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July 1, 2005
New products/Case studies

Mold-resistant flooring


The FlexSafe antimicrobial protection flooring system signifies FLEXCO's rubber products, which are naturally resistant to mold and bacteria, meeting ASTM G 21 specifications, and FLEXCO's vinyl flooring, which has a built-in antimicrobial barrier to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. The system is available in a range of products.
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Exit technology


ONYX ExitPoint is a compact speaker that produces broadband noise and is installed near building exits or along egress routes, acting as an audible exit sign. It is triggered by the building's fire-alarm control panel, alerting building occupants to the location of the nearest exit using directional sound. The audible exit technology improves building evacuation and potentially can reduce evacuation times up to 75 percent.
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Electronic plumbing

Sloan Valve Company

The Side Mount Operator is a side-mount-operated electronic conversion kit for manual diaphragm-style urinals and water closets. It easily converts any manual Flushometer to water-saving electronics. The EBV-89A-M model for toilets and the EBV-90A-M model for urinals both are available with either metal or plastic covers.
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Environmental degreaser

National Chemical Laboratories, Inc.

E-solution Degreaser Cleaner is readily biodegradable with no VOCs, added dyes or fragrances, silicates, chelating agents or caustics. The synergistic surfactant system provides enhanced cleaning and degreasing performance without the use of solvents. It is ideal for general-purpose cleaning and degreasing in kitchens, food-service areas and other areas where environmental responsibility and worker safety are important.
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Restroom building

Easi-Set Industries

The Double Outback is constructed from precast concrete and is delivered as a pre-assembled unit. It provides durability, flexibility and cost effectiveness. Easi-Set buildings use a patented post-tensioned roof system that withstands all weather, temperature, impact and seismic conditions. The buildings are vandal-resistant because of the steel-reinforced precast concrete construction, tamperproof hinges, deadbolt locks and 18-gauge, galvanized steel-insulated doors.
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Cushioned athletic floor

Action Floor Systems

The Action Anchor Flex LP system is a low-profile anchored and cushioned maple floor system designed to replace existing continuous strip and channel clip systems. The system features solid maple flooring over a layer of pre-drilled, factory-assembled plywood panels and a continuous ¼-inch, DR closed-cell foam cushion layer. It is secured by anchoring into a concrete slab.
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Air quality

Camfil Farr

The Camsorb CF4A built-up bank sorbent panel assemblies provide high-capacity control of odors, gases and particulate contaminants. The modular assemblies also can be used to reduce outside-air requirements by increasing recirculated air, thus saving energy during the heating and cooling seasons. Each CF4A absorber module assembles into a built-up bank of gaseous and particulate filtration with 85 pounds of absorbent per 2,000 cfm, a prefilter of any depth and a final filter of any depth.
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Outdoor play

Playworld Systems

The design of the Zipper Bridge helps children develop balance and coordination skills. Appropriately spaced steps provide climbing security. It has many color options to fit the theme and design of any playground area. The bridge is available in five styles.
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Upholstery cleaning

HOST/Racine Industries

The Aridex Dry Upholstery Cleaning System allows furniture to be used almost immediately after cleaning. It has a powerful wet/dry vacuum to pre-vacuum the upholstery. The machine cleans the upholstery with counter-rotating brushes and a low-moisture foam-control switch, which loosens, breaks down and traps the embedded soil. The built-in vacuum removes the dirty foam, and most fabrics are dry within 30 minutes.
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Cafeteria units

Eagle Foodservice Equipment

Director's Choice cafeteria units are versatile mobile units designed for durability and long-life performance. They feature type 304 stainless-steel tubular construction with a fully welded frame, along with a solid tray slide and drop brackets. Available in a variety of lengths ranging from 36 inches to 96 inches, the units offer standard-size heated or refrigerated drop-ins. The units meet all ADA guidelines, and are NFS- and UL-approved.
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Digital mailing system


The IJ 70 processes up to 150 letters per minute while calibrating length, width and thickness up to 5/8 of an inch to ensure the proper amount of postage is applied to each piece. It adjusts automatically for document thickness and advances the date on the meter, and it features 10 preset job functions. It tracks departmental costs by allowing up to 200 departments to charge back postage while using their own PIN codes to ensure security.
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Acoustical products

illbruck Architectural Products

A new brochure features acoustical products for educational facilities. The products have been used in new construction and remodeling projects for classrooms, multipurpose rooms, music rooms, gymnasiums, indoor pool areas and mechanical rooms. They are designed to absorb and contain sound, reduce echo, and help ensure schools meet recommended noise and reverberation standards.
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Wireless intercom system

Anchor Audio

The PortaCom Pro is a 2.4 GHz professional wireless intercom system that combines an automatic lockout feature to keep conversations to two speakers at a time for maximum understanding, with an all-call channel that allows users to speak to an entire group. It allows up to 15 simultaneous groups to operate on 15 user group channels. It requires just a lightweight headset and belt pack for each user.
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HVAC operation

DRISTEEM Corporation

The Ultraviolet Germicidal System provides an effective mold treatment by combining ultraviolet intensity and variable exposure time. The system focuses ultraviolet light on cooling coils to destroy dangerous microorganisms that can reduce HVAC system operating efficiency by up to 60 percent. It is available in four models to fit every cooling application.
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Epoxy resurfacer


TREFLITE is a premium epoxy floor resurfacer that provides an almost indestructible finish to old and new floors. It will not shrink, and bonds to almost any surface including concrete, wood, steel, aluminum, glass and ceramics. It is resistant to thermal and physical shock, abrasions, acids, alkalis and solvents, and resists even steel-wheel traffic. It is 100 percent non-skid and ideal for use where a highly chemical-resistant surface is needed.
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Summer of safety

University installs automatic sprinklers in campus buildings


The University of Connecticut at Storrs-Mansfield faced the task of installing automatic sprinklers in 10 five-story residence halls, plus a seven-story building with central dining facilities within three summer months, before students returned to school for the fall semester. The project involved the installation of 5,000 feet of 1½-inch steel pipe and 4,000 feet of 1-inch steel pipe, plus 2,400 sprinkler heads.

The university's solution was to forgo traditional threaded piping for a system in which lighter-weight pipes could be pressed together quickly on site. An alternative to welding, threads or flanges, the Pressfit system by Victaulic relies on a handheld pressing tool to crimp Pressfit components for a permanent seal. Another advantage is that Pressfit uses Schedule 5 piping, which is lighter and easier to install in tight spaces than threaded Schedule 40 piping. Because flow restriction is lower, designers can use smaller diameter pipe, which is handy when hauling pipes through hallways and up elevators. This translated into money saved in time and material.

The installations were successful, and the university now plans to loop the entire campus with a fire-protection system, including two 11-story residence halls, eight nine-story residence halls, 12 low-rise residence halls and other non-residential structures.
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Heavy-duty security

New locks withstand daily abuse on doors in high-traffic areas


The New D-Lock by Schlage is being tested on 10 high-traffic, high-abuse doors in high schools and middle schools in Adams County School District 12 Schools in Thornton, Colo.

“The doors we are testing the lock on get a great deal of very hard use,” says Dave Thielen, the district's certified master locksmith. “Because teenagers are so extremely rough on the locks, we need a durable lock that can withstand daily abuse.”

The New D-Lock is made of steel and exceeds ANSI strength minimums by 40 percent. It is two to five times stronger than every industry benchmark for strength and durability. Testing shows the lock exceeds all ANSI requirements after three million cycles, which is nearly four times the industry requirement. The lock also is easily maintained. It can be installed in less than two minutes and offers less opportunity for problems and service calls. The design offers customers half the rotational play and wobble in the lever.

Since the D-Lock has been installed in the schools, Thielen has not had to replace any of the test locks. He attributes this to the D-Lock's stronger latch bolt and less droop in the lever.

Thielen would like to get new D-Locks installed in all of the district's 54 buildings. He says the locks are durable, and replacing parts is a simple task.
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Restroom renovation

New lavatory systems improve school image and student hygiene


St. Mary Parish, a Catholic church and day school in Menomonee Falls, Wis., has almost 400 students. In 2004, the school began a renovation project to update its 45-year-old restrooms. Sink drains were clogged frequently, faucets were broken, and urinals without automatic flushes emitted unpleasant odors.

Each restroom on the first and second floor of the school was gutted and redesigned to create a better environment. Yellow wall tiles were removed, and old floor tiles were replaced with neutral-colored tiles. Energy-efficient lighting was installed, along with more efficient water closets and new automatic-flush urinals in the boys' restrooms.

In place of wall-mounted china sinks, Bradley Express Lavatory Systems were installed. The three-station SS-Series lavatories ensure that groups of students are able to wash their hands quickly after using the restroom. The Terreon solid-surface material is durable enough for frequent use, yet the smooth continuous bowl is attractive, and has the look and feel of individual lavatories.

The Express Lav System has the conveniences of a group handwashing fixture. It cuts down on installation time and costs, requires fewer connections and is easy to maintain. In addition to the new lavatories, Bradley Mills Bradmar toilet partitions and other accessories were specified to complete the restroom transformations.

With the new system, many of the previous cleaning challenges are a thing of the past. Cleaning around faucets had been very time-consuming before, but now the integrated spray heads eliminate this chore. Drain clogs also have been eliminated.
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Tracking energy

Monitoring power usage allows university to predict energy requirements and save money

Power Measurement

Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y., has upgraded its electrical-distribution system with an enterprise energy management (EEM) system designed to reduce costs, minimize waste and facilitate planning.

To monitor key locations throughout its campus, the university installed a system of ION intelligent energy meters and web-enabled software from Power Measurement. Each of the university's six electrical substations was equipped with at least one ION 8500 socket-mount revenue meter to verify the cost, quality and reliability of the power delivered to the campus. ION 8400 and ION 8300 meters were installed at nine of the university's larger buildings to sub-meter energy usage at the building level and help distribute costs by department.

High-speed Ethernet connections link each meter to a central ION Enterprise workstation. The software logs metering information, responds to any alarm conditions, and displays the real-time status of each monitored area or process.

With an accurate understanding of energy consumption, the university now can normalize usage patterns in conjunction with variables such as occupancy, temperature and weather to accurately project energy requirements. It then can use this information to help negotiate prices with energy providers, and purchase just the right amount of energy required, when it's required. Simple measures, such as adjusting the air flow in selected buildings and shedding non-essential loads during peak periods, can conserve energy without affecting working conditions inside of the buildings.
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Maintaining style

Custom windows allow university addition to match existing building

Moduline Window Systems

When Hartman-Cox Architects (Washington, D.C.) was selected to design a new addition to the Duke University School of Divinity, Durham, N.C., one of the firm's major challenges was to match the ornate windows in the existing building.

Moduline Window Systems was selected to manufacture the custom windows specified by the architect and the university's facility managers. Moduline worked with the architect to customize its 34P Renaissance System windows to match the existing arched windows.

The outside of the special arched windows contains a pyramid member at the upper part of the window and a radiused bullnose at the lower position. The transfer between the two members was accomplished by an aluminum casting, which was designed specially for the project. A ⅝-inch lead caming was applied to the inside and outside surfaces of the windows to further match the look of the older windows.
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Pest management

Termite colony elimination system rids school of pests


Subterranean termites cause $2.5 billion in property damage to U.S. buildings each year, and schools are no exception. But school administrators have unique challenges, as they must consider the potential effects of their pest-management choices. Many states have established or encourage establishing integrated pest management (IPM) programs.

Administrators of the Manchester City School System, Tenn., chose Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System for its school IPM program because of its targeted, minimal use of termite bait — only when and where termites are present.

“We are very comfortable with the Sentricon System and the continuous termite protection it provides,” says Prater Powell, superintendent. “We don't have to use chemicals inside our school building. Best of all, the Sentricon System solved our severe termite problem.”

A trained professional installs the Sentricon System and uses electronic detection equipment to monitor for termites. Once termite activity is detected, the Sentricon System uses a small amount of termite bait to eliminate termite colonies.

“Our research has confirmed that the Sentricon System can successfully eliminate termite colonies by using just grams of termite bait,” says Gail Getty, entomologist with the University of California — Berkeley. “With Sentricon, schools have an effective alternative to liquid chemicals in and around their buildings.”
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