High-Performance Schools Supplement: Product Solutions

March 1, 2006
New Products/Case Studies

Mineral fiber board

USG Corporation

MICORE Brand Mineral Fiber Board meets stringent standards for low emissions of VOCs and formaldehyde. Because it is made with inorganic mineral fibers, it is nearly 50 percent lighter than particle board. It resists moisture, and easily cuts to size and shape specifications using standard equipment.
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Lighting control

Watt Stopper

The Automation Appliance is a web-based user interface for the Lighting Integrator lighting control panel. It connects users to the Lighting Integrator network, enabling multi-user access to all lighting control functions. Scheduling capabilities include seven-day repetitive schedules, 365-day calendar date event-type schedules or dusk/dawn schedules.
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Naturalite Skylight Systems

The EZ Pyramid and EZ Ridge skylights come with prefabricated parts, marked to coordinate with drawings, and may be installed in 15 to 20 percent less time than competitive systems. Unlike pre-engineered programs, which dictate size and pitch, both products are available in a variety of sizes, pitches and finishes, and accept a variety of glazing infill thickness. Lead times are minimized by custom fabrication software and stocking inventories.
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Flexible faucets

Sloan Valve Company

A new full-color brochure describing QuickTop QT-Series Manual Faucets for kitchen and lavatory applications is available. It includes step-by-step photos that show how to install or remove the faucets. Above-deck faucet removal simplifies color changes, exchanges or maintenance. Each faucet comes with wrenches, stainless-steel hoses and mounting hardware. The faucets feature a single ADA-compliant fingertip control lever and a durable chrome finish.
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Powered mobile storage


The Eclipse Powered System has menu-based configurability, better reliability because of fewer moving parts, and a cost that favorably compares with mechanical-assist systems that have add-on safety features. Buyers can customize features to build the system they need. It has non-contract limit switches, which replace mechanical switches, no-touch circuit boards and improved engineering to handle heavy use.
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Star performance

Performing-arts center requires durable flooring with aesthetic appeal


The Marie P. DeBartolo Center for the Performing Arts is a functional, visually stimulating facility on the University of Notre Dame campus. Built in 2004, the 155,000-square-foot complex rests at the south end of the DeBartolo Quadrangle, one of the most prominent areas of campus. The new center has five new theaters and performance halls ranging in size from 100 to 900 seats, performer support spaces, a sound stage, recording stage, instruction and rehearsal spaces, and offices.

Special focus was given to flooring for the building. Durability and stain resistance were important considerations because the flooring would be installed in high-traffic areas. The double-height windows at either end of the main lobby also required that the flooring be colorfast and resistant to sun bleaching. Acoustics also were considered when selecting flooring for the performance spaces.

The university chose Antron carpet fiber for the carpeted areas of the facility because of the variety of color, pattern and texture options available, as well as the performance of the fiber. With this choice, the university was able to install a high-performance carpet without sacrificing design.
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Strategic spending

Growing school district uses self-funding program to make needed facility improvements


Shelby County Schools is among the fastest-growing school districts in Alabama. Many of the district's 29 buildings were more than 25 years old and were operating inefficiently. The Trane Company presented the PACT (Performance Agreement for Comfort from Trane) program as a way to improve the learning environment of the classroom without upfront capital.

Trane assembled a team of building system experts to analyze facility needs and potential operating cost reductions. It also installed a Tracer energy-management system to improve staff productivity, and to manage classroom safety and comfort.

Gas-fired heat pumps were installed to provide quieter and more reliable air conditioning. High-efficiency lighting was used throughout the district to help reduce utility consumption and costs. This retrofit enhanced the classrooms by improving the quality of light, as well as the aesthetics, through a dropped ceiling to accommodate new fixtures. Additional savings were achieved by replacing old gas boilers with higher efficiency electric boilers. This allowed the district to take advantage of a more cost-effective rate through the local utility company. New boilers eliminated costly maintenance experienced on the older systems and provided a more reliable source of heat for the schools.

The entire project resulted in $2.5 million worth of facility improvements funded with guaranteed annual savings of $396,000. The district recently entered into a second agreement with Trane to provide more than $4.3 million worth of facility improvements. The project will be funded using more than $517,000 in energy and operational cost avoidance annually.
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