Product Solutions

May 1, 2002
New Products
Card printer: Zebra Technologies Corporation

The Eltron P720 Dual Sided Color Card Printer has a one-pass, linerless laminator. The full-color plastic card-laminating printer is designed for high-performance applications including high-security access control. It delivers long-lasting durable cards using the latest in laminating technology.

Keypad options: Securitron

The DK-11 is a one-piece unit furnished on a stainless-steel single gang plate, which can release any type of electric strike or electric lock for controlled entry. It supports four user-codes of two- to seven-digits in length and a program code, which allows for a quick code-change from the keypad. It retains code memory in a power failure without the use of batteries.

Door locks: Locknetics Security Engineering

The new Safe School electronic-lockset reduces the dangers to students and faculty in hostile-intruder situations. The stand-alone, battery-powered lock includes an iButton reader, which a faculty member immediately touches with an iButton to lock a classroom's exterior door-lever from the inside without having to open the door. An inside LED display provides verification that the door has been locked.

Fire protection: Viking

An addressable release control-panel option for the TotalPac system is now offered. The Fike Cheetah can handle the release of the preaction sprinkler system as well as clean-agent and addressable alarm system, eliminating the redundancy caused when using an individual panel for each system.

Utility trucks: Rubbermaid Commercial Products LLC.

The new line of towable and trainable trucks eliminates manual pushing and pulling of large, cumbersome loads. Offered in utility and tiltable versions, the trucks can be towed or trained together to move large quantities. The one-piece molded truck bodies have a seamless surface that is easy to clean and will not rust, dent or leak.

Mobile tables: Biofit Engineered Products

The Fold-N-Roll table line is offered in six shapes including round, rectangular, hexagon, octagon, square and oval. The table shapes are available in various sizes, heights and colors to provide design variety and flexibility. The tables are designed to allow one person to be able to open and close the tables in a single operation.

Air quality: Heat Recovery Systems, Inc.

The L-356 school and institutional ceiling fan is designed for maximum re-circulation, cooling and energy-saving applications. With a full seven-year warranty, it is available in a white, brown or black finish. It has an all-metal construction, aluminum tipped-up end blades and a full-length internal safety cable.

Laptop theft: Caveo Technology

Caveo Anti-Theft deters theft by detecting motion and issuing audible warning signals. If an armed computer is moved beyond a distance specified by the owner, the system assumes theft and implements strong security responses, including shutting down the computer, preventing access to the operating system, and sounding an optional, audible alarm.

2-Way radio: Kenwood Communications

The new ProTalk XLS (Model TK-3130), a palm-sized radio with a four-mile range, transmits ultra-high-frequency radio signals while providing a penetrating, reliable communication link even in challenging environments. It features voice encryption, channel scanning and a backlit LCD display with numeric and icon read-outs.

Cleaning tools: Alto U.S. Inc.

The Encore L26 Cylindrical Brush Scrubber from Clarke Technology is designed to handle grouted surfaces, rough concrete, textured slate, marble, raised rubber disk and slip-resistant applications of silicate carbide. It has variable forward and reverse speeds, ergonomically designed operator controls and accessible circuitbreakers. The 26-inch dual-rotary brush floating scrub deck cleans deep into grout or multisurface floors, but also recovers debris left on the floor while scrubbing.

Hand-washing: Bradley Corporation

To maintain the personal space of individual lavatory systems, the Express Lavatory System was designed with a continuous bowl that can accommodate up to three people at one time. It is made of Terreon, a solid surface material that resists stains, burns, chemicals and impact. The durable material is vandal-resistant.

Video monitoring: Vanguard Managed Solutions

RemoteVU Guardian is a video-monitoring solution that operates over existing computer networks. It addresses the need for real-time, accurate visual access to geographically dispersed locations from a central site. Once installed, authorized personnel have instant access to emergency-response information through wired or wireless monitoring devices.

Table options: SelecTable

The portable event table is designed from the ground up. The Selectable blends nine different tables into one unique design that within seconds can be morphed to emulate nine standard tables. Zero-storage requirements eliminate table storage cost.

ID scanners: Bartizan Data Systems

ID Detective scans bar codes and magnetic strips on driver's licenses, helping users of the system record data of visitors to the school. Keeping records of who comes in through the school doors greatly increases the safety of students inside and reduces the risk of potential incidents. Invalid cards can be detected easily and encrypted cards and PIN numbers can be created for increased security.

Vinyl treads: Musson Rubber Company

Koroseal Vinyl Treads are now combined with the safety features of Grit-Strips into one stair tread. They are nonporous, abrasion-resistant and easy to clean. Treads are made of quality, homogenous vinyl and are free from imperfections, which might lessen service-ability.

Fire-rated: Haz-Stor

Fire-rated buildings carry Factory Mutual approval and are classified by Underwriters Laboratories as meeting model-building codes and can be state-certified for local permitting. The buildings feature bi-directional two or four-hour fire-rated walls, extra-large containment that exceeds UFC and EPA regulations, wide 60-inch self-closing, fire-rated double doors and mobility.

Lighting solutions: Acuity Brands

Lithonia Lighting introduces Gotham AF Series, which is a compact, fluorescent, triple-tube downlight product line. The series of six-, eight- and 10-inch downlights is designed specifically for lamps in one-, two- and three-configurations.

Storage systems: Spacesaver Corporation

The new Storage Design Resource is now available to the architecture and design marketplace. The binder includes a complete product portfolio, as well as reference tools such as design and educational resources, ADA guidelines, CSI specifications and floor loading data. High-density mobile storage systems decrease the space required for storage by eliminating the need for multiple aisles.

Window systems: Moduline Window Systems

The Renaissance Option resurrects a neoclassical architectural style that offers the look of wood, steel and aluminum windows of the past. It is available in any window system or type of muntin, and is available with added features such as a narrow perimeter sightline, mitered frame, narrow meeting rail and a glass edge protector.

Floor mat: 3M Commercial Care

Nomad Printed Carpet Matting 6600 is specially designed to meet the exclusive needs of each customer. It is available in a variety of custom colors and can be tailored to match pre-existing interiors. Customers also have the option of having their school's mascot printed into the mat for plain view. It provides effective combined dirt and water removal.

Wall switch: The Watt Stopper, Inc.

The WA-200 is a passive infrared, automatic wall switch that provides detection capabilities with streamlined installation. Detection features include SmartSet technology, which automatically adjusts time delays and sensitivity based on usage patterns and room environment, achieving peak detection and maximal energy savings without false triggers. It also offers a sensor that turns lights off after three minutes if an area is occupied for only a short amount of time.

Carpet care: Racine Industries

The new Host brochure helps users focus on how to keep their carpet in continuous use through an effective carpet-care strategy that can be used to turn around key common areas and other traffic areas, in less than 20 minutes. The brochure also includes a carpet-satisfaction checklist that helps ensure the goal is reached.

Hand dryers: Bobrick Washroom Equipment

The ADA/Barrier-Free code-compliant, recessed AirCraft Warm Air Hand Dryers (Models B-700 and B-7507) have been introduced. They have a new cover design with a four-inch projection from the wall that complies with ADA/barrier-free guidelines for objects protruding from walls. The cover is vitreous enamel on cast iron for maximum vandal-resistance.

Playground solutions: CSSI.

PlayGuard ULTRA tiles feature a firm surface suitable for wheelchairs and mobility aides, meeting or exceeding all ADA requirements while complying with the guidelines established by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission. A protective and high-density layer is permanently molded to a standard tile, offering durability, safety and playground accessibility.

School buses: Thomas Built Buses, Inc.

The new Saf-T-Liner HD (heavy-duty) school bus offers more seating capacity, visibility and maneuverability, and several performance enhancements that increase its life cycle. Enhanced braking and cooling systems have been combined with a larger rear engine and a heavier frame to deliver a safe, comfortable ride in tough driving environments like mountainous areas and stop-and-go inner city streets.

Temperature control: Sloan Valve Company

Equipped with an intelligent sensor, the Optima i.q. Faucet uses up to 70 percent less water than manual-type fixtures. It is available with a select-temperature control adjusting lever, or for tempered water. The faucet also features the i.q.-Click button for user-directed modes, and an available remote control for performance parameter adjustments.

Groundskeeping: Toro

The Workman utility vehicles now have Briggs & Stratton Diahatsu engines that will increase productivity and dependability for long-term value. The Workman 3200 and 4200 feature a 31-horsepower, liquid-cooled gas engine, and the Workman 3300 and 4300 feature a 26.5-horsepower liquid-cooled diesel engine. The Workman 3100 has a Kohler 23-horsepower air-cooled gas engine.

Versatile workstand: Upright

The Snappy is a lightweight, folding workstand that has a range of light alloy access tower systems (ATS). It is a space-saving, versatile accessory for electricians, engineers and maintenance personnel. It can be assembled in seconds to provide a platform with a 10-foot working height. Folded down, it will easily fit in the back of a small truck or van.

Water fountains: Most Dependable Fountains

The new 700-A series features a solid stainless-steel bubbler and push bar. With three models and nine colors to choose from, the 700 series offers a simple solution to the need for a drinking fountain that drains externally into a gravel area.

Carpet choices: Mohawk Industries, Inc.

Durkin Patterned Carpet's Merit Brand adds 14 running-line styles that are 1/10-gauge enhanced loop graphic patterns and constructed of 100 percent Mpact solution-dyed nylon. Engineered to withstand the rigors of heavy traffic, patterns include Latess, Sisal Weave and Terrain.

Shower walls: The Swan Corporation

The new natural-gloss shower alcove is a three-panel wall system made of solid Veritek, a compression-molded composite material. It is available in three molded-in solid colors and seven granite colors to match Swanstone shower floors. There is generous shelf space on all three sides.

Field paint: Pioneer Manufacturing Company

MAX field marking paint contains Halogen 2000 and OPTIWHITE optical brighteners to provide the brightest, whitest lines. The exclusive formula is higher in density and solids than ordinary paints so it lasts up to 50 percent longer. The brighteners are mixed in to provide lines up to 500 percent brighter under UV light and up to 35 percent brighter in sunlight to ensure that lines glow during televised games.

Two-way radio: Motorola

Using Bluetooth Wireless technology, the first wireless accessory device has been created for Motorola two-way radios. Remote microphones enable two-way radio users to work in a cord-free environment. The wireless remote speaker microphone has a range of up to 30 feet depending on environmental conditions.

Waste deposit: Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc.

A new circular countertop waste chute, model B-529, provides waste deposit access to the receptacle placed under the countertop. Visible surfaces are crafted of bright-polished, type 300-series stainless steel. The chute features a rolled flange.

UVC protection: Environmental Dynamics Group

The Sterile Sweep unit combines an oscillating parabolic reflector with the pathogen-inactivating effectiveness of a high-output UVC lamp. The reflector keeps the lamp clean and concentrates the UVC into an efficient sterilizing beam that continuously sweeps across a surface, such as an air filter or coil. When combined with Dynamic Air Cleaners, the combined system provides ongoing biological protection against airborne pathogens such as Anthrax.

Expansion joints: Garon Products, Inc.

Cracks are your floors' weakest spots, and when combined with moderate to heavy traffic, there is potential for constant damage. Joint Guard can be used to fill these joints and will provide a durable, flexible, epoxy seal that will not become brittle and break out with movement. It is pourable, self-leveling, self-priming and will not shrink.

Wristbands: Precision Dynamics Corporation

The new metallic bands are made of metallic, holographic tri-laminate material and are available in five designs. Shiny and stylish, these wristbands are highly visible and can be custom imprinted for special events. They feature a metallic, ultra-stretch, resistant, tri-laminate material for maximum security. They come in 25 patterns including stars-and-stripes, paw prints and Chinese dragon.

Product guide: Chem Link, Inc.

The new product guide for 2002 includes the patented ChemCurb System Penetration Seal. It is designed to replace metal pitch-pans by using precast curb components to contain pourable and waterproofing sealants. All sealants are solvent-free and environmentally compliant.

Vent windows: Tubelite, Inc.

Vent windows CVW 3700 and VW 3700 feature frame-joints that are coped, double-screw fastened and sealed with small-joint sealer. The sash is fabricated from extruded aluminum, and mitered hairline joints are mechanically staked to solid aluminum internal corner keys, and sealed with small-joint sealer.

Door solutions: Marshfield DoorSystems

These environmental-class architectural wood doors are among the first on the market with a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) environmental certification. This means that the forest of origin has been independently inspected and evaluated according to environmental, social and economic principles, and criteria agreed by the Forest Stewardship Council A.C.

Access control: Andover Controls Corporation

Perfect for small site, Xpress Access provides access control for 28 doors and more than 78,000 cardholders, plus a host of security management and monitoring utilities. It comes with step-by-step instructions, built-in menu pages and a preconfigured database. Online help and system diagnostics also are built in.

Lighting options: Prescolite

Lunis has been introduced as a family of recessed, surface, pendant and cable-mounted luminaries, employing energy-efficient 40- and 55-watt circular T5 fluorescent lamps. It is the newest addition to the Alum Technical Collection of high-performance luminaries.

Waste receptacles: RPI.

The Cocoon Series Waste Receptacle is made of polyethylene, and uses a translucent white body and matching colored tops and liners. The form of the liner is visible through the body. Slightly broader at the bottom than at the top, it stands 36.75 inches tall and has a bottom diameter of 24 inches.

Air quality: Airguard

A redesigned combination particulate/activated carbon filter for light to moderate odor and gas problems has been introduced. Fresh Air filters have a 30 to 35 percent, MERV 8 pre-filter layer followed by a layer of activated carbon media containing 200 grams per square meter. The carbon media is sealed in a sleeve of spun-bonded synthetic scrim to prevent carbon dusting.

Flooring options: Harris-Tarkett, Inc.

Avenues is the first engineered plank developed specifically for the hardwood floor industry. It combines “hard” hardwoods with an engineered construction and a commercial-grade Alumide finish to give architects and specifiers a high-performance floor that reflects the warmth and beauty of hardwood.

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