Product Solutions

June 1, 2005
New Products/Case Studies

Roofing membrane


Polykool is a cool roof modified-bitumen, self-adhered roofing membrane. This patent-pending APP- or SBS-based, self-adhesive roofing membrane offers high reflectivity and emissive properties with the use of a premium white surface. It reduces peak electricity demands and lowers the impact on surrounding air temperatures (urban heat-island effect). With the ability to decrease roofing maintenance and replacement costs, it offers a unique resistance to contaminants such as animal fat, oil and grease, making it easy to clean.
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Floor covering

Mats Inc.

Bolon woven vinyl sisal is the newest addition to the DzynSpec Floor Covering Collection. It comes in both sheets and tiles, is dimensionally stable, and can be cut in any direction without fraying or tearing. Woven vinyl sisal provides comfort underfoot, dries quickly and features a non-slip surface. High levels of sound absorption keep ambient and footstep noise to a minimum while chairs roll smoothly over the surface without scratching.
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Outdoor speaker

System Sensor

The SP201K outdoor speaker and SP2R1224MCK outdoor speaker strobe are Underwriters' Laboratories listed for temperatures from -40°F to 151°F and are suitable for use in wet locations. The speakers feature either 25 or 70.7 V RMS operation at ¼, ½, 2 and 4 watts. The outdoor speaker strobe has field selectable candela selections of 15, 15/75, 30, 75 and 110 cd and can be operated at 12 volts for the 15 and 15/75 selections. Both speaker products feature low total harmonic distortion and wide frequency response.
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Security booth

B.I.G. Enterprises

The Convincer is a security booth that features bullet-resistant steel construction with stainless-steel architectural wall treatments, a stainless-steel standing-seam dome roof, stainless-steel louvers, custom security lighting, and complete electrical, mechanical cabinetry. The booths are prefabricated, shipped in one piece and ready to install.
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Vinyl tile


Altro Quartz Tile now is available in 25 solid colors and 10 chipped colors. The compressed quartz vinyl tile is durable, and easy to install and maintain, ensuring a low life-cycle cost. The homogeneous construction means color, chipping and marbling will not wear through, ensuring the floor will retain its appearance for many years after installation. Hard, fine, naturally weathered quartz particles help ensure good impact resistance; tile will not crack or break under pressure.
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Classroom technology

SMART Technologies Inc.

AirLiner WS100 wireless slate allows teachers and students to enjoy the freedom of controlling their computers and digital content from anywhere in the classroom via its Bluetooth connection. It ships with SMART Board software and can be used with SMART Board interactive whiteboards and Sympodium interactive pen displays, or independently with a computer and projector. Multiple AirLiner wireless slate users can write at the same time, improving collaboration between teacher and student.
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Playground safety surface

Dash Recycled Rubber, Inc.

RB Rubber Playground/Mulch is an environmentally safe, non-toxic product that is manufactured from recycled tires. It serves as a safety surface for playgrounds, and as a mulch protective cover that beautifies landscapes and protects vegetation for years. The urethane coating of RB Playground/Mulch is bonded chemically, and the product is warranted to be colorfast for up to five years. Other benefits include easy installation, elimination of annual mulching, retention of soil moisture and greater resiliency than wood.
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Interior wallboard

G.P. Gypsum Corp.

DensArmor Plus is a moisture- and mold-resistant paperless interior wallboard. The Enhanced DensArmor Plus panels feature a new glass mat facing that finishes like paper-faced wallboard. The core of DensArmor Plus is reinforced with inorganic glass fibers, increasing its strength. Combined with the inorganic glass mats on the face and back, the product features greater moisture resistance, mold resistance, long-term durability and dimensional stability than traditional wallboard.
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Acoustical ceiling panels

USG Corporation

TRUE CLIMAPLUS Acoustical Ceiling Panels offer a unique design option to those who desire the precision of metal panels in a concealed suspension system with a fine-textured overlay that provides sound control. Made of perforated aluminum, the panels are covered with a fine-textured, smooth acoustical facing. This acoustically engineered design fits into slotted suspension tees for minimal reveal, creating a clean and contemporary-looking ceiling that provides a vast, white expanse.
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Restroom partitions


The eX is a new surface option for EverTuff solid plastic restroom partitions. It features a raised-dot surface texture, an absolute deterrent to graffiti, and is ideal for high-use, vandal-prone restroom areas. Less time to remove graffiti and scratches equate to reduced replacement cost and longer product life. The 70-percent reduction in surface area also reduces signs of wear, making it almost maintenance-free.
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Display system

Pro-Lite Inc.

InfoCenter is an electronic information system that features flexible, solid-state circuitry that curves around the surface and achieves a viewing angle of more than 160 degrees. It delivers pre-scheduled messages instantly from a handheld keyboard or a computer and uses Windows PC software. This system has a memory capacity of more than 99 pages, each with eight lines and 160 characters of information, making it an ideal tool for communicating multiple messages in a short time.
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Overhead storage

Lista International Corporation

Overhead cabinets provide a storage solution for items of unique size or shape that cannot be stored conveniently in modular drawers. They are 15 inches deep and are available in 16-inch and 29-inch heights and a variety of widths. They can be wall-mounted or supported above a work surface using a stationary riser shelf. The 29-inch-high overhead cabinets include shelves adjustable at 1-inch increments. All overhead cabinets offer an optional canopy top for a clean, finished appearance.
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Ergonomic chair

American Seating

Cue 2 is a family of ergonomic chairs engineered for demanding work applications. In addition to providing nine easy-to-use ergonomic adjustments, the Cue 2 series offers five standard models: full-back desk chair, high-back desk chair, full-back caster-based stool, sled-based guest chair, and a wide high-back chair built for big and tall employees.
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Auto scrubber

Tornado Industries

The XR model is an addition to the line of long-range (LR) auto scrubbers. The XR model has foam-filled wheels for easier maneuverability, quick-lift hood, quick-release float and easy-to-access tanks. All LR series machines offer 28- or 32-inch cleaning paths with 20- or 26-gallon tank capacity. Advanced technology and electronics ensure low maintenance.
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Security assessment

Fargo Electronics, Inc.

The free security assessment tool, found online at, is designed to analyze card identity programs. After answering a series of 10 to 14 questions, users will receive Fargo's rating of the security of their card identity system. Based on the results, the tool will recommend steps to enhance the security of the users' cards and card identity program.
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Quick fix

Using products that are all part of the same building system allows for faster installation


The Technology Center at Jefferson College, Hillsboro, Mo., needed an exterior renovation. Its cementicious wall panels were failing. The 13,000-square-foot reclad project to replace the existing walls had a tight three-month window for completion before the start of the new school year.

The project originally was designed around an ACM product and a separate window manufacturer, but the time constraint presented a big challenge. CENTRIA's single-source responsibility offered the solution, enabling a faster installation with the integration of horizontal Formawall Dimension Series insulated foam panels in four custom module widths, and the Formavue 200 spandrel-supported window system.

Using products that are part of an entire exterior building system allows better energy efficiency, aesthetics and faster installation. The integration of the two CENTRIA products resulted in a higher-performance window/panel interface and better coordination between components.
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Conserving energy

Energy loggers help university monitor electricity use

DENT Instruments

Seattle City Light, a local electric company, required the University of Washington, Seattle, to reduce its overall energy consumption. Several projects helped the university meet energy requirements. Renovation projects included replacing T-12 fluorescent lamps and magnetic ballasts with T-1 lamps and energy-efficient electronic ballasts. Adjustable speed drives on pumps and motors were installed in major ventilation systems, and the school upgraded HVAC controls.

The university needed to verify that they had installed the projects and had saved the electricity originally predicted. The ElitePro energy logger by DENT Instruments interfaced directly with lighting systems in targeted campus buildings. The university continues to use ElitePro to monitor electrical consumption of various lighting and motor applications.

“What DENT provides is a very easy-to-use recording medium,” says John Leaden, the university's maintenance coordinator, who came out of retirement to support the university's energy program. “All we have to do is download the data into a spreadsheet to see the consumption profile.”

Using the profile, Leaden can compare actual consumption with operating schedules to detect variations and recommend changes to control programs, or upgrades of equipment or maintenance procedures.

The university's electric use has been reduced dramatically, along with the associated energy costs. As an added bonus, Seattle City Light gave the university a $6.5 million rebate for its conservation efforts.
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Sound performance

New sound system maximizes acoustics for performing-arts program

Harman Pro Group

Clearview Regional High School, Mullica Hill, N.J., had a thriving performing-arts program, but a dated performing-arts facility for its 2,700 students. In addition, Clearview often hosts performances for the community. Weighing their options, school officials decided the existing facility could not be expanded adequately, and they needed a new facility.

The school enlisted Faridy Veisz Fraytak, PC (Trenton, N.J.) as architect for the project with the mandate to design a professional-grade space, adaptable for a range of performance styles and incorporating exceptional acoustics. The architect designed a sophisticated, flexible facility that included a high above-stage flight space for scenery, intricate lighting scheme and an extensive acoustical batting system to maximize sound reflection.

Nathan Powell, principal of PTC Group and formerly of Metropolitan Acoustics (Philadelphia), co-designed the acoustics and specified the sound system, which was installed by Starlite Productions (Cherry Hill, N.J.). Powell selected a Harman Pro Group sound system for its versatility, integrated product line and proven performance. The system includes JBL loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers, and BSS Soundweb processors. The system can adapt quickly and easily to suit a variety of purposes through balanced presets. Whether it is a full-stage production with orchestral accompaniment or a simple speaker's podium, the system performs with efficiency and clarity.

To maximize campus floor space, the old performing-arts space was split, acoustically renovated and converted into two spaces: a 90-person orchestra/band room and a large-group presentation area for 100.
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Secure living

College uses two-tiered access control for its residence halls


Ramapo College, Mahwah, N.J., is experiencing rapid growth in its student population. Its 303-acre campus is situated 30 minutes from Manhattan. The college needed a security solution that would simplify management and reduce costs.

The campus provides on-campus housing for more than 2,500 students and is building new residence halls, says Ron Martucci, associate director of facilities for the college. A security solution by Kaba gives the residence halls two-tiered access control with audit capability.

To enter a residence-hall bedroom, students must have their college ID and personal identification number (PIN), says Martucci. “Even if a resident loses his or her ID, the individual room is still secure. And if anybody tries to use that lost card, a quick download tells us the date and time of the attempted entry. It's a tight security system that lets us all sleep a little easier.”

The Kaba Solitaire 850 Series magnetic card access locks and the student's ID card were used for the outside entrance to the residence-hall suites. Kaba Oracode 4400 was installed on the interior doors of the residence-hall suites. This is a PIN-based lock. The Oracode recognizes new users and deletes old ones automatically.

The ANSI Grade 1 Oracode also can provide benefits during summer months when camps and short-term lodging require residence halls to be run more like a hotel. The software allows the college to provide a code in advance that will be valid only for a specific amount of time. The expiring code eliminates the cost of reprogramming locks.
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Stockpiling energy

Ice-storage system helps school reduce daytime energy use

CALMAC Corporation

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (USDE), America's public schools spent $8 billion on energy in 2003. As energy prices climb and school budgets tighten, schools often are forced to cut programs in order to meet energy budget shortfalls. One recent USDE study showed that more than half the nation's school districts reported such shortfalls, and nearly all blamed the rising cost of energy, not increased demand.

When DLR Group in Minneapolis, Minn., was hired to design a new high school for Jordan (Minn.) Public Schools, pre-design planning sessions revealed that energy cost savings were a high priority.

Schools can pay less for energy by taking advantage of off-peak rates that apply when demand is lowest, typically at night and in the early morning hours. DLR explored a variety of off-peak cooling strategies for the school and chose an innovative ice-storage system that requires little maintenance and provides high life-cycle value.

Using CALMAC Corporation's Ice Bank thermal storage technology, DLR designed a high-performance cooling system that drastically reduces daytime energy use. CALMAC Ice Bank tanks are charged by a 195-ton, air-cooled chiller that makes and stores ice in four thermal storage tanks during off-peak hours. During the day, coolant circulates through the tanks, and provides an additional 119 tons of cooling and dehumidification capacity per hour.

Ice storage already had proven successful at the district's elementary school, and the new system saved the high school $8,500 its first year. The system's modular configuration can accommodate future expansions and will serve the district for decades to come.
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