Product Solutions: Cleaning and Maintenance

Oct. 1, 2003
New products/Case studies
Floor finishWindsor Industries/Castle Rock Industries

GlossTek 100 is a high-performance, water-based urethane that requires a single coat and lasts 12 to 18 months. It has been shown to reduce the cost of resilient-floor maintenance up to 45 percent. It maintains a high gloss while resisting alcohol, Betadyne, urine and other chemicals that can damage acrylic finish.
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Non-acid cleanerCleaning Technologies Group

T.E.T. #5 Non-Acid Restroom Cleaner, an EPA-registered germicidal cleaner and disinfectant, now is available for use on hard, non-porous restroom surfaces. Its active ingredients kill viruses, inhibit the growth of mold, mildew and odors and are effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria. The cleaner is ideal for cleaning and disinfecting toilet bowls, lavatories, urinals, glazed ceramic tile and hard-surface floors, while safely being used on glass, mirrors, chrome and metal.
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Floor careNational Chemical Laboratories, Inc.

pH-ENOMENAL pH Neutralizer and Conditioner is ideal for use with all alkaline-based strippers. This mild-acid formula balances pH on floors to remove residue and aid in proper floor finish adhesion. It can be used with a mop and bucket, a sprayer or with an automatic scrubber. It also removes residue from entrances caused by the application of ice-melting compounds.
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Environmentally safe cleanerEnvirox

Mineral Shock delivers a reduced toxicity alternative to acid-based mineral cleaners for the removal of stubborn cleaning challenges such as rust, hard-water scale and lime. Its combination of organic salt and degreasing agents makes it safer than traditional mineral cleaners. Its ready-to-use formula is biodegradable, non-corrosive to skin and non-fuming.
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Vacuum cleanersRubbermaid Commercial Products

The Maxi-Glide Bagless Vacuum Cleaner from Rubbermaid and Bissell has a hard-body construction that reduces dust emissions. It has a Micro-Lock three-stage filtration system, an optional HEPA filter, a convenient dust container with a Lock 'n Seal lever, an 8-foot, wire-reinforced hose with on-board tools, an extra-wide, 15-inch cleaning path, a 50-foot commercial cord, a protective rubber bumper and seven pile-height adjustments.
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Repair stationTorqer, Inc.

The RollaBench has manually pushed mobility. It is equipped with the Torqer Industrial Truk wheel system, which provides an easy push or pulling effort of less than 8 pounds for each 2,000 pounds of gross vehicle weight. This makes it practical to move 2,000 pounds of tools, equipment, parts and supplies to the job site.
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Rider sweeper/scrubberAmerican-Lincoln

The SC7740 rider sweeper/scrubber features a dust-control system and a double-scrub brush design. An independent sweeping system picks up dirt and debris before scrubbing. All brooms and brushes raise and lower for one-pass sweeping and scrubbing. Additional features include a simple drain and clean-out system, hydraulic brush drive motors and increased down force, an Accu-Track break-away squeegee, and an ergonomic operator's compartment.
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Extraction systemClarke

The Wash & Rinse extraction system puts down soapy water, scrubs the carpet with its cylindrical brush and then rinses the carpet with clean water. By using clean water at the end of the process, more dirt is removed because the system rinses out both soap and dirt. The result is a lower re-soil rate for carpet, reduced cleaning costs and extended carpet life.
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Self-cleaning showerheads: Campus experiences reduced water usage and maintenance
Sloan Valve Company

Water savings and reduced maintenance were reported at Indiana State University, Terre Haute, after Act-O-Matic self-cleaning showerheads were installed throughout the campus.

The showerheads incorporated 2.5 gpm flow control, which meets federal and state water-conservation requirements, and a disc that discharges waterborne particles for greater spray efficiency and less maintenance. The Acto-O-Matic fits into a standard ½-inch I.P.S. inlet and features a universal ball joint and thumbscrew volume control to ensure increased water economy and user satisfaction. The showerhead is available in four finishes, in both Standard and Institutional models.

“The chrome-plated, all-brass showerhead virtually takes care of itself, especially in our hard-water system,” says Jim Eslanger, the university's senior mechanical engineer.
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