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Dec. 1, 2006
Dehumidifiers Des Champs Technologies Wringer mechanical and Desi-Wringer desiccant dehumidifiers in sizes from 500 to more than 100,000 CFM are capable


Des Champs Technologies

Wringer mechanical and Desi-Wringer desiccant dehumidifiers — in sizes from 500 to more than 100,000 CFM — are capable of attaining dew points down to minus 100°F. Standard and custom Wringers can include many heating, cooling and energy-recovery options. Desi-Wringers can include mechanical pre- and post-cooling, energy recovery, heating and many regeneration energy options. Rental units are available with either diesel or electric power.
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Alternative learning environment

Project FROG

Project Frog Inc. designs, manufactures and sells high-performance, quick-to-deploy buildings that offer educational institutions an affordable alternative to permanent construction and modular trailers. Project FROG (Flexible Response to Ongoing Growth) learning environments are environmentally friendly and offer a range of layouts to accommodate the diverse needs of today's schools.
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Hand-washing reminder

Kimberly-Clark Professional

The Hand Hygiene Voice Module provides a gentle audio reminder to wash up. It provides a simple, non-intrusive message that repeats every two minutes and works without identifying those who don't wash their hands. The system automatically shuts off when lights are out. Volume adjustment is available to match the sound levels to the size of the restroom. It is easy to install and has a long battery life.
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LAN intercom system

Jeron Electronic Systems

The Spectrum 430-IP intercom system employs packet audio technology to provide voice communication and signaling on a local area network (LAN) for both master-to-master and master-to-substation internal intercom applications. It supports a broad scope of station types and features for hands-free duplex conversations, paging and access control.
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Desk systems


The Currency laminate desk system line features a series of flexible, modular pieces that fit with a wide range of office styles. Product and line extensions include a new ¾-height pedestal on desks and credenzas, along with new lower storage cabinets, an 18-inch side-access tower, quarter bookcases and a new corner shelf unit.
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Automatic dryer covers

World Dryer

The WorldStone line of dryer covers for Model A and AirMax automatic dryers provides a tough and attractive alternative to traditional steel and cast-iron covers and can be produced in almost any color or pattern. Covers are made of proprietary ¼-inch thermoset polymer. This material has a 5V UL flame rating and will not melt. An antimicrobial agent is embedded into the cover.
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Circuit breakers

Schneider Electric

Square D Masterpact NW molded case circuit breakers offer a broad range of protection for DC applications. They are factory-tested and calibrated, reducing installation time and cost. The breakers are ideal for use on critical power DC applications such as battery UPS systems and DC backup systems in power plants and substations. They are available in both fixed and drawout construction.
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Sustainable carpet

Bentley Prince Street

The Urban Tribe Collection contains a minimum of 65 percent recycled content in its face fiber. The balance of the face fiber is constructed of re-purposed waste yarn. It comprises six patterns — from botanical to geometrical. Available in broadloom only with 16 standard colorways, the shared DNA among the six patterns is a linear background. The patterns on the foreground are unique.
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Roof hatch railing

The Bilco Company

All Bilco roof hatches now are Bil-Guard-Ready, equipped with pre-punched capflashing to facilitate quick and easy installation of the Bil-Guard Hatch Rail System. Bil-Guard is a fixed rail system that provides a permanent means of fall protection for roof hatch openings. It is constructed of a durable, fiber-reinforced polymer material and uses corrosion-resistant hardware. The railing comes in a high-visibility yellow color for added safety.
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Food-service installation

Eagle Group

The UniWall counter system simplifies kitchen and other food-service installations. Its turnkey design integrates retaining-wall elements with counters, eliminating many of the problems and installation delays that food-service projects typically face in their final stages. UniWall allows specifiers or designers to lay out counters, serving lines and bars that are NSF-approved with factory pre-plumbed and/or UL-listed wiring options. The heart of the system is its 12-gauge galvanized stud wall with horizontal utility chase openings for running beverage, plumbing and electrical lines — all accessible through easy-access front panels.
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Door access

Wikk Industries

The INGRESS'R switch provides universal door access in several sizes and shapes including a 36-inch-tall by 6-inch-wide product with a fully actionable 2½-inch center column. The design of the INGRESS'R enables the switch to be activated from any height or angle of approach — making it accessible for those in wheelchairs.
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Shaftliner panel


SilentGuard TS is a fire- and mold-resistant gypsum shaftliner panel that is designed to make the construction of two-hour shaft and area-separation walls easier and more cost-efficient than masonry. SilentGuard TS is manufactured with moisture-resistant, 100 percent recycled paper faces on both sides and an enhanced core for improved mold and mildew protection. It also provides a high level of sound insulation and strength.
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Mailing system


Ideal for mid-volume mailing in busy offices and mailrooms, the IJ-70 mailing system processes up to 150 letters per minute while calibrating length, width and thickness to ensure the proper amount of postage is applied to each piece. Neopost Online Services technology allows users to keep track of all mailroom activities via a personalized, web-based account. It also features advanced tracking via e-mail confirmations of sent and received mail and parcels, and reporting capabilities by tracking postage usage.
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Analytic software


PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management 9 is an integrated suite of analytic applications that includes reporting and analysis for the higher-education industry. PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Warehouse gathers detailed student-related information into a single environment and combines it with a complex analysis of recruiting, admissions, student records and student financial data. With this level of insight, institutions can make the right strategic decisions to help maximize recruiting efforts, identify successful and unsuccessful programs, analyze faculty workloads, and manage tuition awards and payments.
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Outdoor tables

Pilot Rock Park Equipment

Pilot Rock Picnic Tables are available in styles and sizes to fit almost any location. Pedestal tables can be rectangular or square. Frames can be hot-dip galvanized for maximum protection or powder-coated in a selection of colors. Material options for the tops and seats include lumber, aluminum, 100 percent recycled plastic in nine colors, and vinyl-coated steel in six colors.
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Height-adjustable workcenters

Workrite Ergonomics

The Sierra series of height-adjustable workcenters adjusts from 22 inches to 48 inches, satisfying the needs of users that range from 5 feet to more than 6 feet tall. Sierra is designed to allow flexibility with the modular design concept of tubular aluminum cross bars and connection brackets. A smooth and powerful, yet quiet computer-controlled motor moves the workcenter at more than 2 inches per second, quickly making the transition from seated to standing position heights.
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Illegal drug detection

Global Detection & Reporting, Inc.

Global Detection & Reporting School Drug Assessments provide factual data about illicit drug use and trafficking on school property by grade, section or extracurricular activity without testing individual students. Surface assessments using the patented DrugWipe are conducted on school-owned property only and are designed to provide definitive risk data about on-site drug use or trafficking within minutes of testing. Global Detection & Reporting can conduct the assessment or can train personnel.
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Blast suppression

CINTEC America

The Waterwall System is a series of water-inflated, rapidly deployable, blast-suppression devices designed to isolate or shield suspicious objects in order to protect both people and infrastructures. Pressures behind the blast wave are reduced substantially, heat is absorbed, and fragmentation either is eliminated or decreased significantly. Rapid deployment also lessens the inevitable disruption resulting from such an incident, whether a genuine threat or a false alarm.
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Dual-flushing valve


The UPPERCUT Dual-Flush Flushometer gives users two flush options: tilt the handle up for liquid waste, which saves about half a gallon per flush, or push the handle down for a standard 1.6-gallon flush for solid waste. The distinctive green handle on the new Flushometer features an antimicrobial coating for protection against germs. The UPPERCUT Dual-Flush Handle retrofit kit can be fitted easily onto manual Sloan Flushometers for immediate water savings.
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Rooftop air conditioner


The 15 SEER Precedent packaged rooftop air-conditioning system with a Tracker control system for system-wide control and monitoring saves a minimum of 15 percent of HVAC electrical costs while keeping students and teachers comfortable and productive. It is a gas/electric cooling unit and is designed so that one unit serves the needs of a single classroom. The system is controlled centrally through the Tracker controller.
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IT transport system

PARAT Solutions

The Paradidact, a mobile IT transport system, combines convenience, versatility and connectivity in an aesthetically appealing and seamless solution, allowing K-12 educators and seminar organizers to transport, store, recharge and synchronize up to 30 notebook computers cost-effectively and efficiently. Users can administer updates to the systems or synchronize lesson plans via Wake-on-LAN technology from any remote location.
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Classroom projector


The PowerLite S4 is a convenient, lightweight projector that can be transported easily. The three-chip engine allows natural color and bright, vibrant images. A four-second startup time allows presentations to begin when scheduled. The projector has a full-featured remote control to switch sources and control presentation functions. It also has password-protected security features, including timer, logo and key lock protection to prevent theft and unauthorized access.
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Floor care

Essential Industries

DFT (Daily Floor Treatment) cleans and enhances shine when used daily instead of a neutral cleaner. It also repairs scratches and other blemishes when used weekly in place of a restorer. It is packaged in an easy-to-use, premeasured squeeze-and-pour bottle and is used on all resilient or stone floors that are finished properly. DFT is designed for use through auto-scrubbers, mop buckets or spray bottles.
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Computer workstation

Lyon Workspace Products

The Deluxe Computer Workstation features a rear access door that opens completely on a full-length piano hinge, an ergonomic keyboard shelf that slides out and drops down for tension-free keystroking, and a clear-view monitor door that allows for visibility and protection of up to a 21-inch monitor. The workstation easily will handle up to a 21-inch monitor, plus a CPU, printer and supplies.
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Plumbing additions

University adds more than 1,400 residence-hall bathrooms on tight schedule


The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, which is part of a five-campus system, undertook construction of six four-story residence halls in fall 2004 to meet the school's projected need for on-campus housing for nearly 3,900 students.

The residence-hall project represented a particular challenge for the plumbing contractor, N.B. Kenney Company, Inc. (Devens, Mass.) Each of the six buildings houses 239 bathrooms for a total of 1,434 new bathrooms that needed to be completed in less than eight months. The plumbing portion of the project alone was estimated at $11 million.

To meet the university's specifications and the tight construction schedule, Corzan CPVC pipe and fittings were used for the mains and risers. FlowGuard Gold CPVC pipe and fittings were used in the residence-hall rooms. The solvent cement-joining system, which eliminates the need for soldering, reduced labor. The installation was fast, and cleanup time was reduced because there were no oils, metal debris or heavy equipment to remove. The accelerated installation process allowed the residence-hall rooms to be completed on time and saved $200,000 to $300,000 as a result of not using metal.
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Sound quality

Audio systems developed specifically for the classroom improve learning

OWI, Inc.

Chesterfield County (Va.) School District recently installed LCD projectors in all of its high school classrooms — about 700 total. But, the small, low-powered speakers on the projectors were not adequate for a classroom of 25 students. In addition to using the projectors, teachers would be displaying a variety of visual learning aids, so any additional audio systems needed to be simple. The district needed an arrangement where the teacher could use the same remote control to increase or decrease volume on the projector, a laptop or a DVD player.

The LCD projectors were ceiling-mounted, so it made sense that the speakers should be ceiling-mounted as well, cutting down on wiring and other potential costs. Brian Jones, manager of video technology, began searching for ceiling speakers. While considering speaker options, Jones also determined that the speakers selected should have built-in amplifiers with no separate components.

Jones found the right solution by taking advice from a retired audiovisual integrator who recommended speakers from OWI, Inc.

OWI offers three different in-ceiling-mounted, self-powered speakers. Models AMP IC5 and AMP IC6 have 25 watts of peak power and will support three additional non-powered speakers. Model AMP 31-C6 also has a peak power of 25 watts, supports three additional non-powered speakers, and will support 50 powered speakers on the same line.

“We found a good standard setting, which we could set when the speakers were installed,” says Jones. “Then the actual amount of sound going into the speakers could be adjusted from the projectors during presentations.”

Aesthetically, the speakers fit in so well that several teachers didn't know they had been installed.
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Washed up

Campus laundry upgrade creates appealing amenity for students

Alliance Laundry Systems LLC

Officials at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind., wanted a way to set the Cary Quadrangle residence hall laundry apart and make it more appealing to current and prospective students. Their approach was simple: create a laundry room that also serves as a gathering space for students.

“If residence halls want to keep up with off-campus apartments, we need to renovate more of these areas,” says Terry Ashlock, director of facilities.

The project included a substantial upgrade in the look, technology and design of the facility's laundry room.

Cary Quad laundry room, which serves about 600 students, now is a bright, well-lighted space with frosted glass and a creatively designed drop ceiling. Situated nearby is a large lounge boasting a big-screen TV. It also features a small kitchen area, vending machines and study space. Just down the corridor is a pool table for student use. The school sought to create an attractive, comfortable amenity that would become a focal area of campus life.

The university chose Speed Queen machines for the facility and linked them with the BoilerExpress Debit Account, which enables students to use their campus debit card to pay for laundry cycles.
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Driving home safety

Central control panel manages matrix of safety systems in high-tech automotive research building

Fire-Lite Alarms

The new International Center for Automotive Research (ICAR) at Clemson University, Greenville, S.C., already has attracted more than $100 million in public and private investments. The 250-acre graduate school campus promises to bring high-tech, high-paying jobs to the area and attract fresh partnerships for the two ICAR core companies: BMW and Michelin. It also will serve as the future launching point for many new product and manufacturing innovations.

The life-safety system selected for the building is Fire-Lite Alarms' MS-9600, a compact, intelligent addressable fire-alarm control panel with a capacity of 318 addressable Fire-Lite devices on one Signaling Line Circuit (SLC). It is easily expandable to 636 devices with the addition of a plug-in SLC. The panel uses surface-mount technology and is designed not only for ease-of-use, but also for easy programming and maintenance.

The first completed building, the BMW Center, posed a number of challenges, as it featured a complicated matrix of safety systems. The Fire-Lite system had the flexibility and power to interface with this complex functional matrix, including two Orion air-sampling systems, a CO2 system, two pre-action panels, an air-handling unit, three remote NAC (Notification Appliance Circuit) power supplies, positive pressure fans, elevator relay modules, and fire shutters and smoke curtains for smoke control. All of these system functions are monitored by the MS-9600 control panel, which is in the building's data center.
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Back to school

Furniture selection for new middle school centers on the student

VS Furniture

Cedar Springs Middle School, Cedar Springs, Mich., is a 119,000-square-foot facility that encourages collaboration and fosters working relationships among students and teachers.

The school has six pods arranged around a commons, with a teacher-prep area in the center. The Visioning Team, which included faculty, students, staff, parents, community leaders and BETA Design Group, recommended that the furniture in the new facility be as flexible and student-centered as possible.

The team evaluated products from several manufacturers, ultimately selecting VS Furniture for its ergonomics, adaptability, mobility, durability and cost-effectiveness.

“We didn't want to do things that we just thought were good,” says Ron McDermed, associate superintendent. “We wanted research to show that it was indeed good. That's why one of our prerequisites for the chairs was that they allow students to move.”

PantoSwing chairs were specified throughout the classrooms, and PantoMove chairs were used in computer-sensitive areas. The school's primary learning spaces are outfitted with Uno-M student desks. Uno-M's Lignodur worksurface and powder-coated steel frame hold up under high-traffic use. In the special-education rooms, height-adjustable Ergo desks with tilting tabletops help students read easier by providing an appropriate reading angle. Multifunctional Integra computer tables furnish technology classrooms. Integra's hinged and lockable panels hold and store flat-screen displays, keyboards and computer mice, allowing these areas to function as computer labs and standard classrooms. Teachers credit the tables with helping to solve classroom-management issues such as student line-of-sight and computer security.

The commons, media center, science rooms and teacher-planning areas needed furniture that could be moved around quickly and easily. PantoSwing-VF chairs, LuPo stools and Network, Quadra and Trackel tables provide the desired flexibility and adaptability.
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