Product Solutions

Dec. 1, 2005
New products/Case studies.

Structure maintenance


The Bird Spike 2000 is an affordable, effective solution for eliminating bird droppings and health-related problems. It is non-conductive and almost invisible. Made from UV-protected polycarbonate, it is sun/weather-proof and is not affected by extreme temperatures. It is easy to install and maintain, available in a variety of colors, and will not harm birds.
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Waste receptacles

Pilot Rock

The trash and recycling receptacle holders feature all-steel construction for maximum durability. They come in square, round or octagonal shapes, all with 32-gallon capacities. They enhance any playground, commons, recreational or public area. The vinyl-coated steel finish is offered in five colors to coordinate with other site components. Many colorful lid choices are available to complete the ensemble. Each receptacle can be anchored directly to the surface or installed with raised pedestal mounts.
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Communication system

Primex Wireless

The CommandPoint 72XR High Power Transmitter Series uses the accuracy of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and a 72MHz frequency to keep all clocks, bells and other timekeeping mechanisms across campus in sync. The new series enables higher-education facilities managers to maximize campus operations by eliminating the maintenance time and costs associated with installing, repairing and integrating conventional wired and atomic timing systems.
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Standalone lockset

Marks USA

The i-Que standalone access-control system with its patented “Survivor” cylindrical lockset is easy to install, has modular design for future upgrades, and is capable of expanding the available audit trail and user memory on the door. The 16-position keypad, all-weather, UL-listed, grade-one construction unit is backed by a lifetime mechanical and electrical warranty.
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Floor finish

P&G Pro Line

The upgraded Super Durable Finish contains an inverted shine co-polymer technology, creating a superior rubber heel mark resistance. It now includes more biodegradable surfactants, has high initial gloss and application robustness, and has a shelf life of two years. Product sizes include one-gallon and five-gallon options.
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Energy measurement

Dent Instruments

The ELITEpro helps management develop a meaningful energy strategy by measuring critical electrical loads and data trend usage. Its small, robust design is fully portable and can be used anywhere — from a single piece of equipment to an entire building. The easy-to-use, Windows-based software graphically displays data; performs analyses; and allows automatic, remote data collection from various sources.
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Acoustical door


The 2¼-inch-thick acoustical door makes a higher STC rating possible with an easy-to-operate door. It weighs about the same as the 1¾-inch-thick door and still provides standard builder's locksets and exit devices. The door features a redundant seal configuration that forms an acoustical labyrinth at the jamb. The cam-lift hinges and door-bottom gasket make a positive seal with the threshold.
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Mobile robot product

Cypress Computer Systems, Inc.

The Cypress Remote Surveillance and Verification Platform (RSVP) is the first autonomous mobile platform to combine robotic localization and navigation, building automation, video, security, and access-control interfaces into an efficient and affordable single solution. The Cypress RSVP-720 is designed for fully autonomous, 24-hour operation. Features include automatic docking for battery recharge, 802.11 wireless video, laser mapping and navigation, two-way audio, and Suprex Technology for systems integration.
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VOC detection

Photovac, Inc.

The 2020ppbPRO is an enhanced photoionization detection instrument designed to provide indoor air quality specialists, as well as other users, with the ability to do accurate low-parts per million (ppm) VOC analysis. It provides 10ppb precision across its dynamic range of 0 to 40 ppm, making it ideal for indoor air-quality assessments, as well as other hazmat, industrial hygiene, and environmental applications where very low detection levels are required.
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Repair and maintenance


The updated Sloan Repair Parts and Maintenance Guide is designed to help customers upgrade and maintain their plumbing systems. The comprehensive binder is divided into seven product sections with more than 100 pages organized by category for easy identification, selection and ordering of repair and replacement parts. Diagrams, parts lists and recommendations for performing regular maintenance and troubleshooting are included.
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Portable PA system


The STAGEPAS 300 has an ultra-compact design, two-way loudspeakers and an eight-channel (four mono, two stereo) mixer. Each speaker contains an 8-inch woofer and 1-inch compression driver, driven by an efficient 150-watt (x2) Class D amplifier. The mixer features balanced XLR connectors, mic/line switches and balanced ¼-inch jacks, 2-banc channel EQ and switchable 24-bit digital reverb.
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High-performance flooring

nora Rubber Flooring

The color granules that characterize noraplan fossil resemble fossil inclusions found in nature. The multi-colored granules are embedded in one of 16 base colors, each a blend of three matched colors that supplement the existing noraplan range. The floor's smooth, non-glare finish reinforces the natural look of the line, allowing noraplan fossil to complement wood, stone and other natural design elements.
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Environmental monitoring system


OptiNet is a high-performance, facility-wide sensing system that gives facility managers access to key environmental data. Knowledge from the automated analysis and reporting may be used to meet LEED program objectives, reduce operating and energy costs, and improve indoor environmental quality. The system combines highly accurate physical and virtual sensors with an artifical intelligence-based analysis program. It translates knowledge about the building environment into tangible outcomes that deliver energy-efficient, healthy and productive work and learning environments.
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Building controls


Tracer Enterprise Solutions is a web-based software application that connects school building systems and provides school facility staff access to multiple buildings on campus from any computer on the network or the World Wide Web. It performs daily operations such as reporting on the status of buildings, systems and equipment; scheduling by room, building or enterprise; data collection and analysis; and troubleshooting and alarm management.
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Waste handling

Precision AirConvey

Automated waste- and linen-handling systems use computer-driven, pneumatic conveying technology to dispose of sanitary waste and/or soiled linens. They do this by transporting waste items from multiple points in a facility or campus through a hidden network of ducts to central, remote locations for compacting or recycling.
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HVAC equipment


The T-Class 3-5 ton models of air conditioner and heat pump products feature efficiencies up to 13.00 SEER and 7.70 HSPF (region IV) for excellent energy efficiency and operating cost savings. Sound ratings are as low as 76 dB. Scroll compressors and high-efficiency outdoor coils provide efficient operation and energy savings. Heavy-duty fan guards increase safety while enhanced coil guards protect the condenser coil from potential damage. Drainage holes prevent moisture from collecting.
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Fire-alarm notification

Wheelock Inc.

The new line of weatherproof fire-alarm appliances satisfy almost all outdoor and severe environment applications. The Weatherproof Strobe, Audible Strobe, Audible Horn and Multitone Strobe appliances provide enhanced resistance to temperatures ranging from -31 °F to 150 °F (-35 °C to 66 °C) and are rated for 75 candela at -35 °C. The strobes can be synchronized with the SM and DSM Sync Modules and/or the PowerPath PS-12/24-8CP and MP Power Supply, which uses the Patented Sync Protocol.
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Network cameras

Canon Network Video Solutions

The VB-C50Fsi Fixed Network Camera features Power over Ethernet, which simplifies installation by allowing it to receive both data and power over a single Ethernet cable. This camera and the Canon VB-C50i/R Pan/Tilt/Zoom Network Camera now feature two-way audio, designed to meet the critical needs of a wider range of applications, including distance learning, webcasting, video conferencing and security monitoring.
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Energy-saving light bulb

C. Crane Company Inc.

The LED light bulbs can save users $70 per year for every bulb they replace. For users who replace accent lights, porch lights or reading lights with these standard-fitting, long-lasting bulbs, replacing just five bulbs would save up to $350 each year. With bulbs lasting six times longer than CFL bulbs, users save energy costs and the labor costs of changing bulbs.
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Sidewall sprinkler


The Microtech 4.0 (5,8) K factor residential sidewall sprinkler has expanded listings. With the launch of the VK453 product, Viking has extended its innovative, patent-pending Microtech technology to larger room sizes. It now offers residential sidewall sprinklers with the lowest flows at any listed room size, including the industry's only listings for 18-foot by 20-foot rooms.
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Identity protection


The DESFire encoding option for the card printer/encoder is a secure, contactless smart-card technology based on the MIFARE platform. It allows high-speed, triple-Data Encryption Standard (3DES) RF encryption between the contactless card and the reader. Beginning with the HDP600 Card Printer/Encoder, the DESFire encoding option will be available with the full range of Fargo's High Definition Printing and Direct-to-Card product lines.
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Bird spike

Nixalite of America Inc.

The E-spike 6405 is an all-stainless-steel economy bird spike designed to be an effective, discreet and affordable deterrent for pigeons and seagulls. It is 6 inches wide and available in 24-inch or 48-inch strip lengths to speed installation time. It is available in a stainless-steel finish or eight standard ColorCoat colors, with the option of pointed or soft-tip spikes.
Circle 321 for more information

Laundry machine interface

Alliance Laundry Systems

e-Suds services are available to current users of and future purchasers of Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment. The e-Suds system was designed to be installed on new or existing laundry equipment. It enables users to go online to see if there are washers or dryers available in the laundry room and be notified via e-mail to their computer, PDA or cell phone when the cycles are complete. In a college or university setting, it enables students to use their student ID/one-card system to pay for their wash.
Circle 322 for more information

Access control


The clamshell-style card is part of the iCLASS 13.56 MHz contactless smart-card family, and is constructed of an ABS shell and PVC cover label that is strong, flexible, and resistant to cracking and breaking. It can be custom printed using the most direct image printers, which offer on-site photo identification capabilities. The card can be protected with DES or triple-DES encyrption for even greater security.
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Lighting system


BLUemotion allows specifiers to make a powerful visual statement while satisfying a variety of lighting needs in a space. It is a modular system with five shielding options, providing a variety of appearance and lighting effects. The shielding options vary the level of direct/indirect distribution, allowing designers to meet specific lighting requirements and preferences.
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Building-mounted lighting


The G2 design signature now includes a low-level bollard option. The geometric forms of G2 Louver Bollards mirror the curves, angles and texture of nearby architecture and landscape elements. Die-cast reflecting louvers eliminate glare, safeguard the lamp and optics, and protect light at a wide angle for extended bollard spacing. All G2 designs may be specified in matching black, dark gray, natural aluminum, white, dark bronze, rust and sandstone, or other color of the user's choice.
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Digital mailing system


Designed to maximize productivity and functionality, the IJ 110 Advanced Digital Mailing System operates at speeds of up to 250 letters per minute and features a mixed-mail feeding capacity. It offers the ability to track postage costs for up to 500 departments and seamlessly process mail of varying weights and sizes, with nested or non-nested envelopes. Additional mailing features include the dynamic scale, mixed mail feeder, differential weighing platform, conveyer stacker and thermal roll tape dispenser.
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Dry erase board

Ever Superior

EverWhite graphic dry erase boards feature useful classroom graphics including penmanship lines, music staff lines, grid lines and more. The graphics are fully enclosed in the board and will never wear away. Every board features a lifetime guarantee against ghosting and staining. The graphic combination board offers a framed dry erase board with a graphic selection incorporated into a portion of the board, giving users the functionality of a dry erase board and a graphic board all in one.
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Preventive maintenance

The Garland Company, Inc.

Proactive preventive maintenance programs, supported with online emergency reporting, project tracking and work-report documentation, are available from The Garland Co. The Dry Zone program teams company representatives with select contractors to provide customers with comprehensive preventive maintenance, including speedy emergency response.
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Recycling cart

Meese Orbitron Dunne Co.

The Poly-TruxR 50P-16 recycling cart is available with an optional locking security lid and slotted paper dividers to promote mail security after scanning in digital mail centers and support initiatives to separate paper grades at the source for easy recycling. It secures up to 400 pounds of mail and waste paper in a 21-cubic-foot capacity. When filled, it rolls smoothly on industrial-strength casters to a baler, shredder or loading dock for emptying or transport.
Circle 329 for more information

Bleacher system


The versatile 308 Series Bleacher System is simple to design and build. Available in depths from seven to 29 rows, the system can accommodate most seating configurations and can be used as permanent or temporary seating. It also can be designed as an elevated bleacher, or with the first seating row starting at ground level. It uses standard support and seat frames, and meets all existing federal codes for seating applications. It comes with aluminum bench seats and footboards, or wood bench seats and footboards.
Circle 330 for more information

Floor care

Scot Labs

Scot's TUFF Moptastic Plus! Floor Finish cleans, shines and protects floors in one step. Regular use will extend the service life of the floor finish and leave a pleasing appearance. It is ideal for cleaning and polishing high- and low-traffic areas. It is available only in gallons.
Circle 331 for more information

Preventing corrosion

High-performance coating protects perimeter steel and provides for fireproofing

Tnemec Company, Inc.

The John Hancock Student Village at Boston University is a $220 million, 822,000-square-foot student apartment, fitness, sports and entertainment complex. From the earliest design stages, the architect, Cannon Design, was interested in a coating designed to protect perimeter steel from corrosion and provide adequate substrate for sprayed-on fireproofing.

With 6,200 tons of steel to be erected on the 10-acre site — including application of shop-applied coatings for everything from anchor bolts and leveling plates, to bolted and welded connections — corrosion was a chief concern. Coatings were needed for all piping, beams, hangers and girders — down to the structural steel openings required to accommodate mechanical, plumbing and electrical work.

Boston University applied a zinc-filled primer to every anchor bolt and girder in the sports complex. Series 394 PerimePrime is a single-component, moisture-cured micaceous iron oxide (MIO) zinc-filled primer designed for compatibility with most popular types of fireproofing. It offers triple protection against corrosion and outperforms alkyd steel shop primers. The primer especially was important in the corrosive chlorine-filled environment of the natatorium in the fitness center.
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Slate alternative

School uses environmentally friendly rubber slate roofing tile for siding


Zach Elementary School, Fort Collins, Colo., took a different approach to the exterior design of its school.

Majestic Slate Traditional tiles are 50-year rubber slate tiles made of 100 percent recycled industrial rubber and plastic. They are injection-molded, using a special formula that protects the integrity of the rubber, and they offer an environmentally friendly, lightweight alternative to slate.

The classic tile features a rectangular profile that provides a simple, versatile roofing option. However, Zach Elementary School decided to use the tiles for siding. The tiles offer protection from hail, driving rain and high winds. Featuring a Gold Star or Limited Materials warranty and available with a 100 mph wind warranty, they provide strength without extreme weight.

The recycled rubber is molded in the shape of a slate tile, offering easy installation for approved applicators. It can be installed using copper or stainless 1½-inch roofing nails and pneumatic equipment. Tiles can be modified on site with a utility knife, so breakage no longer is a concern.

The tile can be combined with other EcoStar tiles to create a customized look for any steep-slope application. They are available in nine colors.
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Network stability

Software allows university network to process higher traffic levels with fewer bottlenecks


The network at Concordia University, Mequon, Wis., could not keep up with the university's growth, resulting in a network collapse.

“Like many colleges, Concordia University — Wisconsin has multiple sites spread throughout the United States that rely on the main campus for operational computer services,” says Mark Newhouse, director of computing operations. “Ensuring continuous accessibility to mission critical applications both on the main campus and remote sites is essential.”

The university deployed Linkproof and Web Server Director (WSD) to optimize its application system. The deployment has enabled the university's network to process higher traffic levels, ensure the availability of critical applications, and protect the school against hacker intrusion — making certain that denial of service (DoS) and virus attacks are stopped before they penetrate the network.

The university leverages WSD to load balance traffic through its proxy servers for student-related web traffic. The result has been the move from multiple failures throughout the school year to none. The university plans to further utilize WSD for the management and security of its administrative system.

The devices have improved and customized application performance and network operation, making the network more stable.
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Enhancing learning

School district extends performance contract benefits beyond the building and into the classroom


Southwest Licking School District, near Columbus, Ohio, was facing the challenging trio of aging facilities, shrinking budgets and a growing student population. With five schools serving more than 3,000 K-12 students, the district had to find a way to pay for critical repairs and upgrades that would improve learning environments, without incurring additional financial burden.

The answer was found in Ohio House Bill 264 — legislation that allows schools to enter into a performance contract with a vendor to create capital and pay for improvements with energy savings. Under the bill, the district initiated an energy-savings performance contract (ESPC) with Honeywell, its energy-services provider.

The project enabled the district to make $1.6 million in infrastructure improvements with no new tax dollars. The district retrofitted lighting systems, balanced HVAC systems, and installed low-flow toilets and plumbing fixtures that reduce water consumption and sewage bills without affecting performance. In addition, the district installed upgraded temperature and humidity controls, and took steps to prevent air leakage in the building envelope. It also upgraded existing building controls to allow for night temperature setbacks, and added new insulated glass panels to exterior doors and windows.

The outcome was increased energy efficiency and operational savings throughout the district, along with improved student comfort.
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Shedding some light

Luminaries enhance learning environment for students with special needs

Day-Brite Lighting

The Gault Family Learning Center, Wooster, Ohio, is a century-old school building that houses several organizations. It is a community partner with the College of Wooster, whose campus is two blocks away. The 32,000-square-foot learning center underwent a two-year, $5 million renovation and expansion in fall 2002. A new lighting system that meets architectural, energy-efficiency and light-level requirements was included in this renovation.

The college was building three new buildings at the time of the renovation. Project managers worked together to find the best possible lighting system for each building. Because the learning center would serve young children with developmental disabilities, finding a source of classroom light with little variation in wavelength was a priority.

Adagio fixtures were specified for classrooms and hallways. The fixtures provided better overall light than the other luminaries tested for the project and were endorsed by educators who previously had feared that young disabled children might not tolerate fluorescent lighting. Adagio combines modern upscale aesthetics with the affordability of steel construction. Wide luminaire spacing is permitted by a combination of wide, smooth light distribution and the 18-inch to 24-inch recommended suspension distance. Direct/indirect versions of Adagio feature a top-mounted center ballast channel, resulting in 65 percent downlight and 35 percent uplight for efficient, yet uniform illumination of the entire space, as well as the work plane.

Adagio fixtures also were installed in some of the adult classrooms on the second floor that are used for adult literacy and speech classes, as well as a high-tech computer lab for training individuals and small business owners.
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Building operations

University improves hydronic system performance


Students residing in Carman Hall at Eastern Illinois University (EIU), Charleston, Ill., would call to complain about the lack of heat two to three times each day. The 30-year-old, twin-tower high rise is heated using a two-pipe system that takes steam from the central plant and converts it to hot water. One pump moves 760 gallons through a pipe for both hot and chilled water. With a series of valves, hot water is changed to chilled water when the weather dictates.

The utilities manager and acting director for facilities management, Gary Reed, thought that the air and dirt problems in Carman Hall and throughout the campus were part of an operating hydronic system until he saw a working demonstration of a Spirovent Combination Air & Dirt Separator. The Spirovent employs Spirotube coalescing barrier medium to scrub air and dirt from hot and chilled water systems efficiently, allowing it to break free of the flow path. The air is released from the top of the unit via a patented air-release mechanism while the dirt falls to the bottom and collects in the dirt chamber, where it can be blown down through a manual or automatic blow-down valve.

An investigation of Carman Hall indicated black iron-oxide powder was present in the control valves, indicating a high level of oxygen in the system. It was recommended that the combination air and dirt separator be installed between the heat exchanger and the pump suction, where it could operate at peak efficiency.

The maintenance staff at EIU did the installation. The valve-clogging problems have been almost eliminated, and the no-heat calls have all but disappeared. EIU has installed the air and dirt separators in six of its 12 residence halls.
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