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Sept. 1, 2004
New products/Case Studies

Fixed training table

Theatre Solutions, Inc.

The fixed table/chair system brings ergonomic seating and network technology into the classroom. The Aeron and Equa 2 chairs are part of its fixed training table product line. The table systems feature work surface-mounted power/data modules for easy network connections at the work-surface level. Curved, straight and angled work-surface configurations are available in either veneer or laminate finishes.
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Linoleum flooring

Tarkett Commercial

Linosom Linoleum tile is a homogenous, thru-patterned tile that is available in a 20-inch by 20-inch tile and 0.100-inch gauge. It comes in a range of 14 colors. The tile features a new polyester backing to provide increased dimensional stability. A natural reaction between the resin and linseed oil used in its production creates inherent antibacterial properties in the tile. It is easy to maintain and has a high durability.
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Modular workstation


The Series 8000 Modular Workstation can be configured in a variety of heights and lengths. It is available in five standard widths and in three different heights up to 84 inches. The “starter and adder” system enables unlimited layout possibilities, allowing the workstation to adapt to any space or support any process requirements. Ergonomically designed, it offers flexibility to accommodate changing needs.
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Flexible furniture


With 360° classroom furniture, the entire desk can rotate 360 degrees, allowing instruction from any point in the room. A pneumatic cylinder allows students to set the seat height to their preference, while the seat swivel action enables students to track the teacher's movement throughout the room without flexing their bodies.
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Portable sound system


The ClassMate RZ-62 Portable Sound Field System includes a speaker with a built-in amplifier and rechargeable battery, collar microphone, ultra-small 2.5-inch body pack transmitter, adjustable upright stand and all the necessary charging cables. At just 14 pounds, it is easy to transport. An optional carrying case puts all of the components of the system on wheels, making portability more convenient.
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Solid surfacing


The new line of wainscoting is ideal for high-traffic, high-abuse areas. The flooring is impact-resistant, and its color and texture are consistent throughout, making it easy to repair. The wainscoting can be installed with J-channel or cove base. Panels are available in three stock sizes and in a variety of complementary colors for any design. It can be cut, routed and joined easily using traditional carpentry tools.
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Digital mailing system


The IJ105 digital mailing system is ideal for processing tuition bills, enrollment information and grade notices, and it can output up to 217 letters per minute. It uses innovative technology that enables users to navigate easily by simply touching the screen. Other features include fast processing of mail pieces of varying thickness, a static weighing platform for parcels and large items, and an in-motion weighing platform that automatically prints the correct postage.
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Power converter

Juno Lighting Group

ModuLight is a power delivery lighting system that can reduce installation costs by 25 to 40 percent and save up to 4 percent on energy. The ModuLight power converter is mounted separately from the lighting fixture, eliminating the need for traditional electrical components like conduit, wire, whip and J-box to the fixture. It has plug-in modular connectors and flexible cables, allowing for quick and easy relocation of lighting fixtures.
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Floor coating


FASTCURE coating systems cure quickly, reducing downtime and allowing floors to reopen fast. The rapid cure formula also sets up in temperatures as low as 45° F in as little as 10 to 12 hours. The high-build, impact-resistant epoxy system achieves full chemical resistance in as little as three days. It provides a gloss finish that is attractive and easy to clean.
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Library furniture

Hale Mfg. Co.

The 8-page, full-color Saratoga Series brochure uses a selection of installation photographs and descriptive information to highlight Hale's new collection of library furniture. It features fine-wood bookcases, purpose-built newspaper and magazine racks, mobile book trucks, dictionary and atlas stands, and reading and work tables. The library line components can be used as a complete system or with existing furniture.
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Calculating costs


The Total Cost of Ownership Calculator is a new online tool that calculates the potential maintenance cost savings associated with using a carpet made of Antron carpet fiber. It is a tool designed to measure factors that affect a carpet's appearance and performance on the floor and what this means for ownership costs over a period of seven years — the typical expected life of a commercial carpet. It allows users to compare two similarly constructed carpets taking color, pattern, texture and yarn system into consideration.
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Energy-recovery ventilator


The Model ERCH energy-recovery ventilator now is available with a pre-piped and wired air-cooled condensing unit. It provides fresh outdoor air to meet ventilation codes while recovering energy from the exhaust air stream. The pre-piped and -wired air-cooled condensing option will cover up to 10,000 cfm with cooling capacities ranging from 4 to 30 tons. It also is available with chilled water-cooling and with electric, hot water or indirect gas heating options.
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Mounting device


Rack-Snap inserts are a patch panel mounting device that reduces installation time. Pre-assembled patch panels are offered with inserts in both 24- and 48-port configurations. The Rack-Snap inserts allow the patch panels to be taken out of the box and snapped directly into the cabinet. The inserts are reuseable on all standard rack unit sizes and fit into most manufacturers' EIA 310-D standard racks or cabinets with square holes.
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Rooftop system


RoofPak evaporative condenser rooftop system, sized from 75 to 150 tons, can save as much as 40 percent on energy costs compared with conventional air-cooled rooftop systems. It uses the cooling effects of evaporation to save energy. Lowering the condensing temperature reduces compressor work and results in lower electrical demand and consumption. While air-cooled condensers reject heat to the ambient dry bulb temperature, evaporative condensers use a water spray that evaporates and cools the condenser tubes down toward the ambient wet bulb.
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Window treatments

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

Recent additions to the Sivoia QED product line include the Roller 225 System, which offers smooth, precise3 and ultra-quiet control of large shades. Sivoia QED shade products are available in a variety of colors, openness factors and fabrics including a new PVC-free fabric that promotes the use of green building materials. Sivoia QED makes any space more flexible, as well as helps to save energy in both hot and cold weather.
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Door hardware

L.E. Johnson Products, Inc.

The line of Series 200 heavy-duty hardware is designed to be used with folding door panels of up to 125 pounds and sliding doors weighing as much as 300 pounds. The hardware line features precision-extruded aluminum I-beams that stand up to heavy-duty applications. It offers four-wheeled hangers with large, one-inch diameter nylon wheels and a locking lever that allows installers to lock the doors into the hangers quickly, easily and securely.
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Outdoor insulation

Armacell, LLC

ArmaTuff laminated sheets and rolls offer three levels of protection from harmful UV radiation, acid rain and chemicals. ArmaTuff 25 is for the most demanding applications. ArmaTuff White is for great durability and UV resistance at a lower cost. ArmaTuff Silver is an economical choice for projects that require UV protection. All of the outdoor-use insulators have a weather-resistant membrane bonded to Armaflex sheets or rolls, and none require painting.
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Package system

Lochinvar Corporation

Package water heating and boiler systems can be delivered to a job site completely piped and ready to install. A package system allows users to create storage and recovery solutions that perfectly match each application. When the water heater is teamed with a Lock-Temp tank, the package system is pre-engineered, factory-assembled on an I-beam frame, and delivered fully assembled with piping needed for the specific application.
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Musical play equipment

Playworld Systems

These colorful drums create an interactive musical playground experience. They can be easily added to existing play structures and can be grouped with bells and chimes to create a separate music center. Played like bongos and available in varying lengths and diameters, each drum creates a different sound. Free-standing options include single and triple drum tables in a variety of color choices.
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Gas-fired water heater


The KC1000 gas-fired water heater features a condensing design and 14:1 modulation to maintain +/-4° F temperature control while delivering 93 percent to 99 percent efficiency under variable flow conditions. Overshooting and cycling virtually are eliminated. No storage tanks or temperature averaging equipment are needed. Each unit maximizes venting flexibility and is available with a low NOx burner option.
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Protecting student data

Patch-management program eliminates system vulnerabilities and helps defend a campus network

Shavlik Technologies

Because of the private student information, including social security numbers, stored on the network for Indiana University's eight campuses, officials recognized the importance of eliminating vulnerabilities and patching access points or weak spots in the network.

For each of the university's 700 departments, a local system administrator is responsible for providing technical assistance and keeping each workstation updated, including security patching. Patch management was time-consuming, and because the deployment of patches needed to occur during off-hours, administrators had to work extra nights and weekends. Antivirus software and firewalls were being used to protect some aspects of the network, but they didn't secure vulnerabilities in operating systems or applications.

The university formed a committee to research patch-management software providers. It decided to purchase HFNetChkPro. Because the university doesn't have one central server, the software was made available to the network administrators in each department. From each department host computer, administrators can use the software to scan the network and deploy patches to department servers and workstations. The software immediately sends status reports to indicate where patch updates are needed.

The HFNetChkPro PatchPush capabilities make automatic patch deployment fast and easy. Through a drag-and-drop interface, patches can be deployed to individual machines or to groups. This helps eliminate problems from patch interference with existing applications and decreases the time administrators have to spend on their own patch research.
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Empowered by the sun

Solar energy system is sustainable energy solution for school and plays a role in school curriculum

Sun Power & Geothermal Energy, Inc.

A 7.8-kilowatt solar energy laboratory has been completed at the new “green” elementary-middle school campus of the Berkeley Montessori School (BMS), Berkeley, Calif. A solar curriculum for school instructors to use in the school's environmental education program also has been put in place.

Solar energy systems consist of three components: PV panels, inverters and a performance monitor. PV panels convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity. The inverters change the DC into alternating current (AC), the same power supplied by electric utilities. The AC is distributed through a building's electric service panel and flows to outlets, lights and switches. The performance monitor shows the amount of power the system is generating at any time to verify production.

Four arrays of photovoltaic (PV) panels were installed at the school. The first array is tilted at 15 degrees from horizontal; the second array at 22.5 degrees; and the third and fourth arrays at 30 degrees. The arrays will be monitored separately for science students to compare the power generated by each array according to its orientation to the sun. An electronic monitor readout will be delivered to a computer in the science classroom. Students will be able to track daily and seasonal solar energy production based on the movement of the sun across the sky from winter to summer.

Sun Power installed 74 Kyocera KC-125G PV modules, and four SMA 2.5 kW Sunny Boy inverters, one for each array, at the elementary-middle school campus. An SMA Sunny Boy Plus monitor will track solar electric energy production in real time.
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Enhancing M&O

Facility management software saves university $150,000 annually

eRPortal Software Group/Applied Software Technologies, Inc.

The housing and food-service maintenance and management staff at Utah State University, Logan, was struggling to meet the expectations of faculty and students. Perception was that service was slow, productivity was low, there were too many steps to register a work order, and communication was inadequate. The process for managing repair requests also was inefficient. The university needed a solution that would boost employee morale and customer satisfaction.

The university improved its maintenance request process by establishing one central Problem Reporting Center. All calls now are logged by this dispatch, providing a central repository for all maintenance requests.

It also deployed Housing Facility Management Software, by eRPortal Software Group. This allows the university to manage work orders, track assets and automate materials maintenance. It also performs labor scheduling and prioritizes jobs, which reduces unscheduled repairs and allocates labor resources more effectively. Barcode and serialization technology simplifies the data-entry process and increases data accuracy. It also helps to automate purchasing.

In addition, each maintenance worker now has a radio device to improve communication between repair personnel and the dispatcher. Work orders that previously took two days to complete now can be completed in seven to 20 minutes. The university was able to tighten its staff by three full-time employees. Total annual savings for the university exceed $150,000.
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Investing in technology

System integration improves efficiency of campus security force and lowers crime rate


With a 262-acre campus and more than 44,000 students and employees, the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, essentially is a small city, says Maureen Rush, the university's vice president for public safety. The university has its own public-safety department, with police, fire-safety and security services.

The university enlisted the help of ixP, an integration systems provider for public safety, to help design, procure, install and manage the technology needed for an integrated emergency system. The system includes telecommunications, radio and management information systems.

The scope of this project required coordination of several emergency facets. The communications center includes 115 police officers, 150 security officers, a fire and occupational safety director, 10 administrative support personnel and 25 operational personnel.

iXP manages 175,000 public safety calls each year for the university. It also aids the university with communications and security, technology migration, personnel recruitment, hiring and public-safety industry certification and training.

As the result of using a system that integrates a mapping software called ESRY, a Windows server, and a Plant Marrs router, iXP was able to decrease the university's overall crime rate by more than 30 percent in the last year.
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Digital curriculum

Replacing print textbooks with digital ones eliminates book shortages and ordering delays

Vital Source Technologies/IBM

Seeking to provide each of its 4,000 students with a better education, Forney (Texas) Independent School District, near Dallas, is equipping its students with IBM ThinkPad notebooks pre-loaded with more than 2,000 works of literature.

A fast-growing district with a growth rate of 25 to 30 percent annually, the district experiences severe textbook shortages each fall. Textbook orders typically are limited to a fixed percentage of the previous year's enrollment, and enrollment forecasts can be unpredictable.

The digital initiative began when students headed back to school at Johnson Elementary School this fall. Up to 200 fifth- and sixth-graders received education models of IBM ThinkPad notebooks customized with digital versions of state-approved textbooks and the vitalsource KEY. This software pulls together materials from respected publishers throughout the world and helps educators integrate that information into their everyday lessons.

If school officials see an improvement in test scores and receive positive feedback from teachers, pupils and parents, the district intends to expand the program to all students in grades 5 to 12 by the 2006-07 school year.

The technology initiative allows students to have lighter backpacks, easily accessed digital resources, interactive readings and a more stimulating learning experience. By adopting a solution that converts textbooks into digital material and images, Forney can expect no more textbook shortages and book-ordering delays.
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Invisible acoustics

Ceiling system allows public-address speakers to be heard but not seen


Mountain View High School, Boise, Idaho, opened in August 2003 and is one of the largest high schools in the state. One of the unique features of this two-story, 200,000-square-foot school is a sound system that provides public-address announcements, paging, security alerts and bells by way of speakers that blend in with the ceiling.

The original specifications called for the installation of conventional 8-inch-round cone speakers. After examining the benefits of Armstrong's i-ceilings that feature flat speakers, the school decided to install a total of 343 i-ceiling speaker panels in place of the cone speakers throughout the school.

The i-ceiling Essentials series speakers are designed to provide economical paging and background music in a variety of applications. The speakers include built-in 25-volt connections, which are required for the intercom systems used in most educational facilities.

The i-ceilings added more cost in terms of materials, but saved cost in installation, says Alan Donnelly, a design consultant for the project. To install cone speakers, a ceiling tile would have to be removed, cut and secured to the speaker, in addition to wiring connections.

“With i-ceiling speaker panels, we simply make two connections on the back of the panel, tap it at the required wattage, and lay it in the ceiling grid like a normal ceiling panel,” says Donnelly. These speakers are about 20 percent faster to install than conventional cone speakers.
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