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June 1, 2004
New Products/Case Studies

Storage options

Mobile systems meet storage and design needs at high school


When Bray Associates designed the new Fort Atkinson High School in Fort Atkinson, Wis., it looked for ways to optimize project funding while providing ample storage space and maximizing student work areas. Nine mobile systems were used throughout the school including electric, mechanical assist and manual. Mobile systems are a less expensive option than using conventional shelving and building extra square footage onto a building.

The high school was designed with various educational pods, each consisting of a common area surrounded by classrooms. Adequate storage space was created within centralized storage rooms, each housing a mobile system.

Items used throughout the year are stored in each department's central storage room. The storage areas allow easy access to materials for everyone in the department, whereas if materials were stored in a classroom, they would be more difficult to share among teachers.

Several electric systems provide safe access and make it easy to move heavy loads. A programmable electric system with oblique hanging files is used in the music department for storing and organizing sheet music. A power assist electric system is used in the art and science departments for storing heavy loads of supplies and equipment. In the school store, a power-assist system provides easy access to school merchandise. Mechanical assist systems are used for smaller storage needs for storing textbooks and supplies.

The efficient design of the storage room allows departments to store more and move more things out of the classroom. This removes clutter and frees up more space for bookshelves, counters and workspace. It makes for a less distracting, more comfortable environment that is more conducive to teaching and learning.
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Flexible meeting table


PIANO is a self-contained computer lab that has a slightly elevated center surface that can be raised like the top of a baby grand piano to provide easy access to power supplies. Computer technology is fully accessible, but can be stowed securely out of the way with independent control. Users can rotate an LCD flat panel monitor from under the tabletop into an ergonomic semi-recessed position.
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Contamination control

C & H Distributors, LLC.

The BEVCO Class 100 Clean Room Stool can be used anywhere effective contamination control is necessary. It is designed to meet the particulate goals of Federal Standard 209 for Class 100 clean rooms. The seat and back are contoured for comfort, and the back height manually adjusts up or down, in or out. The 18-inch diameter chrome footring also is adjustable.
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Power distribution

The Wiremold Company

The Power Commander vertical Power Distribution Unit (PDU) combines 30 amps of power with a variety of mounting options for technology applications where space is at a premium. The Power Commander unit takes the place of two separate 15-amp PDUs and features 24 or 36 simplex receptacles, dual circuits and easy-access breakers.
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Bench/table system

BioFit Engineered Products

The BioFit AdapTable Bench is a versatile system that can function as either benches or as tables with attached benches. It is designed for mobility, easy use and convenience. The tabletop and seats fold quickly into an easy-rolling unit. Non-marring, heavy-duty casters ensure easy moving and straight-line tracking. Folded bench units nest compactly for efficient storage.
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Ergonomic stadium seating


With its 15-degree angle and padded, contoured surface, the SportSeat offers sports fans a high level of seating comfort at an affordable price. It is made from a fiberglass/polypropylene composite and is available in a variety of colors. It easily mounts to wood, metal or concrete bleachers with two fasteners.
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Electric lift table

Anthro Corporation

Elevate Electric Lift Table is designed to be used in imaging reading rooms and is ideal as a workstation in labs, offices, and training and conference facilities. It can be used anywhere a quick and ergonomic work-surface height adjustment for multiple users is needed.
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Conference room table


e-table 2 trapezoid has instant tabletop access to extra-large multifunctional utility bays. At the touch of a button, wide access doors silently glide open to reveal four electrical outlets, up to 12 voice/data outlets, or a variety of multimedia connectors. The tabletops may be specified in round, oval or rectangular shapes.
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Fixed seating

American Seating

Viva is a stylish, affordable seating choice for sports, entertainment and educational facilities. It has a contemporary appearance, offering a contoured polypropylene seat and back with ergonomic lumbar support, welded steel support frames, gravity lift seat and advanced assembly technology. It is low-maintenance and easy to install.
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Foldaway bench


Hide-A-Bench is a foldaway bench that saves space while conveniently providing extra seating. When not in use, it folds against a wall and takes up less than six inches of space. It can be opened or closed by one person in seconds. Constructed of aluminum and stainless steel, the bench is lightweight, durable, and available in a variety of sizes and colors to meet customer needs.
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