storage above sinks, tables and other equipment. The design incorporates either a heavy-gauge, stainless-steel shelf that slides onto die-formed stainless-steel mounting brackets, or a heavy-duty wire shelf that slides into wire mounting brackets. Brackets can be mounted directly to wall studs, allowing the shelf to be adjustable on the brackets. No wall backing is required.
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Minimal maintenance

School selects rubber flooring for high-traffic building


When constructing the new 52,000-square-foot Westminster Middle School, Oklahoma City, Okla., school administrators desired a flooring product that was attractive, environmentally friendly and easy to care for.

“We had a rubber floor in our previous building, so we knew we wanted rubber flooring for our new building as well,” says Sue Oldham, a director at the school. “We wanted a floor that could be mopped daily and really wouldn't require any additional maintenance.”

The school chose to install 15,000 square feet of noraplan astro rubber flooring because of its low-maintenance qualities, environmentally friendly properties and design features.

The design options are featured particularly well in the school's science rooms.

“We wanted the flooring to include visual cutouts of certain sizes so we could use the floor as another measuring tool,” says Patty Phelps, another director at the school. “For example, students can easily use the 12-inch strip insets to measure their supplies while they're spread out on the floor. Another science room has a pattern of square yard insets that further aid measuring activities.”

The school is pleased with the low-maintenance requirements of the flooring, despite its location in a high-traffic building.
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Respecting students

Photo ID program enables students to maintain privacy in school lunch lines


For students in the Painesville City (Ohio) Local School District, an unusual point of differentiation surfaced in the cafeteria lines. Most students paid with cash or had their parents prepay their lunches, but those who qualified for a free lunch had to share that information with the cashier, often in front of their friends. Many chose a less embarrassing alternative; they just didn't eat.

The district purchased a new photo ID program, the Fargo DTC500 Series Card Printer/Encoder, which accommodates the volume and dual-sided printing that the district needs, with variable data on the front and back of the card.

Now, students go through the lunch line showing encoded ID cards, making it transparent to all but the computer which students are eligible for a free lunch. This has encouraged students to apply for the federal lunch programs, which in turn benefits the schools.

As a result of the ID card upgrade and increased student participation in the program, the school receives more federal money to help pay for telecommunications. Currently, the government, according to Schade, pays 84 percent of the cost.
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Sustainable effort

Solar control low-e glass yields major energy savings for university

PPG Industries

Markstein Hall, the College of Business Administration building at California State University, San Marcos, is a light-filled, 72,500-square-foot building that houses 27 classrooms in one three-story wing and 88 faculty offices in a separate four-story wing.

The architect's goal was to make the building as sustainable as possible. It selected Solarban 70XL glass for the exterior of the building.

Combined with traditional clear glass in a conventional 1-inch insulating glass unit, Solarban 70XL glass blocks up to 73 percent of the sun's solar energy while transmitting more than 63 percent of its visible light. Its solar control does not affect its clear glass aesthetic.

Estimated mechanical cost savings from installing the glass is $2 to $3 per square foot. These savings are related primarily to a lower chilling capacity requirement, as well as smaller fan sizes and ducts. Working with San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), the architect was able to earn more than $100,000 in incentives through the utility's Savings By Design program.
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