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June 1, 2003
New products, case studies

Access-control system

Protecting and securing district schools

Kaba Access Control

Kentucky's second-largest school system relies on the PowerLever lock by Kaba to protect and secure more than 65 schools. The self-powered lock is an ideal solution for a diverse school system such as Fayette County because of its audit-trail features, its scheduling capabilities and low maintenance.

The system requires no batteries for operation — users enter their ID codes and turn the lever, generating enough power inside the lock to open the door. No wiring makes the lock easy to install.

Every school in the system has a PowerLever lock on its front entrance, as mandated by the superintendent. Junior Gilbert, the system's maintenance manager, says teachers and other school personnel primarily are the ones using the locks. Gilbert's department assigns each staff member a six-digit ID code for use throughout the system. Employees enter their personal ID code to gain access to the building. When students arrive, the teachers greet them by physically opening the front entrance doors.

Once the school day begins, the doors are closed and remain locked. When guests arrive, they press a bell on a pad beside the front entrance. A camera records the visitor, and an office person makes a decision to allow that person to enter or not. If entry is granted, the office person can push a combination on his or her telephone keypad that will unlock the door remotely, granting access to the visitor.

Using the scheduling features, every lock is programmed to operate Monday through Friday during the school year. If teachers attempt to use their normal six-digit ID code on the weekend, they are locked out. If teachers want to work on a weekend, they request a one-time-only ID code from their principal.

The PowerLever lock protects students effectively and saves the school system money via audit-trail features, which records when employees enter the facility. The lock also has saved the system money on false alarms. Before the PowerLever, the local police and fire departments were responding to twice as many false alarms at schools system-wide, and charging the school system every time they came out. Using the audit-trail features, Gilbert can trace the access records and find out who is responsible for tripping the alarms and ensure they reimburse the school system for their negligence.
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Card personalization


Like its cousin the DTC515, the DTC515-LC is a single-sided, direct-to-card printer/encoder that produces full-color, standard CR-80 size cards. The DTC515-LC comes with the new Card Lamination Module factory-installed. The lamination module applies the PolyGuard overlaminate to one side of the printed card for extended card life.
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HVAC solutions

Comitale National Inc.

The Patriot packaged terminal air conditioner/heat pump is an institutionally constructed, energy-efficient unit ranging in sizes from 7,000 btuh through 24,000 btuh designed for easy installation in newly constructed facilities. For renovations and replacements, the Tru-Fit line of units are tailor-made to fit existing wall sleeves of over 40 different manufacturers with no modifications.
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Key access

Datakey Electronics, Inc.

The IIK series of keys feature solid molded construction, rugged wear-resistant exterior and long-lasting contact. The key's body protects the embedded memory chip from physical damage and harsh environmental influences. The keys can be sterilized, dropped in the mud, washed, or exposed to electromagnetic fields or chemicals without affecting the performance of the key.
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Roofing project

Highlighting new library and metro college collaboration

Petersen Aluminum Corporation

In a formal collaboration between a city council and a college board, the new LaVista Public Library/Metropolitan Community College Sarpy Center is living up to expectations.

The two-story, 68,000-square-foot joint-use project combines previously separate library and community college facilities. Topped with 32,000 square feet of Petersen's Snap-Clad Panels with a custom brown finish, the panels are 24-gauge galvanized steel.

“The owners were very maintenance-conscious and concerned about long-term use,” says design architect Steve Ginn, ZBM/partners. “At the same time, city officials asked for a building that would help provide an identity for the suburban community. The cascading roof and central rotunda provided the landmark look they sought.”

Produced in factory-formed lengths of up to 55 feet, the panels are corrective-leveled to provide superior flatness. All are available in 33 standard colors on steel and 28 standard colors on aluminum.
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Office furniture

The HON Company

The Perpetual line of office furniture includes more than two dozen worktops, tables, seating, storage options, and both freestanding and desk-mounted panels. All products are designed with exposed structural parts, translucent plastic panels and light-colored laminates.
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Speaker panels

Armstrong World Industries

New paging and music speaker panels have been added to the line of “i-ceilings” sound systems. The new Essential series is designed to provide economical paging and background music, and include built-in 25-volt connections. The new Applause series is designed for high-fidelity sound performance for foreground music and sound reinforcement, as well as for paging and music in high ceiling environments.
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InPro Corporation

The new 3000 handrail series is designed with an easily accessible handrail top that can be removed for maintenance and replacement. It offers a rigid bumper for impact protection, and combines wood, vinyl and laminates to adorn any wall. The series consists of three components all mounted on a continuous aluminum retainer: handrail grip, ergonomically designed thumb groove, and the lower portion of the handrail.
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Photo ID kit

ID Badge Solutions

The Mr. Badge ID Kit is an all-in-one photo identification badging system with a single-disk setup, eliminating the hassle and frustration of multiple hardware and software installations associated with typical systems. Combining a card printer, camera, software and supplies, the kit provides users a way to make their own badges for about 55 cents a card. The software contains six different preset templates to handle virtually any badging need: employee, visitor, check cash, student, club/membership or conference badge/IDs.
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Lighting control console

Entertainment Technology

The new Marquee 24/48 Lighting Control Console provides integrated control of dimming and automated lighting in a simple control board. It controls conventional lighting and a few automated fixtures, but the flexible hardware design future-proofs the console so that it can be expanded as the requirements of the end user change. The console can use an Ethernet to extend its channel count or provide remote output nodes any place the Ethernet in the building takes it.
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Versatile seating

Humanscale Corporation

The Freedom Saddle seat, designed by Niels Diffrient, offers a comfortable alternative to traditional stools. The triangular shape of the cushion allows users to position themselves along the flat edge and sit as they would on a normal chair, or straddle the corner and sit as they would in a saddle. The small size and light weight make it ideal for guest seating in office meetings.
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Lyon Workspace Products

The All-Welded Integrated Frame Locker features a door frame that is an integral part of the sides, top and bottom of the locker for maximum strength and security. The single-point, recessed locking device, with no moving parts, has a convenient magnetic catch for positive door closing time after time. The 14-gauge steel doors on single-, double- and triple-tier models have an 18-gauge pan-type stiffener welded inside the channel-shaped formation on the hinge side of the door.
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Sustainable design

The Garland Company

The Garland roof's underlying system protects a building from water penetration with StressPly EUV waterproofing technology. Recycled tires are used in its construction. The GreenShield “green roof” can be planted with native vegetation; SolarGrid Photovoltaic rooftop panels; a VOC-compliant flashing adhesive; and a highly reflective White Knight urethane coating.
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Carpet extraction cleaner

Scot Laboratories

Crystal-Balance extraction cleaner uses a balance of fluorosurfactants, detergents and polymers to eliminate resoiling associated with sticky residues that other carpet cleaners leave behind. It allows flexibility to switch from a low concentration for lightly soiled carpets to a higher concentration on heavily soiled areas without worry of sticky buildup that contributes to resoiling.
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Stage tools

Wenger Corp.

The flexible flipFORMS are now available in black and gray. They are built to withstand rugged use and easily transform into three different riser or staging shapes. Since their introduction more than 10 years ago, flipFORMS have been used in a variety of applications, including school music or drama classrooms, along with other theatrical, musical or multipurpose environments.
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University enrolls a smart can

Forms + Surfaces

As part of a growing effort to reduce the amount of waste going into landfills, the University of Washington in Seattle is replacing all outdoor litter receptacles with a smarter, more environmentally friendly can.

Four hundred Urban Renaissance Recyclers will be placed in high-traffic areas around campus. These 36-gallon stainless-steel receptacles have a side-opening lower portion for litter and a separate upper chamber for recyclables. The unique upper repository is identified clearly and has a spring-loaded trap door to allow for easy emptying.

The university's goal was to route all cans and bottles disposed of on campus into appropriate recycling containers. To encourage universal participation from a constantly changing campus population, the system needed to be self-explanatory and not require obvious behavioral adaptations. For long-term success, the program also needed to dovetail with existing maintenance routines and practices so as not to add significant labor or expense.

“We're calling them ‘Smart Cans’” says Anne Eskridge, manager of Property and Transport Services at the university. “From day one, they have been used effectively and appropriately without any supplemental signage or instruction. Contamination of the recycling unit is very low, below 1 percent. These new receptacles have enabled us to address our recycling needs without requiring additional space for a second receptacle.”
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Carpet cleaner


The new H2Orange2 Crystal Carpet cleans, brightens, deodorizes and reduces resoiling with the double strength of hydrogen peroxide cleaning power and soil-retardant crystallizing polymers. Crystallizing polymers in the formulation trap residual cleaning agents and soils in a hard, brittle polymer that is removed with the next scheduled vacuuming. It can be used with extraction, bonnet, reduced-water or spot-cleaning methods.
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Trash cans

Witt Industries

The new Message Center Stadium Series offers unlimited marketing opportunities for schools. The trash can's face can be customized with a team logo or a corporate logo, while the side of the can provides an opening for easily interchangeable poster messages.
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Bird deterrent

Bird-B-Gone, Inc.

The new Bird Spider can be used for parking-lot lights, sign streetlights, boats, rooftops and other areas where pest birds are landing. The spider's “arms” move with the wind and deter birds from landing and causing damage. It is available in 4-foot or 8-foot widths of coverage, and comes with an adaptor to make installation fast and easy onto any surface.
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Fire protection

The Viking Corporation

The new TotalPac2 is the second generation of integrated fire-protection systems. A new look, more configurations and more options offer increased flexibility. The new units are built around the Viking EZ Trim, and are available in several configurations, including Dry, Deluge, Single- and Double-Interlock Preaction and Firecycle III systems. It is available in three easy-to-install models.
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Window applications

New windows provide warmth and security and keep with school's classical architecture

Graham Architectural Products

Last year Graham Architectural Products was chosen to “renovate a renovation,” involving 1,479 glazed openings in Chicago's Senn Liberal Arts and Technical High School, a neoclassical public school complex built in 1918.

Last renovated in 1978, when transoms were added above the original wood double-hung windows, Graham replaced both transoms and windows with Monumental Series 2575 aluminum single-hung windows, trimmed-out in keeping with the school's classical architecture.

Series 1150 fixed windows were installed in transoms over doors and in lightwells. Graham installed applied muntins that simulated the original true-divided lights. Exterior aluminum panning replicates the original rosette pattern brick mould. Tempered insulated glass with energy-saving low-e coatings provides new security and warmth for 1,700 students.
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Voice-evacuation system

Silent Knight

The Farenhyt IFP-100/1000 Voice Integration Panel (VIP) line offers the added convenience and utility of a voice-evacuation system. The product includes 127 addressable devices that allow the user to determine precisely which device has been activated or needs attention. It also uses a distributed amplification scheme to enable power sources to be linked directly to appropriate areas of evacuation, rather than having to institute a complex wiring system. The line is scalable from 50 to 400 watts to meet a variety of application needs.
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Floor scrubbers


The Encore model 2426 offers a unique design of two machines in one — an automatic floor scrubber that can switch from a 24-inch to a 26-inch scrubbing width in a matter of seconds. A mid-size, battery-powered machine, the Encore 2426 has 20-gallon solution/recovery tanks for extended scrubbing. The parabolic, breakaway squeegee remains on the floor while the scrubber moves in reverse to save time from stopping to lift the squeegee.
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Emergency telephones

GAI-Tronics Corporation

A series of cellular emergency telephone stanchions are available with several power options to allow customization for individual requirements. The stanchions are suited to remote locations without easy access to traditional telephone lines. The new wireless models meet all ADA requirements and are the only stanchion with UL1598 listing for outdoor installations. Three standard package options address varying power requirements.
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Mailing tape dispenser


The thermal roll tape dispenser is designed to enhance the IJ65/75 and 85 series of digital inkjet mailing systems. The dispenser is an external modular unit that can be integrated into existing machines as well as newly purchased systems. It meets both current and future USPS postal regulations. The dispenser provides self-adhesive labels to the exact length that are ready to stick, with no peeling required.
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Gym floor cover


A protective floor cover will protect your gymnasium when it is used for a non-athletic event such as a school dance, a commencement or similar gathering. Combined with a COVERMATE mobile installation and storage system, it's a quick and simple method to protect your hardwood floor against possible damage. Two people can install or remove the cover.
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Major Industries

Quick Ship is a new interactive web-based system that can be used to speed up the process of ordering and receiving a pre-engineered skylight. All Quick Ship skylights feature Guardian 275 translucent panels, pre-engineered to cut down on lead times, cost and eliminate hot rush fees. The program cuts lead times down to a maximum of six weeks for standard sizes and available finishes.
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Geberit Commercial Products Brochure

Geberit Infrared Flush Valves for urinals and toilets, Pressure Assist Toilets, Infrared Faucets and Metering Faucets are featured in this informative 8-page brochure. Geberit Commercial Products…advanced plumbing tech-nology for today's educational facilities. Geberit Manufacturing, 1100 Boone Drive, Michigan City, IN 46360. Phone: (800) 225-7217; Web Site:
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Halsey Taylor Water Coolers and Drinking Fountains

Halsey Taylor's complete line of Water Coolers and Drinking Fountains, all certified to meet ANSI/NSF 61, Section 9, are featured in a new 24 page catalog. Select from both indoor and outdoor models in a variety of styles and finishes, including ADA Compliant and Vandal-Resistant units. Halsey Taylor90 Years of Satisfying Thirsts! 2222 Camden Court, Oak Brook, IL 60523; Ph: (630) 574-3500;
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New G2 Optima Plus® Flushometer Literature

New brochure describes industry's most advanced battery-operated Flushometer, the vandal-resistant G2 Optima Plus®, featuring Sloan's exclusive Isolated Operator that protects the solenoid from water and a new sensor that eliminates most detection errors and field adjustments. Sensor enclosure is NEMA 6 compliant against moisture and the G2 allows servicing without turning off the water. Sloan Valve Company, Ph: (800) 9-VALVE-9;
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Enhanced Building Sustainability Via the Internet

Garland customers can now perform comprehensive analysis on comparative roofing solutions to prioritize their long-term roofing maintenance requirements using password-access via the Internet. Garland recently enhanced its innovative Roof Asset Management Program (RAMP) database with independent software packages that perform energy payback and life cycle costing analysis. The Garland Company, (800) 741-3157;
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