Across the Nation: Art and journalism building

Sept. 1, 2000
Art and Journalism Building at Ball State University, Muncie, Ind.

Art and journalism building to unify MUNCIE - The new Art and Journalism Building at Ball State University, scheduled for completion in June 2001, will be centrally located on the campus, defining the southwest corner of the North Quadrangle open area and creating a gateway at the corner.

In addition to the art and journalism departments, the building also will house a centralized food-service/dining facility, the university bookstore, a faculty art gallery and a lecture hall. A four-story atrium will be the focal point of the building.

Art department spaces will include two-dimensional art studios with high ceilings and large north-facing windows.

The design is intended to be open and inviting, fostering interaction. To accomplish this, the design creates a strong relationship between inside and outside spaces. A large exterior courtyard will be created outside a central two-story space used for dining, separated by a pattern-glass curtainwall. Building entrances, expressed with a copper canopy and a glass entry vestibule, will be placed on major circulation paths along the site.

Architect for the project is Ratio Architects.

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