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Dec. 1, 2003
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Installation made easy

Sprinkler system retrofits completed on tight schedule


The Jester Center at the University of Texas — Austin faced a dilemma when the state fire marshal mandated that the university retrofit all of its residence halls with sprinklers. The short time schedule for completing the retrofits limited the university's options. The timeline could have been met by closing down the residence hall, but 3,000 students would have been displaced. To stay on schedule, the university decided to use the BlazeMaster CPVC fire-sprinkler system, which uses a one-step solvent cement joining system that does not require a torch or heavy equipment for installation.

Work began on both towers of Jester Center. The university hired a coordinator to provide students with schedules and instructions for packing personal belongings. Six to seven rooms were completed per day. Students were asked to vacate their rooms at 8 a.m. and return at the end of the day. The ability to cut as they went allowed installers to work around student belongings and to accommodate various residence hall room configurations.

The lightweight sprinkler system was easy for installers to handle on the job site. More than one million feet of pipe was installed ahead of the schedule specified by the fire marshall.
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Fire-alarm network


The SmartLink Peer-to-Peer Fire Alarm Network provides an interface that allows up to 250 Gamewell 600 Series fire-alarm panels to be linked as a network in a matter of hours. It features a self-healing network architecture capability with NFPA Class A Style 7 network cabling, providing the greatest overall system reliability possible. Other features include panel-to-panel cross-programming, SmartStart automatic self-configuration, and interoperability with other building systems.
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Board replacements

Marsh Industries

The Retro-Fit Board allows facilities to replace or update old chalkboards and markerboards without removing them. The boards are made with a 28-gauge porcelain steel surface mounted to ¼-inch rigid hardboard with a 92-gauge Mylar backer. They can be installed over wood or aluminum-framed boards. The pre-drilled, counter-sunk holes in the board frame allow the user to hang the new board quickly. The boards are available in custom sizes, and the porcelain steel surface is backed by a 50-year warranty.
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Continental Girbau Inc.

The expanded programmable wash and extract speeds of the Pro-Series 55-, 90-, 130-, and 255-pound washer-extractors bring more performance and flexibility to on-premise laundries. An expanded Premier Microprocessor Control and new G-Drive technology allow operators to control almost every variable in the wash cycle. The washer-extractor cleans properly according to the type of load, and allows programming options for four wash speeds and five extract speeds or zero-wash wheel rotation at any time during the cycle. It can reach extract speeds up to 387 G-force.
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Fire-rated glass

Pittsburgh Corning

Thickset 60 glass blocks provide a 60-minute fire rating in a window assembly, ideal for applications in which safety, aesthetics and cost are concerns. They have superior sound-transmission ratings, and offer vision control by allowing consumers to choose a pattern that allows for privacy or openness. The glass surface is easy to clean and resists damage from harsh chemicals, which aid in the removal of graffiti. When installed properly, the blocks are impervious to natural weather-related elements.
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Energy analytics

Novar Controls

The Multi-Site Manager is a fully interactive, web-based system that captures data produced by building-management systems and processes it into useful packages. It analyzes the daily transfer of site energy utilization data from all sites and compiles it into an easy-to-use system. Facility management personnel can use the web application to review site energy consumption vs. profile site on a daily basis, rank each site by any of nine metrics, focus on sites requiring the most attention to produce improvements, and compare a site's daily consumption over time to measure savings from corrective actions.
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Waste removal

Pacific Compactor

The P200 Power Packer enables users to consolidate trash and waste from 15 cubic yards to two cubic yards. It is designed to efficiently maximize compaction ratios in order to reduce trash storage and pick-up expense. No maintenance is required except for lubrication of the loading door, container locking bars and container caster. The compaction containers can be removed and installed without a forklift or special material-handling equipment.
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