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June 1, 2006
New Products; Case Studies

Bicycle storage

Indoor vertical bike racks keep floor areas open and allow for efficient space usage


Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn., built two residence halls to accommodate its growing enrollment and to encourage students to live on campus. The new residence halls relieve the pressure on local neighborhoods to provide safe, affordable housing and parking.

The university understood that along with providing additional living space, it was important to include amenities. Each new facility was designed to encourage environmentally friendly bicycle transportation, including 45 Cycle-Safe WALLRACKs for bicycle storage at each facility.

The vertical bike storage systems are space efficient; bikes are parked against the wall. This opens up floor space and allows easy accessibility. The bike racks are in a designated room within each of the residence halls, providing protection from inclement weather.

The WALLRACKs design offers a high level of security. The bike racks feature tamper-resistant components, allowing the use of a cyclist's D lock so he or she can secure the bike frame and wheel to the rack. The inside location requires users to access bikes through a keyed room entry system, contributing to overall security.

The university already has received positive response from students. The wall-hung option keeps the floor area open, makes it easy to clean and allows for more efficient use of space. The vertically arranged racks can double bike parking capacity.
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Classroom makeover

School receives updated furniture to modernize classroom


In 2005, Virco and the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) launched the Classroom Makeover Competition. After evaluating numerous applications, three schools were chosen to receive a comprehensive furniture makeover for one classroom.

A reading room at Oak-Land Jr. High, Lake Elmo, Minn., had furniture that was more than 20 years old and needed constant maintenance.

“Things got so bad that I kept a tool kit in my desk,” says Jacqueline Miller, the classroom teacher.

The older furniture was not well-suited for contemporary teaching styles that emphasize collaborative learning, so the makeover provided many benefits. Easily movable chairs and tables with large work surfaces make it ideal for students to collaborate on learning activities. The furniture includes ergonomically contoured ZUMA 4-leg chairs, which combine a flexible backrest, a wide concave seat and a waterfall front with a convenient handle in the upper backrest. The chairs are grouped around Plateau Series tables with a 30-inch by 60-inch top that allows four students to share a common work surface for collaborative learning activities.

Miller's students like the modern design of the new furniture in their room.

“From the first day we received the furniture, I noticed improved student attitudes and behavior,” says Miller. “There was much more respect for the classroom.”
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Sports flooring

Action Floor Systems

The 2006 catalog from Action Floor Systems details its line of hardwood sports floor systems in 12 pages. It features two new systems, along with specifications for 16 other subfloor systems that are designed to cushion and absorb shock, provide uniform resiliency and ball bounce, and reduce vibration and sound transmission. Specifications on the AirThrust natural rubber pads also are included.
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Bird control


Bird Slope is an anti-perching, anti-roosting deterrent that is effective against all types of birds. Bird Slope is UV protected, long-lasting and easy to install. Its unique design makes it impossible for birds to land on 90-degree areas including eaves and ledges. It has a snap-on extender, which makes it easy to adapt to wider ledges and areas of coverage.
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Content-management technology

The Active Network

Content-management technology helps schools and universities capture, manage, store, archive and communicate critical documents and information. The Active Network offers tools to streamline how content is shared and accessed across every line of business. Education institutions can target and deliver personalized content to individuals or groups. With an easy, one-click system for web publishing, staff members at any level can manage web content.
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Campus operations

Maintenance-management software helps university organize on-campus services

TMA Systems

Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., needed a collection and delivery point to enhance the quality of services within its Campus Life department. This department provides programs, services and facilities to the university community in the form of housing, community centers and dining. Its vision was to create an exceptional living and learning environment for students. To make its vision a reality, it partnered with TMA Systems to choose which maintenance-management software, training and services were needed.

“The decision to select TMA was easy,” says Kathy Russell, work control manager. “The architecture is user-friendly and is specifically designed to maintain facility assets, which is a major plus in our campus environment.”

The university manages its Campus Life department with TMA Enterprise, a desktop computerized maintenance-management system (CMMS). With this system, the university is able to manage on-campus housing, conference services, two community centers and the majority of dining services on campus. The university has a tool to plan, prioritize, monitor and review work. TMA also enables the department to create reports to evaluate performance of equipment and staff, and to track supplies, labor and material costs.
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Carpet maintenance


The dry, powder-based system is an alternative to the traditional hot-water extraction method of cleaning carpets. With no drying time needed, students and staff can walk on cleaned carpets right away. The process also reduces allergens and prevents the growth of mold and bacteria.
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Safety flooring


Imprint is available in three distinct finishes, each featuring an embossed pattern. Altro Imprint Cobra features a stunning pattern that shimmers as people walk across a floor. Altro Imprint Tectonic complements Cobra by incorporating the form of a circle overlaying a larger pattern. Altro Imprint Pico features small, randomly spaced shapes. Each pattern can be used alone or in a coordinated design scheme with the other two finishes.
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Project management

Unanet Technologies

Unanet's web-based software helps schools and universities manage people and projects for improved profitability, project performance, compliance to government regulations and reduced costs. Real-time project reporting drives the decisionmaking process, and processing costs can be reduced by 90 percent. The software is categorized in the PSA (professional services automation) and PPM (project portfolio management) software industry.
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Facility management


VFA.facility 7 includes enhancements designed to assist capital planners, facility managers and financial executives in expertly managing their capital assets and forecasting maintenance, renewal and capital-spending requirements. VFA.auditor is a new software product that guides non-expert personnel in collecting information about facility conditions across a portfolio.
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Bentley Prince Street

Bare Earth & Base Metal is an environmentally preferable product (EPP). With two new refined wovens, this product line is made with a heathered, continuous filament nylon yarn system. Bare Earth, a handsome flatweave texture, and Base Metal, a tailored woven rib, are available in 13 mid-range neutral tones. The combination of a classical weaving technique, new technology and a new yarn system engineered for piece dyeing results in a minimalist carpet style.
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Fluorescent lighting

Day-Brite Lighting

The Attune family of fluorescent lighting products combines quality, architectural aesthetics, energy efficiency and natural lighting for a wide variety of preferences in commercial applications. It brings a new look to recessed lighting by offering visual appeal while still being unobtrusive. A wide “batwing” distribution allows for wider luminaire spacing, which improves uniformity for more even lighting to create a pleasant environment without uncomfortable glare.
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Solar-powered transit light

Solar Outdoor Lighting, Inc.

OmniLight Solar Powered LED-Illuminated Transit Stop is a standalone, solar-powered light designed to enhance bus stop safety by providing light where electricity is not available or would be prohibitively expensive. With the push of a button, the solar-powered OmniLight provides overhead security lighting, illuminates a bus schedule and signals that a passenger is waiting.
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