School security product solutions

Feb. 1, 2004
School Security New Products/Case Studies

Bomb-resistant waste receptacle

American Innovations, Inc.

The bomb-resistant trash receptacle is a solution to the threat of terrorists using trash receptacles to conceal a planted explosive device. It has been tested successfully to contain bottom center, sidewall weld seam, sidewall opposite weld seam, and midpoint center detonation tests without any horizontal fragmentation. The receptacle also can integrate an Anti-Ramming Bollard without affecting waste-management functionality or exposing the increased security component.
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Emergency communication


The fully integrated command unit can be recess-mounted and accommodates up to eight ADA-compliant Area of Rescue Stations. It provides emergency personnel centralized control of a variety of building communications. The Area of Rescue System also is ideal in multi-story buildings for elevator communication, and in parking areas to provide emergency communication and information assistance.
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Biometric authentication


The SAFauthenticator Software Development Kit (SDK) enables programmers to add SAFLINK's biometric authentication framework to any enterprise application for a more secure infrastructure. It enables software developers, systems integrators and value-added resellers to directly integrate and secure applications in conjunction with SAFLINK's enterprise domain security products. It also simplifies and strengthens system logon procedures by replacing a user's passwords with a unique individual characteristic, such as a fingerprint or iris scan.
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Photo Identification


The hardware/software photo ID bundles combine the Professional Series and Persona ID Card Printer/Encoders with the Build-A-Badge Photo ID Software, which is an entry-level software package that installs on almost any Windows-based computer. Build-A-Badge software allows users to create and store customized badge designs, data and photographs. Users can choose from available card templates or create their own designs. One installer CD contains all necessary system software and drivers. Individual bundles are built around the DTC515, Persona C16 and Persona C11 printers.
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Surveillance network

iMPath Networks

The TransPorter NMS is an integrated, easy-to-use management system that gives network managers real-time information about the health of their network. It provides an in-depth view of each network element and connection in a simple graphical format. Managers can evaluate network performance quickly to determine where attention is needed. It can generate network-specific reports on system events, alarms, configuration and equipment inventory, and can be deployed anywhere in the network to extend remote-management capabilities.
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Networked security: Analog cameras and video servers improve school safety and security

Axis Communications

Canton High School, Canton, Miss., wanted a security system that would help prevent crisis situations and would create a safer, more productive environment. In addition, the school needed to find a solution that could be installed, operated and maintained without becoming a financial drain on the school's budget.

CameraWATCH, a company specializing in security systems for schools, installed 24 analog cameras and several Axis video servers around the school, allowing the principal, teachers and police officers to view live images of school grounds via the Internet.

With the network video system in place, most areas of the high school can be viewed and monitored at one time. Speakers were installed near some of the cameras so the administration can speak to students and let them know they are being watched.

The new camera and video server system is helping the high school save money on security. The remote monitoring station uses the Internet to view real-time images of the school during off-hours, eliminating the need for full-time security officers on campus. If there is a problem, the company can notify the police directly or can startle intruders by speaking to them through the speaker system.

With the network video system in place, fights and crime in the school have become nearly non-existent, and teachers and students have a strengthened sense of safety and security on campus.
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Safeguarding campus buildings: Electronic locksets heighten security, and save time and money


Western Oregon University, Monmouth, uses about 300 Schlage “Locknetics on Board” Computer-Managed (CM) locking systems and more than 220 Schlage COBRA locks to secure the campus, including residence halls, labs and classrooms.

It has added Schlage CM993 exit trim to the exterior of every building on campus. These standalone locking systems provide features similar to online, networked systems. From a laptop or PDA, one software programs the locks, access trim, strikes and magnets. New users, access points and access privileges can be entered into the system in seconds. The locks also provide an audit trail and work with card credentials and keyfobs, as well as keypads.

Schlage COBRA locks can store up to 100 three- to eight-digit user codes and allow university locksmiths to add or delete codes in seconds. Until it receives an authorized code, the clutching lever simply gives way, discouraging vandals and others from breaking it to gain entry. The COBRA operates on four AA alkaline batteries, which provide 80,000-plus cycles or about a three-year life.

The university's three new residence halls use CM locking systems with HID proximity card plus PIN-code access on the two exterior doors of each building. Each quad, consisting of four individual bedrooms, has a CM lock with proximity card-only access. The four individual bedrooms have COBRA locks installed.

The CM locks can be programmed only to open during certain time periods. The first person to open the door puts in the toggle, and then the locks automatically are scheduled to relock at a specified time. Security personnel do not need to be present to lock the doors.
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