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April 1, 2002
Personal safety Blair Enterprises Jet Scream is 2.3 inches in length and 0.3 ounces in weight, but makes a loud sound to attract help when the user is

Personal safety

Blair Enterprises

Jet Scream is 2.3 inches in length and 0.3 ounces in weight, but makes a loud sound to attract help when the user is in danger. The whistle focuses man-made air streams through harmonically tuned chambers to create a piercing shriek that out-screams any other noise.


BBA Nonwovens Reemay, Inc.

Typar Premium Landscape Fabric can help prevent weed growth for years. Covered with mulch, the durable fabric's dense mat of fibers helps prevent weed roots from growing through it. Water, air and nutrients can pass through the fabric and reach the soil, allowing for optimum growing conditions.

Sport lighting

GE Lighting Systems, Inc.

The UltraSport sports lighting luminaires provide lighting in large and mid-sized outdoor stadiums and in indoor arenas. They have a compact, die-cast aluminum, integral ballast housing, thermally isolated from the optical assembly. The optical assembly has a rear re-lamping door with corrosion-resistant fasteners and a lamp power disconnect.

Lighting fixtures

Architectural Area Lighting

The Chameleon offers color and visual design choices to wall sconces. All are wet-label listed and are easily field-configured as an uplight, downlight or uplight-downlight for interior/exterior applications.

Water chiller


The Centrifugal Compressor Water Chiller (model WPV, 220-430 tons) combines the high-efficiency of centrifugal compressor performance with reduced vessel size to provide an economical alternative to rotary screw chillers. It is designed to operate as low as .58KW/ton at ARI-full load efficiency.

Wheelchair lift


The portable wheelchair lift now has an increased drive-train warranty of 10 years. It provides access to stages, platforms and risers for individuals with disabilities.

Fire safety

Krieger Steel

The new “S” (Smoke) labels for single doors and pairs of doors use neoprene compression to reduce the penetration of smoke and hot gasses. The complete assembly (door, frame, perimeter sound seals and door bottom) is provided as a complete tested unit, not just components, to ensure that the final product performs as specified.

Mail scanners

Wizard Distribution

The Wizard Mail and Package Scanning Detector has a wide-mouth, pass-through scanning loop, convenient safety handle and tabletop stand that make the detector suitable for handheld and desktop usage. It scans stacks of letters, envelopes and even small packages in a single pass. A coil and circuitboard combination provides increased sensitivity and detection range, making it possible to detect triggering mechanisms, weapons and small metal objects in mail or parcels.

Floor durability

Crossfield Products Corp.

Dex-O-Tex Cheminert Terrazzo epoxy floors are now available with companion products, such as Vapor Shield, that help to make the floors even more durable. With these products, concrete substrates can be repaired easily, and protected against cracks and moisture vapor transmission (MVT). Vapor Shield is a latex polymer compound that is proven to reduce MVT in concrete substrates.

Network management

Vitel Software, Inc.

The Ivize product suite is a network-management application with six modules that support a wide variety of voice-communications platforms. Available as a stand-alone application or a complete product suite, it reduces the cost of IS management by maximizing network uptime, and providing accurate and timely system reports and alerts.

Access control


CyberLock is a lock cylinder designed to convert existing mechanical locks into access-control systems, without hard wiring. It permits access for authorized users at specific times on pre-selected days and provides a comprehensive audit report of all entries. The cylinder contains a microprocessor, and memory is designed to the exact dimensional standards of mechanical cylinders. Since the lock contains no battery, it is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

Athletic equipment

Porter Athletic Equipment Company

The Torq-Flex basketball goal has a torsion rod pivot/tension mechanism that ensures that the goal maintains its original elasticity and rebound characteristics for at least five years. The unique torque mechanism eliminates the need for adjustments, making this a maintenance-free goal. It also meets all the requirements for NCAA, professional and international (FIBA) recommendations for rebound performance.

Boiler inspection

Miura Boiler West, Inc.

In general, firetube boilers take about 24 hours to cool down enough so that they can be taken apart for inspection. This boiler, even when running and up to pressure, can be turned off and drained of all water, without thermal shock. Usually, the inspection can be done in 30 minutes and be back up to full pressure in five minutes.

Customized graphics

Playworld Systems

Custom Graphics create endless possibilities of themes for the playground by enabling a school to choose an existing design or create one that is unique. Institutions can personalize the playground with a colorful design on a panel, post, arch or banner.

Scratch-resistant sinks


Hot pans, utensils, tomato sauce stains and all other harsh conditions in a kitchen can be combated with MoenStone Granite line of sinks. The sinks are scratch-, chip- and heat-resistant. With heat resistance to 535°F, a hot pan can go right from the stove to the sink without burning or marring the surface.

Vacuum cleaners


Prolux Upright Vacuums have received a green label certification from the Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) by passing stringent tests for soil removal, dust containment and carpet appearance retention. The tests follow a procedure developed by carpet and vacuum cleaner manufacturers and have been peer reviewed by expert scientists in the study of indoor air quality.

Sound absorption


Sound-absorbing SONEXvalueline Baffles feature an optional hanging system that reduces installation and cost. Ideal for swimming pools, gymnasiums and multipurpose rooms, the ceiling baffles are hung from a cable suspended over the floor. Absorbing sound energy, noise and reverberation are reduced throughout the environment. Baffles are resistant to fungus and microbial growth, and they withstand the humid conditions of indoor swimming pools.

Roofing fixes

Honeywell Commercial Roofing Systems

ArmorFlex roof restoration compound has been introduced for roofing systems that are showing the effects of premature aging due to ponding water or exposure to environmental contaminates. It is a polymer-modified compound that can be used on any built-up or modified-bitumen membrane system.

Lighting solutions

Ruud Lighting

Floodlight products are designed to illuminate flags and tall, narrow objects. The Parabolic Medium Floodlight (PM Series) is ideal for lighting flags displayed at heights of up to 25 feet. For heights of more than 25 feet, the optical system of the Parabolic Narrow Floodlight (PN Series) provides an even narrower beam, projecting light at a greater distance with more intensity.

ID holders

EK Ekcessories

Sports Lanyard Plus features a durable 5mm, high-quality nylon cord that is available in 40 school color choices and combinations. It has a safety breakaway and detachable buckle.

Lighting fixtures

Focal Point

The Groove line offers a full complement of integrated options that allows lighting specificers to choose the design and performance options required for any application. All pendant versions are fully adjustable and can be suspended at virtually any height requirement.

Side access

Pilot Rock Park Equipment

Persons using wheelchairs can be kept right in the center of activities with these new side-access wheelchair accessible tables. By removing a section of one seat, an opening is made for a wheelchair. Tables have welded steel pipe frames with a hot-dip galvanized finish. Lumber and aluminum are available for the tops and seats.

Modular panels

Porta-King Building Systems

A wide selection of wall systems is available, including Pivot-Lock, Versa-King and Panel-King modular units. Units allow quick, clean, functional modular construction that allows the end user added flexibility to move or reconfigure the original enclosure.

Seating options

Allsteel, Inc.

Pendulum represents a new type of task seating that combines style with function in a variety of options. The club chair design features an optional tablet arm that is adjustable for a laptop computer or other notebook work.

Painting accuracy


The industrial Quik-Mark inverted marking paints feature a convenient spray-thru cap and non-clogging spray tip that make for fast, crisp, one-stroke markings on indoor and outdoor surfaces. The high-solids formulations are effective on concrete, pavement, gravel, grass, soil, brick, asphalt, athletic fields and excavation sites.

Linear lighting

Hunt Dimming

A full line of 0-10VDC controls is offered for use with dimmable electronic fluorescent ballasts. These dimmers provide linear lighting control from 100 percent to one percent of rated lumen output on T8, T5 and CFL installations, and are available for both 120V and 277V applications. The model FD-010 modular system incorporates a wall-mounted, single-point-of-control preset slide unit with a remote-mounted module for high-amperage applications.

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