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Sept. 1, 2003
New Products/Case studies
Data recoveryDriveSavers

DriveSavers can recover lost data from floppy disks, removable cartridges, desktop or laptop workstations and all standard operating systems including Macintosh, DOS, Windows, WinNT, Novell and UNIX in 24 to 48 hours. The system's success rate is 95 percent.
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ADA literatureSpacesaver Corporation

A 12-page document titled “Achieving ADA Compliance with Mobile Storage” is available. It details ways in which facilities can use mobile storage to make workspaces compliant with ADA requirements and more accessible for people with disabilities.
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Telecommunications system: Incorporating a new system with the old saves money and guarantees a smooth transition (Toshiba)

The Methacton School District, Norristown, Pa., turned to PhoneAmerica Corporation to upgrade the district's older Toshiba Strata DK280 and DK424 systems to the new Toshiba Strata CTX670 system. The district's primary goal was to create a completely integrated telecommunications solution with a single voice-messaging system, which would appear to callers to be a single system.

PhoneAmerica installed new systems at each of the district's eight buildings. At the main campus' administration building, the Strata CTX670 has six cabinets with 11 PRI cards, and a 32-port Strategy Enterprise Server (SES) voice-processing solution with fax server and unified messaging capabilities. Each of the district's seven schools has its own CTX670 system networked to the main system. There are more than 600 extensions at all locations combined.

Because the district selected the Toshiba Strata CTX670, PhoneAmerica was able to integrate existing systems with the new system. This allowed the district to keep much of its equipment, saving money and ensuring a smooth transition between systems. By reusing so much of the existing equipment, the district saved about 35 percent of the cost of a new CTX670 telephone system.
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Playground canopy: A bright idea that's catching on in southern schools (VP Buildings/Canco)

Concerned about the harmful effects of sun rays on their children, parents in the Tampa, Fla., area decided to work with Hillsborough County school officials to have canopies built over school playgrounds.

Canco, affiliated with VP Buildings, incorporates steel-system construction with a metal roof to build the structures. The canopies are designed to limit columns and coordinate with basketball goal posts, some of which are attached to the building structure.

Most playground covers are about the same size (80 to 90 feet wide and 100 to 110 feet long), but they can be designed to fit any space. They have 16-foot eaves with walls that open below 10 feet. The structures can be built with or without siding. Insulation, which can keep the facility cooler and quieter, also is an option.

Because the design deals primarily with the building's shell, this type of structure is a cost-efficient solution for schools concerned about children's exposure to the sun during playtime.

By persuading school officials to construct playground canopies, concerned parents not only quelled their fears of harmful sun exposure, but also managed to start a new trend in school construction.
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