Project File: Science building to blend with campus

Oct. 1, 2003
University of California at Riverside

A 135,000-square-foot science building is under construction at the University of California at Riverside. Physical Sciences Building 1, a $41 million project, will house 65 to 70 labs, as well as conference facilities, and faculty and graduate student offices. The architect specifically focused on vibration concerns in the instrumentation labs, which affect research and instructional lab work.

Situated directly opposite the science library, the new building forms a gateway to the university's science precinct. A courtyard area will house tables and benches that include power pedestals to allow for Internet use. Design elements, such as the use of brick and selected metal sunscreen treatments, visually blend the new building into the existing campus architecture. The building is expected to be completed in September 2004.

The architect for this project is HGA Architects (Los Angeles).

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