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Sept. 1, 2005
New Products/Case Studies.

Carpet for education

Milliken Carpet/Cannon Design

Theory is a modular carpet collection, with attached Comfort Plus cushion backing, for education interiors. TractionBack is a high-friction coating that allows carpets to be installed without adhesive, improving indoor air quality. Forty designers and architects from two companies explored the learning process and abstracted concepts to form eight carpet designs. The patterns range from loose patterns to definite structures, representing the development of knowledge from abstract, to finite, to theoretical. Each pattern features seven colors.
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Fluorescent lighting


Energos provides a comprehensive, easy-to-install linear pendant fluorescent lighting system. It responds to lighting professionals' demand for a more cost-effective way to deliver exceptional lighting that consumes a minimum amount of energy. It is designed to be a highly efficient, bi-directional system that ensures visual comfort with minimal energy consumption. The optional Energos Control System of built-in occupancy sensors is plug-and-play, and performs immediately after the fixtures are installed, without commissioning.
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The piston-operated GEM-2 Flushometer, designed for harsh water conditions, features a non-hold open handle that controls water usage and has no external volume adjustment, which promotes water conservation. An O-ring-protected, filtered metering bypass orifice ensures low maintenance in the harshest water conditions. It also includes an ADA-compliant handle, BAK CHEK control stop, vandal-resistant cap, high-copper/low-zinc brass castings and a sweat kit with cast set screw wall flange.
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Vinyl tile


SafeTcork Vinyl Tile, available in six colors with a coordinating white marbled design, is a durable formulation of solid vinyl and cork. It is self-coving and self-waxing for easy maintenance and has life-cycle costs comparable to rubber. It has built-in antimicrobial agents that inhibit the growth of mold and mildew, meeting ASTM G-21 standards. It can be heat-welded for a seamless application, preventing moisture from penetrating to the subfloor.
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Packaging technology

University brings classroom media together to improve learning and simplify system maintenance

AVI Systems

The $26 million Estelle Siebens Science Center at Buena Vista University, Storm Lake, Iowa, features an integrated technology solution that brings all media components together.

With only a handful of technical support staff, the university relies on a “one-stop” package from AVI Systems, which includes the Help Desk and the MeetingManager application to streamline problem-solving techniques, prioritize issues and expedite response times.

The school supports more than 60 technology classrooms in the new science center and the rest of campus, so it needed a solution to reduce the journey from room to room when support was needed.

The university already had multiple classrooms on campus that allowed instructors to automate audio/video equipment from a single point of control. The science center application had the same kind of one-touch control technology, and included Meeting Manager to monitor and maintain audio/video devices throughout the center.

“We have a one-stop-shop philosophy when it comes to technical support,” says Paul Bowers, director of teaching and learning with technology. “In the past, we kept a phone list, which asked the instructors to identify the problem and then who to call. MeetingManager has replaced that list, so all you need to do is call one number for the main help desk, and we'll perform equipment diagnostics from there.”
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